Greg Jefferys Bio

Information about Australian Hep C Activist Greg Jefferys and his work to make Hepatitis C affordable and accessible

Greg Jefferys M.A. B.A. Diploma of Education

Hepatitis C Writer and Activist


University of Tasmania

Greg has a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Tasmania

University of Queensland

Greg has degree in History and Archaeology from the University of Queensland as well as a Diploma in Education

Greg Jefferys  was a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania when he learned that he was infected with Hepatitis C.
When Greg discovered he had Hepatitis C in 2014  he became very ill from the  effects of Hep C , which forced him to quit his PhD.
Unable to afford the high cost of Gilead’s Sovaldi Greg followed the development of generic Sovaldi in India and as soon as it was released, in May 2015, he travelled to India where he purchased 84 pills of generic Sovaldi and returned to Australia.
He was the first Western person to write about Indian generic Hepatitis C treatment. He wrote an online diary of his trip to India which he published on his website and which was also published as a Blog by the online magazine HepMag. His publications gained a huge international following.
Now cured of Hepatitis C Greg devotes all his spare time to helping other people with Hepatitis C to access affordable Hep C medication.

Some Publications in Peer Reviewed Science Journals by or about Greg Jefferys

High sustained virological response rates using imported generic direct acting antiviral treatment for hepatitis C

Hepatitis C – New hope on the horizon

Pharmaceutical Capitalism and its Logistics: Access to Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C and the PBS

Medical Tourism

Successful use of generic direct acting antiviral medications to treat hepatitis C

Australian of the Year Nominations

As a result of his work helping people from around the world access affordable Hepatitis C medication Greg Jefferys has been nominated three times for the “Australian of the Year Award” for the years 2016, 2017 and 2019.

Greg Jefferys’ Australian of the Year Nomination 2016

Greg Jefferys’ Australian of the Year Nomination 2017

Greg Jefferys’ Australian of the Year Nomination 2019




Greg is 63 years old and was born in Sydney Australia. He and his wife raised their three sons in Brisbane, Queensland. He moved to Tasmania with his wife in 2007.
Greg has a Masters Degree in History and is the author of two books on Australian history and one fictional work on the effects of global warming. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Diploma in Education.

As well as being a successful author Greg Jefferys has worked as a High School teacher and spent 10 years working as a sculptor.

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Greg Jefferys is also a successful author of fiction and non-fiction books