Importing Harvoni into Romania

Hepatitis C treatment in Romania

According to WHO research more than 2% of Romanians have been infected with Hepatitis C

Importing Generic Hepatitis C Drugs into Romania

Romania Tratamentul hepatitei C

Romania has a high incidence of Hepatitis C in its general population with more than 2% of Romanians infected with Hepatitis C. In other words about 500,000 Romanians have Hepatitis C. What is unique about Romania is that more than 98% of Romanians with Hepatitis C are infected with genotype 1. This means that Romanians importing generic Hepatitis C drugs into Romania can safely import Harvoni or Epclusa. Epclusa is a very good option if you cannot afford a genotype test.

The good news for Romanians with Hepatitis C is that Romanian importation rules for generic Hepatitis C medicines for personal use are very favorable and there is no problem for a Romanian resident to import these medications. The only requirement is you have a prescription for the Hep C drug from a Romanian doctor. Generally is not difficult to get a Romanian doctor to write a prescription but if you do have problems getting a prescription I have quite a long list of doctors in Romania who have written prescriptions for generic Harvoni in the past. I am happy to share that list with you if you need it.

When a doctor in Romania writes the prescription he or she can write either as Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir or Generic Harvoni or simply Harvoni, which ever the doctor prefers. From a Customs point of view it is not important.

If you would like any specific information about importing generic Harvoni into Romania you are welcome to email me with any questions you might have.

The Price of Generic Harvoni in Romania

The price for generic Harvoni in Romania is 720 Euro for 12 weeks of treatment. This price includes delivery. I have an information sheet that I would be happy to send you if you email me. Or use this link to find more information on generic Harvoni.

I also understand that 720 euros is a lot of money for many people. If lack money is preventing you from getting treatment please still write to me and I will do whatever I can to help you.

Another good option for treating Hepatitis C in Romania is the combination of Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Daclatasvir 60 mg. This is just as effective for treating Hepatitis C genotype 1 as Harvoni but is considerably cheaper. A 12 week treatment of Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir is only 500 euro. The only disadvantage of Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir is that it is two pills taken together, once each day, rather than one single pill per day as is the case with Harvoni.


Hepatitis C Romania

Romania has one of the highest Hepatitis C infection rates in the world

Ordering Generic Harvoni for Romania

Basically there is no problem importing drugs to treat Hepatitis C into Romania, either by mail order or on one’s person. Obviously mail order is usually cheaper.
I will try to explain bellow the Romanian Customs requirements :
– first of all the parcel must include the purchasing invoice.
Once they package is arrived in Romania,  the recipient must provide to the shipping company the following documents :
– the copy of identity document;
– a declaration written in Romanian language and signed by the recipient in which should specify the parcel content,  the utility of the products,  the brand names, the quantity received, price per unit,  total value;
– the document which proves the payment to the sender
– medical prescription into Romanian standard format signed and stamped by GP or specialist.
After the customs process is completed, the recipient must pay:
– 9% VAT tax from the declared customs value
– 2,5% a commission tax from the declared customs value.
The taxes could be payed by bank transfer or cash to the agent who make the delivery.
This is all. If I was not clear enough or if I could help in other way, please let me know.

Please email me for exact details or with any questions you may have about the process. I can assure you that I send generic Harvoni to Romania at least once every week and have a 100% success rate for the medicines being delivered. I know exactly which documents are needed and supply all of them with the parcel.

Delivery is guaranteed!

Hepatitis C Treatment in Romania

Romania has a very high level of Hepatitis C infection, with over 2% of Romanian people being infected with Hepatitis C

I have helped quite a few people import generic Hepatitis C medicines into Kazakhstan over the past year and now that the price of sending generic Harvoni to Kazakhstan has dropped to below US,000 for 12 weeks treatment it is completely legal and easy to send treatments with generic medicines for Hep C to Kazakhstan.
Please read the information below send to me by a person in Kazakhstan:
Hi Greg, I have been looking further into the courier delivery of the medicine package into Kazakhstan. I have just spoken with our local DHL office with regards to customs clearance of the courier package containing medicines. I have been told that to be able to custom clear it in Kazakhstan, the total weight and total value of the package should not exceed  0.5kg and USD 1,000 respectively. Also we will need to produce a doctor’s prescription which should state the name of the medicine which corresponds to the one on the pack which is being couriered as well as the quality certificate for the medicine.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]