Hepatitis C Treatment in Ireland

Hepatitis C Treatment in Ireland (With special thanks to Debra James) In Ireland, the rate of Hepatitis C infection is one of the highest in the EU at about twice …

Hepatitis C Treatment in Malaysia

Hepatitis C Treatment in Malaysia Back in September 2017 there was a lot of media attention given to Hepatitis C treatment in Malaysia because the Malaysian government had decided to …

Generic Hepatitis C Treatment: Yet more proof it works!

Treating Hepatitis C with generic DAAs is effective and affordable. Here is more proof that it works.

Harvoni Side Effects

Generic Harvoni side effects are the same as Harvoni side effects. In this post Greg Jefferys relates his experience talking to people about the side effects they had while taking generic Harvoni to treat Hep C.

Hepatitis C Treatment in the USA

Two stories about the treatment of Hepatitis C in the USA with generic Harvoni

Liver Fibrosis, Cirrhosis and Hepatitis C: The Good News.

Liver Fibrosis and Cirrhosis   Nowadays most of my blog posts are inspired by emails I get from folk about their Hepatitis C experiences; having Hep C and the process …

Treating Hepatitis C in Estonia: A Success Story

A Hepatitis C success story from Estonia

The Very Silly Myth That Harvoni Causes Liver Cancer

The Very Silly Myth That Harvoni Causes Cancer A couple of times a week I get an email from someone who has Hepatitis C but is concerned about using DAAs …

Another Inspiring Story from Texas

Another great Hep C success story using generic Epclusa, this story is from Texas in the USA

Hepatitis C Treatment in Italy

Hepatitis C treatment in Italy. Or how Big Pharma is busting the Italian health Budget.