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Unreliable Suppliers of Hepatitis C Medicine

There are many reliable online suppliers of Hepatitis C medication, however, there are also many unreliable suppliers who are only interested in your money and do not care if you receive the medication or not.

Unreliable Hepatitis C Medication Suppliers

With unfortunate regularity, I get emails from people who have purchased Hepatitis C medication online from unreliable suppliers and discovered that they have been scammed.

People with Hepatitis  C are often desperate and often short of money so they are easy prey for unscrupulous scammers.

The Hep C medication scam may take many forms.

Of course there are the obvious scammers.. the ones selling herbal cures that cure everything thing from Hep C to HIV and Herpes.

Then there are the more subtle scammers offering what appears to be genuine Hepatitis C medication but it is not. It may be that after it is paid for the Hep C medication simply never arrives. It may be that the Hep C meds ordered are a cheap, unlicensed version with unknown quality and sub-standard ingredients.

For example, cheap, unlicensed versions of Harvoni, Epclusa, and Sovaldi are made in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt. These generic Hepatitis C medications are made without any regulation or oversights.

However, the most common Hep C scam is to send genuine licensed Hepatitis C medication that has passed its Use By date.

How this scam works is that manufacturers of Hepatitis C medicines in India will sell Hepatitis C medication that is close to the expiry date for a very, very cheap price.

Usually, these medicines are sold, or given, to charities who then supply the Hep C medication for free to needy people with Hepatitis C.

I have certainly done exactly this to help people who could not even afford my cost price for Hep C medication.

However, people with connections with the manufacturers buy these Hep C medicines for almost nothing and then scratch off or obscure the Expiry Date and sell them online for lower than normal prices without telling customers that the medication has reached its Use By date.

Whilst Hep C medications (and most medicines) will still be effective for many months after their expiry date when the expiry date is removed it is impossible to tell if the medication has been out of date by a few months or a few years.

Today I received the email below from someone who has just gone through this problem and I thought to share it with you.

Dear Greg,

I recently was shipped a generic Harvoni from India. The manufactured dates and expiry dare were removed from the label.

They said it was because the dates had to have a 2-year shelf life if shipped by DHL.  The first shipment has not arrived after more than 3 weeks by EMS India. The company shipped me another shipment by DHL…

Now, I am worried that they sent me expired medications. I am willing to pay as long as I get the proper product.

What is the shelf life of Resof L? What is the danger of taking this med if past the expiry date?

By the way, I live in the UAE and the meds were shipped here. I have a prescription from my doctor but my insurance would not cover this.






Harvoni Hep C medication

The expiry dates have been scratched off this label in a stupid attempt to hide the fact that this supplier was selling generic Harvoni that had passed its expiry date. This is a common ploy. When buying Hepatitis Cmedication online it is very important that you have reliable third party references for the supplier that you use. Cheapest is not best. Nice promises are not the best. What is best is a solid reputation, a fair price and top-level after-sales service.


Below is my reply:

Hi ######

Unfortunately, this is a common practice used by unethical businesspeople to maximize their profits, as they are able to buy the generic medicines for almost nothing when they are out of the expiry date.

However, on the good side of things, the shelf life is no problem AFTER the expiry date. If the bottles  still had the airtight seals intact then there should be no problem at all with you taking the medication.

That said the fact that the expiry date is removed is annoying as if it was three or four years out of date I may have some concerns.

It is disappointing to see such things.

The decision to take it or not must be yours, however, if you decide not to use them, because of your situation and the unfortunate way you have been deceived I will supply you 12 weeks of licensed generic Harvoni by Hetero, the same manufacturer, for US$650.

Best wishes


Be Wary of Online Hep C Medication Scams

When choosing to buy Hepatitis C medication online it is important to be certain of the reputation of your supplier.
Unfortunately, the internet is full of sweet-talking scammers whose only interest is taking money from you. So before ordering Hepatitis C medicine online check the reputation of whoever you are dealing with. This can be done easily by joining a FaceBook Hepatitis C group or joining an online Hep C forum.

Never Rely on the supplier’s own website as a means for judging their reputation.

It’s very easy and cheap for a scammer to create an impressive website that is specifically designed to lure people in. So you must have genuine third party references before buying Hepatitis C medicine online.
If the supplier has no presence in online support groups and Hep C forums then you should avoid dealing with them.

India Mart and Alibaba

Online shopping sites such as Alibaba and IndiaMart offer many “cheap” Hepatitis C medicines but these prices are mostly not real, they are bait to make the initial contact between seller and buyer after which the salesperson will convince you to make the purchase. Avoid suppliers using fake pricing to draw you in.

Some Guidelines for Choosing Reliable Hepatitis C Medication Suppliers

Tip 1: Never Let Price Alone Drive Your Sourcing Strategy

Tip 2: Be sure of Key Product Information. Is the Hep C medication Licensed?

Tip 3: Be Wary if they are unwilling to Answer Questions

Tip 4: Be Wary if they are Too Focused on the Money



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