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Side effects of Hep C Treatment

Side Effects of Hepatitis C Treatment

Every day I get people writing to me about the possible side effects of Hepatitis C treatment. Some are worried that they will not be able to work because of the side effects of the Hep C treatment. Others are worried that they will need to see a doctor regularly through the treatment period.

The reality is that most people experience very few side effects from Hep C treatment, in fact many peoples’ main experience from Hep C treatment is that they feel better.

Below is an email I received today from a person in that situation:


Hi Greg,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the second delivery of medication. I started the medication the same day I received them (I believe it was October 31st) which would make tomorrow 3 weeks of treatment. So far so good. The only side effect I get is occasional lethargy which I can deal with. It’s amazing how much better I felt within the first week. I haven’t had one instance of nausea since I started the medication! Also my energy levels and mental clarity have increased due to me not feeling “hungover” all day everyday due to my extremely high liver enzymes. You have truly been a godsend, I’m so thankful that you’re here to help people in my situation. We would be truly lost without you and left to the devices of the greed driven pharmaceutical here in the U.S. (i’m sure other places as well). Anyways, I just wanted to update you on how everything is going and to thank you again for giving me my life back.
Take care and best wishes,

More Comments About Hep C Treatment Side Effects:


Almost one month into Epclusa treatment and I’m already feeling much better and no side effects. My AST/ALT one month before starting treatment was 208/330 and 16 days after starting the pills my enzyme readings were 20/30! Wow, this $hit really works.


Within one week of starting Epclusa I felt great again..over a year and a half later..I still feel great!


I had a very easy time with 12 weeks of Harvoni.

Harvoni Vs Interferon

Hi Greg…mine was 2017 I guess….I live in Argentina…I got the generic Harvoni through you coming from my son who lives in Australia…Gold Coast precisely. I was treated previously with interferon and ribavirin during the whole year …48 weeks and not so long after the virus appeared again. I never noticed any of it but enzymes told me about it.

That was during 2010 which let me waiting for bad news related with the surprising notice I had hep c from….I still don’t know.
As I told you no clue about the infection and same thing with where it came.
The worst was the interferon season who let me loosing 20 kg …hair… my asthma increased…my lung capacity a bit more than 30% and waiting for the worst.
But you….yessss….you gave me hope and solutions to this …
Side effects¬† none….more than none I felt hope and clarity to my future seriously compromised…
I got these two capsules for 3 months I remember only happiness and joy as the main side effects!!!
Hope I can help here people but don’t know how follow you in this task.
Every minute I feel that I owe you … hope karma will operate in your benefit.
Here I am… whatever you have in mind to help let me know!!!


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Side Effects Of Treatment Of Hepatitis C, What Are The Side Effects Of Hepatitis C Treatment

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