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Paul’s Hep C Survival Story

Paul’s Hep C Survival Story

I first learned I had Hep C in the 1990s from a routine blood test. Probably caught it in the late 60s or early 70s when I went through a period in life when I was experimenting with different drugs, which was common at that time in the USA’s history.

In the 1990’s I wasn’t yet sick and the drugs available at the time for the treatment of Hep C were ineffective, expensive, and had horrible side effects.

Although I was offered a place in clinical trials for a combination using Interferon as the main treatment because as I wasn’t yet sick; after I read the paperwork about side effects (including death) I decided not to enter the trial. I am glad I did that.

To be honest I didn’t really trust the doctors and didn’t want to risk suffering through a year of horrible side effects for the low possibility of a cure that Interferon treatment offered. I decided it wasn’t worth the risks.

But over the years I kept an eye on the evolution of the drugs for Hep C treatment and around 2010 I learned of a new class of drugs that would soon be available so I decided to wait until then. All went well until 2015 when suddenly I got very sick.

I came out of nowhere, suddenly I felt terrible, my belly was bloated by Ascites caused by the Hep C. I was fatigued all the time.

When I went to the doctors they told me that I had a decompensated liver and that I needed treatment forthwith if I was going to survive. They told me the new drugs were effective but extremely expensive.

Not having the correct health insurance I applied for assistance in obtaining the Hep C meds but found the process impossible to navigate.

In desperation, I turned to the internet and learned that someone had obtained affordable Hep C drugs from India and cured himself with them. I contacted several possible East Indian suppliers including the Indian supplier that this guy said he obtained the drugs from but found it impossible to verify their honesty or reliability. Then I found an article in a major media outlet about this Australian guy who was helping people obtain the drugs, Greg Jefferys.

Of course, I was cautious and I sure was not about to send off $1000 to only get it ripped off so I continued my research and contacted other possible suppliers of the new Hep C drugs. Jefferys was the only affordable supplier that checked out with no possible negatives.

But even then everyone I knew told me I was crazy to even consider sending $1000 off to someone I didn’t know for Hep C drugs that were likely sub-standard, tainted or even fake. So I continued to do my research and continued to find Greg Jefferys’ Hep C Buyers Club was the only one that continually checked out as affordable, reliable, and honest.

Still, I was nervous about sending off $1000 because there seemed to be so much that could go wrong. That was when the doctor told me that I was just one step away from either a liver transplant or liver failure and death.

So I needed the drugs forthwith and wired off the cash. After 2 weeks from when I sent the money I was tracking the shipping by express airmail and the drugs had still not arrived. Of course, I was now really worried that I had been scammed but Greg Jefferys told me that the delivery was 100% insured and guaranteed and he immediately sent another shipment that arrived on time ( the other parcel did eventually get delivered but it had got held up in the USPS system).

Greg also introduced me to some great Doctors at the Oregon Clinic in Portland, OR. that had worked with people who had obtained drugs from overseas before and were willing to work with me. All in all it was a very nervous stressful ordeal with a very positive ending. My doctor said that after clearing the virus the liver damage is no longer a viral disease but a nutritional disease and my liver would be expected to heal with a good lifestyle. Five years later I’m still free of Hep C, my Ascites is gone I’m in better shape than most 72-year-olds I know.

My doctors tell me that, “I’m the Poster Child of what to do right”. Without Greg’s help, I wouldn’t be alive now to write this. He is a true dedicated Humanitarian of the highest order, as honest and trustworthy a man that it is possible to find anywhere. A man dedicated to the highest integrity. I trusted him with my life and it turned out to be a very positive experience. I will be eternally gratefull to him for helping me save my life. I would put my life on the line to defend him and his wonderful work not for me and my gratitude but for his continuing work of helping others. I have the highest respect for Mr. Jefferys and his integrity that one Human can give to another


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