Hepatitis C Buyers Club

The Hepatitis C Buyers Club was set up in 2015 to make buying Hepatitis C medication from India simple and safe. The Buyers' Club can supply Hepatitis C medication for a low as US$550 for a 12 week treatment.

India Hep C Buyers Club

Our Hepatitis C Buyers Club puts people before profits supplying Hepatitis C medication for as little as US$550 for a 12-week treatment.

The Hep C Buyers Club

Our Hep C Buyers’ Club was founded in 2015 by Greg Jefferys, in response to the high cost of buying Hepatitis C treatment. The Hep C Buyers’ Club is  dedicated to helping people around the world purchase affordable Hepatitis C medication. Our Buyers’ Club only supplies medication from FDA and WHO approved manufacturers and can provide Sovaldi or Harvoni or Epclusa at affordable prices with a guarantee of quality and secure delivery to any country except Argentina.

Hepatitis C treatments from as low as US$550 from a Hep C buyers club that puts people before profits.

How the Hepatitis C Buyers’ Club Began

When Greg Jefferys first learned that he had Hepatitis C, back in 2014, there were very few treatment choices available for people with Hepatitis C and the cost of treatment with Sovaldi or  Harvoni was more than US$84,000. Then generic  Sovaldi became available in India for less than US$1,000 for a 12 week treatment, so he went to India and purchased his Hep C treatment there.

After Greg was cured, using Sovaldi from India, he resolved to try to help everyone in the world to access affordable Hep C treatment. This all began in May 2015 and this was when he launched the Hepatitis C Buyers Club.

The Hep C Buyers’ Club in India

Back then, in 2015, getting Hepatitis C medication out of India was complex. Importation rules varied from country to country. International payments and international shipments were difficult for patients to organize, not to mention finding a reliable supplier of generic Hepatitis C medication. Through the process of going to India and buying his Hep C medication, and then helping hundreds of people to get their Hep C medication, Greg became familiar with the rules and regulations for exporting Hep C medication from India to countries around the world.

The Hepatitis C Buyers Club to streamline the process of buying Hepatitis C medicines; making it easier and safer.

The Hepatitis C Buyers Club facilitates the Hep C medication buying process. We handle all the buying, shipping and other paperwork on your behalf.

The Hep C Buyers Club helps you to buy genuine Hep C medication, making certain of the quality and the delivery.

The Hepatitis C Buyers Club is a direct link between you and the Gilead Sciences licensed manufacturer.

At all times the Hep C Buyers Club operates within the laws of whichever country we are shipping to.

The Hep C Buyers Club is a “not for profit” operation. Yes, we charge a small fee for our services but if you have financial hardship we will waive the fee.

Our Buyer’s Club is here simply to help make sure what you get is the medication you need. The most important thing when you are buying generic Hepatitis C medication is the supply chain integrity. This is the main reason that you should use our Hep C Buyers Club, because we only supply GILEAD licensed Indian manufactured Hepatitis C medication.

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Remember that when you buy your Hep C medication through Greg Jefferys Hep C Buyers’ Club:

Delivery is 100% Guaranteed

Your medication is 100% insured against any loss or damage.

Your medication is made under license from GILEAD SCIENCES in FDA and WHO approved facilities.

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not cured Hepatitis C.

(Guarantee is provided if you take the recommended treatment for your Hepatitis C based on accepted international standards)

The Hepatitis C Buyers’ Club Documentary

Below is a link to a short documentary made about my Hepatitis C Buyers Club which is focused on helping people around the world to access affordable Hepatitis C treatment. This Hep C Buyers Club documentary was made possible through a grant from the BERTHA FOUNDATION. The Bertha Foundation began in 2009 to fight for a more just world and it supports activists who are working to bring about social and economic justice. It was a great honour for me to have my Hepatitis C Buyers Club story chosen as a subject for one of their documentaries. I would particularly like to thank Mandakini Gahlot and Clément Gargoullaud for their incredible work in telling the story of the tragedy that is the global Hepatitis C epidemic.

It has been incredibly difficult to get the national and international media to give any attention to the international health crisis that is the Hepatitis C epidemic. This is largely because the same people who control Big Pharma also control or influence the companies that run the international news media.

For some reason, the needless deaths of over one million people from Hepatitis C every year is not considered newsworthy, nor is the fact that millions of people die simply because of the astounding greed of the big pharmaceutical companies.

My Hepatitis C Buyers Club work focuses on creating networks of people who support each other through the process of getting affordable Hepatitis C medication and then through the actual Hep C treatment and post-treatment experience.

Whilst my Buyers Club story provides the narrative thread in this documentary the real story is not about me but the fact that tens of millions of people are suffering and dying from a disease that can be easily and completely cured. The reason for all this death and suffering is simply because these people can not access affordable Hep C treatment. It is not that the Hepatitis C drugs are expensive to make (the actual cost of making a Hepatitis C treatment is less than ), it is simply that greed and manipulation of international patent laws by Big Pharma prevents people from being able to buy Hepatitis C treatment at a fair price.

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