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Hep C Treatment Side Effects

Side effects of Mavyret and Epclusa

Side effects of Hep C treatment with Harvoni, Mavyret and Epclusa

Hepatitis C Treatment Side Effect Stories

One of the things that people always worry about, when considering Hepatitis C treatment, are the side effects of the medication used to treat Hepatitis C.

The possible side effects of Hep C treatment often get blown out of all proportion when you do an internet search of Hep C side effects because the small minority of people who have had bad experiences with the side effects of Hep C treatment are the people most likely to post stuff about it.

People who go through their Hep C treatment with minimal, or zero side effects, just get on with their lives and don’t make a fuss.

In order to give people a real-world idea of exactly what the general experience of side effects are, I asked the members of my Hep C support group for people to post their experiences of side effects during Hepatitis C treatment.

Below are the results of this survey of Hep C treatment side effects exactly as they were posted.

This is a real-world random cross-section of people using every modern drug used to treat Hepatitis C.  So it includes Mavyret’s side effects, Epclusa’s side effects, Harvoni’s side effects and also the side effect of the combination of Sovaldi + Daklinza (Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir). The side effects of all DAA treatment options for Hepatitis C are here.

So read on if you want a real and accurate idea of what side effects you might experience during Hepatitis C treatment. These reports are not arranged in any order,

Jenny’s Hep C Treatment

Search my name, I’m sure there’s information I’m forgetting. I took Generic Epclusa, 16 weeks. I had what I’d call mild side effects. Insomnia was one that took some time to get my doctor to even believe me because at the time insomnia wasn’t listed. Once I got through their heads, I ended up taking a minimal amount of Ambien after trying all the over the counter options. I had mild headaches start but that was easy, drinking water was the solution. Otherwise Epclusa was a breeze.

Kevin’s Hep C Experience

My treatment experience!
Generic version of Harvoni direct from Greg.
No doctor monitoring and I found the medication to be very easy to tolerate.
I started taking it at night but I found I had a little level of anxiety and woke up thirsty.
I switched to early mornings and started drinking more water than I normally did.
Headache vanished, anxiety was not as noticeable in the daytime, and I slept much better at night.
I only had a slight headache and brain fog for the first week and finished the 84 days without hardly noticing anything but an increased energy level midway.
My motto with Hep C treatment is “Just Do It!”


I took sofofosbuvir and  daclatasvir and the only side effects I had were sore breasts and my thumb and forefinger were numb on the left hand the whole time. That’s all. It really wasn’t bad at all

