Getting a Prescription For Generic Harvoni

Generic hep C medication

How to get a prescription for generic Hepatitis C medication

Getting a Prescription for Generic Harvoni

Or Epclusa.

Getting a prescription for generic Harvoni – your Hep C Treatment  – can be a problem in some countries. However, it is not an insurmountable problem and I have been able to help many people get a prescription where one is needed.

This information sheet has suggestions about how to get a prescription for generic Hepatitis C medication such as Harvoni or Epclusa from your doctor. If you live in a country where a prescription is not required, such as the USA, please go to the bottom of this page.

In many countries that allow the importation of therapeutic goods for personal use, such as generic Harvoni, Epclusa and other Hep C DAAs, there is the requirement of a prescription from a doctor in the country of receipt (where you live).  However, not all countries require you to have a prescription to import medicines for personal use. If you want to know specific information about import rules for Harvoni or Epclusa in your country then please just email me and I will explain the exact situation to you.

Different Countries Have Different Rules for Harvoni Prescriptions

Whatever the law in your country, it is wise to consult your GP and discuss treatment options with them. If your doctor is not supportive of you using generic Hepatitis C medicines then I do have quite an extensive list of doctors who will support people choosing generic Hep C treatment. The list of doctors covers most countries.

If you are in a country that requires a prescription, such as Romania or Brazil then I have quite a list of doctors who are happy to write prescriptions for these Hepatitis C medicines. Again if you contact me direct I will be happy to send you a list of helpful doctors in your country.

If you are discussing this with your personal doctor and the doctor is worried about writing you a prescription it is usually because they are worried that the medication is not ‘genuine’ that is to say that it may be a fake drug… sugar tablets in a jar or such.

This concern can be addressed very easily by explaining that these are licensed generics made by  Gilead licensed manufacturers. As a general rule I organize the supply of generic Harvoni and Epclusa made by either Hetero Pharmaceuticals or Natco. Both these companies are certified by the FDA and the World Health Organization.

The only difference between a brand Harvoni or Epclusa pill and a licensed generic pill is the colour and the fact that one costs,000 per pill and the other costs per pill.

Both Hetero and Natco are Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers with manufacturing facilities that are approved by: the US FDA, World Health Organisation-Geneva, MHRA-United Kingdom, TGA-Australia, SUKL-Slovak Republic, APVMA-Australia, MCC-South Africa, PIC-Germany, the Danish Medical Agency to name not even half of the international health organisations that have certified their premises.

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So for your doctor to refuse your prescription based on concerns about the quality of the Hep C medication is absurd.

If you live in a country where a prescription is not a requirement for shipping these medicines I will still need some form of a medical report that confirms that you have Hepatitis C. This is a requirement of India’s export laws. If you send me a medical report I will get an Indian doctor to write you a prescription for the Hepatitis C medication you need.

If you have any questions about documentation please just email me using the email form at the bottom of this page.