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Affordable Hepatitis C Testing

Hep C testing walk in labs

Hepatitis C testing can be very expensive. In this post, I put you in contact with the USA’s most affordable Hep C testing lab.

Hepatitis C Testing in the USA

One of the big problems for many people with Hepatitis C is the cost of pre-treatment testing.

In many countries, the cost of Hepatitis C testing is almost the same price as the actual Hep C treatment.

For example, in the USA a Hepatitis C Viral Load test can cost between $400 and $500 while the cost of the Hepatitis C treatment using the combination of Sovaldi + Daklinza (sofosbuvir 400 mg + Daclatasvir 60 mg) is only $550.

For people in Nigeria, the cost of a Hepatitis C viral load test is between #90,000 and #120,000 naira while the cost of a 12 week treatment is #120,000 naira.

How one approaches Hepatitis C testing will differ depending on the country one lives in and also on one’s income.

For people in low-income countries I have written a post specifically about Hepatitis C testing options in low-income countries. You can read by clicking this link.

Hepatitis C Testing in the USA

In this post I will deal specifically with Hepatitis C testing in the USA and share with you the contact details of best and cheapest Hep C testing facility in the USA, called Link2Labs.

But first let me talk about Hep C testing in the USA.


Why is Hep C Testing in the USA so Expensive?

In the USA health services is a BIG business and a big money-making venture, it’s not so much about healing people but about making as much money as possible through the provision of health services.

So in the USA we have Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Health Care, Big Health Insurance and Big Pathology.

In the USA the whole provision of health care hinges on providers billing health insurance companies and government health programs as much as possible. This means that the health insurance companies charge their customers as much as possible.

Often the same people who own the health insurance companies own the hospitals, the pathology labs, and the pharmaceutical companies. The profits from the Health Industry end up in the pockets of a select few very rich people… and all the profits come from one source, the people of the USA.

So, the reason prices for Hep C testing are so high in the USA is simply because the testing labs in the USA agree to keep them high.

Even though the USA is technically a “free market” there is very little real competition in the health industry.

Pathology testing in the USA is amongst the most expensive in the world.

This is because many of the pathology labs in the USA are a kind of cartel designed, not to provide the best deal to the consumer, but to make the most money for the lab owners and shareholders. It’s not a formal cartel but rather an informal one that exists because there is an unspoken “agreement” not to rock the pricing boat.

Fortunately, not all lab operators are focused on profits above all else, some just want to provide a good service at a fair and affordable price.

One of these is the Texas-based Pathology Lab, Link2Labs.


Link2Labs: Affordable Hepatitis C Testing.

Link2Labs is based in Texas but has thousands of blood collection points in every state of the USA except in NY, NJ, MD, RI, and MA.

What helps to keep costs down is that getting a Hep C test through Link2Labs  does not require a referral from your doctor. So this saves you the cost of a visit to your doctor to order the test and it also saves the cost of a visit to your doctor to collect the test.

What is even better about Link2Labs service is that it is at least half the normal price of Hepatitis C tests through other pathology labs.

Here are some examples of Link2Labs prices for Hep C testing.

1)        Liver Function Test (Hepatic Function Panel) in Texas: $5.00 + $5.00 draw fee National: $12.00 + $10 draw fee

2)        HCV RNA Quantitive (Viral Load) in Texas: $75.00 = $5.00 draw fee. National: $90.00 + $10 draw fee  (this test normally costs between $400 and $500 depending on what National lab you go to)

3)        HCV Genotype: in Texas: $125.00 = $5.00 draw fee

National: $135.00 + $10 draw fee (this test is often between $400 and $700)

So Link2Labs’ National prices are a little higher than their Texas prices because the cost of collecting and processing of the labs is more expensive in cities like California, Miami, etc.

But even the National prices are still super cheap.

However, if you live in Texas Link2Labs offers exceptional hepatitis C testing prices to Texan.

Link2Labs can also customize Hep C testing Bundles for any clinic, provider, or individual, and usually the Bundles are discounted compared to purchasing labs individually.  So if your doctor wants a particular set off Hepatitis C tests done in a particular way they Link2Labs can organise it exactly as your doctor wants it.


Link2Labs’ affordable lab services are available in 45 states.  Anyone can take advantage of the lab services except in NY, NJ, MD, RI, and MA due to state laws that prohibit direct-to-consumer restrictions.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Link2Labs via their website. You will find the people at Link2Labs very friendly and helpful.

I hope this helps people in the USA get the best price for Hepatitis C testing?  If you need any more information please click on this link and talk to the Link2Labs people directly or phone them on   844-254-6524

Link2Labs has collection points all over the USA but their office is at 8325 Broadway St Ste. 202 – 259, Pearland, TX 77581, United States

Click on the Play Button for a short video about Link2Labs

Please note that I am writing this post for the benefit of people looking for affordable Hepatitis C testing. I have no stake in Link2Labs and receive no financial benefit from writing this article.


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