A Hepatitis C Survivors Story Archive

A Hepatitis C  Survivors Story: An Archive

Back in 2017 my website that was created as a resource for people with Hepatitis C was destroyed by the pawns of Big Pharma. This website represented more than 2 years of continual work that documented my journey through Hepatitis C and all the resources that I had gathered and made available online to help people with Hep C.

To add insult to injury, not only was my Hep C website destroyed but also all my other websites too. Most of those websites were related to my professional work as a historian and author of history books. They represented more than 15 years of work. To have all that work lost was a devastating blow to me. Almost a knockout blow.

But I pushed on and built a new Hepatitis C website, though all my other history work has not been replaced.

I thought that the information on my old website was lost forever but recently I discovered that I had unknowingly backed up my old website in an old computer that was not connected to the internet and all my data was still intact in that machine, which I bought in 2001! I was amazed that it still worked!

So I recently salvaged the data from my old website that was taken down by Big Pharma’s pawns and I am republishing that old website in a series of posts as an archival resource. When I re-read the old Hep C resources I find it very interesting how far we have come making Hepatitis C treatment available and affordable despite Big Pharma’s various attempts to shut us down.

I hope you will find this archive interesting and useful.

I will keep adding to it until the entirety of the old website is back online.

I particularly hope that Mr Goode enjoys seeing it back up.