Kim Crissell’s Hep C Side effects

I took generic Harvoni in January 2016 for 12 weeks, I had minor headaches in the first few days but that quickly subsided and no further side effects were noticed.
My virus levels were undetected at day 10 and I completed the course of treatment and have been cured ever since.
I cleared the virus with Mavyret last year. Had a few headaches in the beginning. Always took with a little food. Cleared to undetected after the 4th week on a 12 week treatment course. Easy treatment. Still undetected at 1 year. Forever grateful.
Kathy R
My experience with Hep C treatment
I got my generic Harvoni direct from Greg Jefferys. It came all the way to my isolated village in NZ. I did not have a specialist and told the local rural nurses what i was doing and they were happy to do my blood tests. I was not totally virus free until the end of treament and have been cured for over 3 years now. The side effects were a little dizziness for 2 weeks , the occasional small rash and a very pleasant buzzy yet relaxed feeling . I had a drop in mood and energy once I stopped the treatment but this improved quickly and a year later I felt 20 years younger. I had the virus for over 30 years and I am now 59 and feel great.
I took… hmm not sure, but no side effects
Tom Partridge
Following wife takes sofosbuvir daclatasvir, 9 weeks in, 3 to go. Joint pain, numb thumb left hand, muscle aches. Dose this subside after she is done? She cant wait to finish treatment.
Ho Chi Min
Tome sofosbuvir / daclatasvir por 3 meses y al mes d terminado el tto empece con la presion arterial alta
I did 12 weeks of Harvoni in 2017. I got 4 headaches total. A little hair thinning which grew back after treatment. My energy started to come back halfway through treatment. I feel like treatment was a breeze compared to living with the virus.
I cured mine with Epclusa. Never had the first side effect.
Generic Epclusa with no side effect at all
I took Mavryt this summer. I had horrible side effects but I feel if I had more help around with my children my side effects may have been easier on me.(7,3,1 year old where my childrenages) Mental emotionally and physically I was just gone. I could hardly lift a jug of milk for my kids . My joints where very sore and I had zero to no energy but was still able to take care of my children I found the strength and surport through the group. The surport in the groups helped me the most especially when I felt I could not go on.
12 weeks on Epclusa. First month felt better than I had in years, 2nd and third month were rough. Lost a lot of weight, deep depression, weak, foggy brain, loss of concentration. Doctor signed me off sick from work. It’s hard to know what caused what. I have a low thyroid condition, which went a bit erratic and meds had to keep being altered. Compensated liver cirrohsis too. But after treatment began to feel much better. Still feel a bit weak and dont have the concentration that I used to, but on the whole feeling so much better. Had 12 weeks SVR bloods done today, so will know if its worked in a couple of weeks time.
I took epclusa with no side effects at all….
Any complaints I had were with my hep c symptoms but not the meds….
I am cured after 12 weeks on Sof + Dac. I had very few side effects from the treatment. Just mild GI distress. Just before treatment, I developed a severe, unexplainable rash on my face. I knew it was time to do something. After my last dose in September, I experienced mild inflammation in my legs and hips. Then my knee went out. I will never know if the inflammation was from the medication, or just age-related. Anything is better than dying of Hep C. I’m 64 and virus-free.
Harvoni for 12 weeks, little weird feeling 1st week, a little brain foggy, but nothing that kept me from working and caring on normally. I was also recovering from heart surgery for valve transplant. That’s when I found out about the Hep. C. I’d do it again if needed, I did hate those big ass pills though!
Mavyret and my first day had stomach pain and after that I was stuck on a high until I finished my meds. I did have a mental breakdown 5 days after stopping and I think it was from not taking the meds anymore. I was sooo happy on the meds I wish I could keep taking them
I have been doing just fine and am almost done with the fourth month of Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir; only month one left, except some fatigue and tiredness. I will make a post, been planning on it.
Hola, tome sofos+dacla, 3semanas. Jamás sentí efectos secundarios. Al contrario, sentía que hubo una brisa de vida nueva. Los dolores musculares, la picazón se diluyó. En ese momento, pasaba un duelo, había perdido mi madre. Iba a trabajar. Fue un período difícil. Pero bueno, si se quiere. Porque estaba luchando por mi vida, y estaba convencida que la curación la tenía. Fui la primer persona, en todo mi país, en probar los genéricos. Experiencia buena. No tengan miedo. No se paralicen Suerte para todos los que están en este proceso.
I was on marvyet for 8 weeks, cured!
