Hepatitis B medication

How to Buy Generic Hepatitis B medications such as Tenofovir and Entacavir through Greg Jefferys' Hepatitis Buyers Club

Generic Hepatitis B Treatment

Hepatitis B treatment does not cure Hep B but suppresses the Hep B virus to a level where is can not cause major damage to the liver

Treating Hepatitis B With Generic Tenovir

Since  2015 I have helped thousands of people to access affordable treatment for Hepatitis C; however, amongst the emails I get every day asking for help accessing affordable Hep C treatment there are requests for the medication needed for treating Hepatitis B. Up until now I have been so busy with organizing generic Hep C treatments I have not had the time to add other generic medication to my list but because I have been getting increased requests about Hepatitis B I am now adding generic Hepatitis B medicines to the products I can help with.

Hepatitis B Treatment Options

Hepatitis C infection can be prevented by a Hep B vaccination however once a person is infected with Hep B, at this point in time, Hepatitis B cannot be cured it can only be managed.  So treatments for Hepatitis B are used to manage the effects of the infection to help the person with Hep B to lead a normal life.

These treatments suppress Hepatitis B rather like treatments for HIV suppress that virus.

In general, people who are chronically infected with Hepatitis B but do not have any signs of current liver damage will not need treatment as the disease can be managed by lifestyle choices such as a good diet and abstaining from things that put stress on the liver, such as alcohol. However, it is wise for anyone infected with Hepatitis B to monitor their liver’s health on a regular basis. The best and simplest for of monitoring is by having a liver function test at least once every year. The liver function test will give clear indications of your liver’s health so that when there are signs of liver damage  you should consider having treatment for your Hepatitis B infection. The decision on when to start treatment is complex and should be made in consultation with your doctor or a gastroenterologist with an interest in hepatitis B.

There are several different medications available for treating chronic Hepatitis B, these are anti-viral medications and are taken as tablets each day for a year or longer, they are able to suppress the Hep B virus but not remove it entirely. Of these available Hepatitis B medicines there are two available in generic form. :

Tenofovir has potent activity against chronic hepatitis B. It is particularly useful in patients who have developed drug resistance to other medications.

So if you have Hepatitis B and require generic Tenofovir here are some options.

Ricovir EM: $19/ bottle (30 tabs/ bottle) by Mylan

Tenvir EM: $20.00/ bottle (30 tabs/ bottle) by Cipla

Tenof EM: $19/ bottle (30 tabs/ bottle) by Hetero

The minimum order is 3 bottles.

Shipping and documentation = $30

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