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Fatigue Brain Fog and Hepatitis C

Hep C fatigue and brain fog

Liver damage from Hepatitis C is a major cause of brain fog

Fatigue Brain Fog and Hepatitis C

This morning I received an email from a person in my Hep C support group about Fatigue and brain fog, which I think it is worth sharing.

My friend who was cured of Hep C told me it made him feel like he had like a giant blanket or cage removed from his mind and body like his conscious was not so repressed from the disease . Not so much because he no longer has the disease but an actual physical difference in how he felt . He said a sick liver can dramatically effect your mind.

He said he didn’t realize how much it effected him mind until he got rid of it.

My reply:

Yes, this is due to the liver not performing its function of removing toxins from the bloodstream. For people with chronic Hep C there is a slow, but steady, build up of toxins in the system. It happens so slowly it is not often noticed. When the Hep C is removed the liver should start functioning correctly again and toxin levels will return to normal low levels, resulting in more clarity of mind and higher physical energy levels

Fatigue Brain Fog and Hepatitis C

One of the Liver’s primary functions is to breakdown and remove toxins from the blood. As the liver damage from chronic Hep C increases the liver is less and less able to function properly. As liver functions decrease the level of toxins in the blood increases.

This results in chronic fatigue and what we call “brain fog”. In other words our body is being swamped by toxins and none of the organs (including the brain) can function properly.

The ultimate result of this is death. Toxin levels get so high that your organs shut down. Putting it bluntly, you are poisoned by your own blood. This can happen quite suddenly and is usually described as death from liver failure.

 Liver Repair, giving your liver a chance to heal.

The Good news is that once the Hep C is removed from the liver, the liver will heal quite quickly if its given half a chance.

How do we give our liver the best chance of healing? Its simple, a healthy diet and lifestyle, including plenty of exercise. Walking is very useful.

For more information of Brain fog and Hep C click here.


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