I had no side effects to speak of, only thing was bloated a bit with gas. Easy treatment for me.
I took Mavyret 8 weeks with very minimal side effects. I had some headaches fixed by drinking more water and very very vivid dreams which I immensely enjoyed. I feel so much better today than I have in 25 years.
I was treated with Epclusa for 3 months. Little to no effects, except the occasional headache which was due to dehydration.
I took mavyret for eight weeks one year ago. I had no side effects at all except for being tired. I slept very well though.
I didn’t really have negative side effects. Occasional headache which went away as soon as I drank water.
Actually, the Epclusa gave me MORE energy, which I really liked and needed.
Me n my husband took Mayvret….he took his at bedtime…I took mine at lunch. I noticed about a few hours after taking I needed a nap …I also had mild itching and mild headaches if I didn’t drink enough water. The more water the better I felt. It wasn’t bad at all. He had only mild headaches at times again when he didn’t drink enough water. But that was it for him n he worked the entire time…slept good etc. we both had hep c for about 17 yrs type 1a and viral load above 5,000,000. To Today it’s undetected!!
6 weeks on mayvret 2 to go. No side effects
Debbie Z
I am thankful that I had a really good experience with Mavyret. Maybe only one or two days that I felt crappy but that was because I did not drink enough water and one day I ate a half a bag of chips the next day I felt yuck. I did what many people advised to do and that was to drink a gallon of water everyday and to eat a liver friendly diet. I looked up recipes online and I made everything from scratch and by eating the good foods for me I felt terrific. I stayed away from the fatty fried processed foods I stayed away from caffeine I stayed away from sugar. And I did drink that gallon of water beginning from the time I got up until I went to bed. I continued with my job as a custodian and I did light exercise. I felt good. I had lots of energy. The pills do dehydrate so that’s why I drink so much water. The pills gave me energy also. I’ve been down with treatment had two blood tests since and I am clear of hep C. My joint pain is back but I’m getting through it. My as my liver heals I do start to feel better.
12 weeks on Harvoni. Zero side effects. 10 months cured
10 weeks into Epclusa and only one headache, but very tired every day. Hits consistantly around 1-2. I now do everything I need to do in the morning,( incuding cooking dinner) because I know how I will be feeling.
First treatment with Epclusa no side effects, except mild headaches in first weeks….
Retreatment with Mayvret + Sofosbuvir + Ribavirin….third week only headaches…taking quickly naps after lunch about 10-15 minutes solve that….taking after dinner 9:00 Pm
IM REALLY GLAD to see all these good treatment and medicine plans and with good or no side effects. I’m going to be starting real soon as soon as I receive my epclusa medicine. I still am scared and skeptical but as I went along and asked lot questions Greg eased my mind. I have hep c gt 3A fibrosis f3 and pretty sure close to cirosis. I wanted to give up and got tired and came to this group and if it wasn’t for Greg helping me along I don’t know where I’d be so thanks…….
6 months riba sof and dac. No side effects to speak of. I previously did interferon so I was prepared for terrible side effects.
My treatment with Mavyret was actually a breeze. Fatigue and some headaches were it. Of course I went through interferon and interferon/ribavarin so my opinion might be skewed due to the horror of those two treatments.
Get enough sleep and extra whenever you can. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Keep a clear picture right before your eyes of the cured, healthy you that is right around the corner!
I’m a month in taking Mavyret. I usually take it after dinner. I have had very few side effects if any. A few times, I had a dull headache and I’m always thirsty but that’s about it. My Fib 4 test was F3 before I started. I drink lots of water, very very little alcohol- a small glass of wine every so often. I do smoke marijuana as it’s also helped the joint pain I have- it’s been pretty bad but not worse. I eat pretty healthy- less than before and mostly vegetarian except an egg a few times a week and small amounts of cheese. I take a long walk with my dog everyday. I was worried about the treatment, but so far I’m actually feeling better overall.
12 weeks Epclusa went by quickly with no noticeable side effects. Took meds in the morning with breakfast. Drank lots of water, tried to eat healthy. Now on Vosevi for past two weeks and noticing some bowel issues. I’ve gone off my GERD meds and that’s a little uncomfortable sometimes but I can deal with it. Note: I’m a medical cannabis patient in MO with hepc as qualifying condition. It helps!
5 more days on epclusa..doing great no real side effects just tiredness and alittle brain fog.. eating well and staying hydrated definitely helps..I recommend start to anyone on fence!!
Also , got meds directly from Greg Jefferys. Today marks exactly On Year since I finished generic form of Epclusa. Very mild (side effects) I followed Liver Specialist advice and also followed Greg’s advice drink plenty of water took the meds the exact same time every day walked at least 2 miles every day,try to get plenty of rest .Ate a very nutritious diet. Since treatment my energy level has slowly but definitely come back Hep c was non detected 6 weeks into treatment My advice get the meds do the treatment do what you can to help treatment along follow directions
My husband and I both finished treatment with Harvoni no side effects whatsoever!
I took epclusa. The only side effects I ever had was Nausea. I did lose a lot of weight which could have been from depression.
Melly Mell
I took Harvoni with ribavirin because I tried treatment years ago with alpha interferon and was a non responder. I only had slight headaches. I was so excited to be getting treatment that I was giddy. Dealing with hep c for over 30 years and then having a liver transplant thinking I’m on borrowed time to getting a cure made me so energetic and happy
Just finished 8 week treatment with Mayvret had Zero side effects
Sonja Rose
12 weeks on Harvoni and no side effects 🙂
Female age 59 during treatment. VL 14+ mil GT 1a. I took Sofosbuvir for 12 weeks and the only side effect I had was that it caused me to be hyper so I took it in the morning. I was undetectable at seven weeks but could have been sooner. Seven weeks was when I was first able to get my labs.
Hi all GT2b VL 8 mil at time of starting treatment. 12 weeks Epclusa UD at week 4. Some fatigue and headache but maintained Crossfit work outs 5x a week. I noticed week 1 was non eventful, week 2 felt higher energy, week 4-6 was most fatigue. Also fatigue post week 12 for 2 weeks after completion. Took meds at 7 pm each night
12 weeks on Harvoni and no side effects. Drink lots of water. Cured!!
I had hep c 1A gene and took Zepartier for 12 weeks with no side effects except sleepy at times, that was 3 years ago and I was cured at the end of my treatment. No problems since then. I kept positive throughout diagnosis and treatment and I feel that helped too. I am in Australia and our health system does a lot to help people with hep c.
12 weeks of generic Harvoni(from Greg Jefferys) Only side effect was a headache now and then which went away with drinking more water. I also had lots of energy which was nice. I took it in the morning for this reason.
Oh, and I was so afraid of losing some hair, but NOPE, no hair loss! I was undetected at 5 weeks into treatment and 8 months after treatment, and went from F3 fibrosis to F1. Was a breeze and I feel great! I had Hep C for nearly 40 years and didn’t know it till last year. I will be 59 the end of December.
I took.the sof dak combination. I had joint aches and pains and felt very unco ordinated and trippy until I changed the time I would take the meds. I went from taking them in the morning to taking them just before bed. The worst of the symptoms vanished. Treated and cured for four years now.
Definitely not rough in my experience with Epclusa. In fact I felt amazing while taking it. To any person feeling scared , please don’t be. There are so many people who experience little to no side effects. Even if you were to have side effects , please remember it’s nothing in comparison to what continuing to live with hep c will do to you. PLEASE GET THE TREATMENT!! You deserve to heal and live! ❤️ best wishes to all. ( I wasn’t going to add this part but perhaps I should. My uncle was living with hep c for many years , was not able to be cured through the old method of interferon, he did not seek the new DAA’s and recently died of liver cancer. May he Rest In Peace. He was only 55 yrs old. )Please seek treatment!
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I took 12 weeks of generic Harvoni with little to no side effects other than I little speedy feeling, and headaches when I didnt drink enough water. I did have some really vivid dreams.
I took Epclusa for 12 weeks last year. I am 74 and had Hep C type 1a since at least the very early 80’s. Zero side effects…I mean NONE. I was undetectable at 4 weeks and still undetectable a year later…BUT I waited too long to get treated ( I wasn’t eligible for the early DDA treatment because of $$$) so now I have F4 cirrhosis …it can’t be reversed at that stage but it is still well compensated so the treatment will buy me some good functional years ahead….how many…who knows? but before treatment my liver function and other blood work was not good, I was exhausted all the time..etc. Now I feel much better and I had NO side effects…NONE…not even a headache
(Greg’s comment: F4 cirrhosis can be reversed. I was F4 in 2015 but am now F1)
On my last week of mayvret, undetectable at 5 weeks, original viral load of 8 million. I got a little tired and some dry skin on the hairline and scalp. Good luck
I did 90 days of Sofosbuvir & Daclatasvir.
I actually felt great during treatment.
No side effects.
However, I chose to eat clean, and get proper rest.
I discontinued pork, processed food, fried food, canned food and my beer.
I ate a lot of fish, turkey, fresh veggies and limited my beef intake.
I am very medication sensitive so I was *very* concerned but Ive only had 3 days +/- of mayrvet specific symptoms and I finished a month ago!! Ive had more issues after finishing meds than anything but getting next viral load test soon!! so far im beating it!!
12 weeks of generic epclusa. Slight headaches.
A little insomnia.
Knee pain.
Rash under my armpits the last 4 weeks. Which I took a steroid topical cream for. When my treatment ended it was all gone.
Definitely worth it!!!!
I did generic hep c meds Darvoni (generic Harvoni made in Bangladesh) 12 week course and i honestly never felt better during treatment, I had sooo much energy it was unreal and not a single negative side effect not a single one just boundless energy I would recommend it to anyone and would do it again in a heart beat it was amazing you could actually feel the virus die and my immune system know kicking in to destroy any lasting virus and the brain fog lifting every single day definitely the best thing I’ve ever done and the support I got from you Greg and off David Cowley was out of this world there was never a question you couldn’t answer or help me with during my treatment and I was supported all the way through your both amazing people and if anyone is in any doubt about doing generic meds don’t be they are spot on I am living proof of that and not a single side effect not one except for feeling amazing and that’s the gods honest truth xxxx
Hey, I finished 12 weeks of Epclusa about a month ago.
I drank a gallon of water for 2 days per what others here recommended and then bravely stopped. I had no side effects that I could attribute to treatment. Oh, except my hair became brittle and a bit broken.
I feel great and am waiting for my final lab work in February. Halfway through I was undetected.
I’m 65 and have had Hep C for probably 40 years.
Edit: I have always eaten a healthy diet with no sugar, so my hep c side effects have always been minimal.
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I’m on Sof + Dac, almost two months into the treatment, my stomach feels bloated and somewhat like my liver is getting bigger, any advise please.
For those who have used Sof + Dac, did you have similar experience?
I’m scared and feeling like stopping the drugs, but I can’t because my life is important to me
I did 12 weeks of Epclusa in the spring. No side effects, it was the easiest thing To do and now I’m cured
I did 16 weeks of Harvoni. Took it every day, in the morning. Only side effect was a strange rash on my thigh. Eventually went away. My Pharmacists recommendation … take in the morning, to counter any possible insomnia and drink water water water.
I took Epclusa for 12 weeks and had not ONE side effect and I am on kidney transplant meds as well. NO problems whatsoever.
Hi Greg, Thank you for your compassionate and informative leadership. I successfully completed Epclusa on 11/23/20 with zero viral load half way. My only real issue was insomnia which began 7 weeks in. This was just bothersome, not altering. I was able to go on with my life as usual daily
8 weeks on Mavyret, no side effects, genotype 3, F0
Had few nauseous days after treatment, but went away with probiotics.
Hi , i am on Epclusa since 6 weeks and so far so good with no side effects at all.yves .
Hi , 5 years ago had 6 months of peglated interferon and ribavirin, side effects, hair thinning , massive weight loss , brain fog , mouth ulcers , always cold , night sweats , upset stomach . I was geno3 , clear of hepC but most of the side effects have sadly stayed with me.
(Greg’s comment: sadly in some countries, Interferon is still prescribed for Hepatitis C. At all costs do not use this treatment,)
ManDe Boris
Easy all the way, but at the 6th month some leg bloathing.. I had HCV-Type 2.a and did 6 months of Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir.. No Drinking at all!! I drank one night and after that haven`t felt good for 2-3 days.. so, do not drink at all. Plenty of water and you will be fine.. Minor troubles in the first 10 days with falling to sleep, but body manages to go around that and afterwards you sleep as before you started your treatment.. IT IS EASY 95% of THE WAY! DON`T BE SCARED, IT IS CURABLE!! My case is special cuz I had 25 millions viral load before treatment and that is a lot!1 Real lot! Most people start at 4-7 mills. treating HCV, but I waited for almost 8 years and that was too long.. I made it in the nick of time, so you all can do too! Happy curing and Good Luck to You All!!
12 weeks or generic Harvoni, no side effects
Hey All , 12 weeks on Epclusa no side effects increase energy, better sleep and my 3 years of sciatic pain diminished…not sure If that was coincidental or not!

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