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Fear of Hep C Treatment

Hep C side effects

Most people get zero, or very few, side effects from Hep C Treatment

Fear of Hep C Treatment

Over the years, since 2015, I have talked to many thousands of people who had a chronic Hep C infection. One of the things that causes me to despair is when someone with Hepatitis C refuses to do the treatment because they have a fear of Hep C treatment. They are scared of the possible side effects of the medication, whether it be Epclusa, Harvoni or Mavyret. In 99% of cases this fear is completely unwarranted because in most people Hep C treatment has zero, or very mild, side effects.

Below is part of some email correspondence I had with a lady in the USA.  I had organised some Epclusa for her so I wrote to her to ask how her treatment was going. I wrote because I knew she had had the meds for some time and I had not heard from her so wrote to ask how things were going. I was surprised to learn that she had not started the treatment because she was scared about the possible side effects. There is a lot of stuff on the internet designed to scare people off doing Hep C treatment.

Here is some of our conversation thread. (Mandy not her real name.)

Hi  Mandy

I just checked your parcel and the tracking shows that its been delivered.

Is everything good for you now?

Are you clear on how to take the meds?

Best wishes


I’m so sorry I just saw ur message lol ???? I don’t check my messages like I should but everything is good I got my meds but I haven’t started taking them. I’m kinda scared and waiting for my vacation to start them I’m terrified and afraid of losing my job due to side effects also do I need to come of my gabapentin I take for my carpal tunnel syndrome?



Hi Mandy

Actually its very unlikely you will get any side effects worse than a slight head ache. There are there are no adverse interactions between gabapentin and the Hep C meds.

Please start your treatment. Check in with our Hep C group you will see a heap of people taking about their first week or two of treatment

Best wishes



Dear Greg Thank u so much u are amazing and such a kind man! Wish I could hug your neck! Should I take meds in Am or pm

Also i smoke cigarettes is that a problem with treatment ? I’m so scared to start !


Hi Mandy

Whilst smoking cigarettes is not a good idea it certainly will have no effect on the treatment

I took mine in the morning with breakfast… less chance of forgetting to take them.

But whatever works best for you is fine

best wishes


Oh ok cool I’ll do the same as u and take mine in the morning when I eat breakfast also yeah I plan on quitting cigarettes as well but I’m taking one step at a time lol but yes I definitely will quite as I am trying to be as healthy as possible! I have big plans to try and eat healthy green. Veggies for my liver and exercising too!


Hey Greg

I am just writing to inform you that I’m currently on day 3 of the Hep C treatment you sent me and having absolutely zero side effects!

I can not believe it!

Thank you so much for talking sense into me and opening my eyes!

Can’t believe I waited this long! I’m so grateful for you! What u are doing is truly amazing and so many people are alive today because of you! God put u on this planet to save lives! You sir are a saint! I do however have a small voice in the back of my head that ask if this treatment is working because it’s too good to be true! No symptoms whatsoever?!?



Fear of Hep C Treatment

Over the nearly ten years I have been helping people get Hep C medicine quite a few people have written to me worried by the fact that they were experiencing no side effects from the Epclusa or Harvoni or Sovaldi.

They are worried and ask, like Mandy did, “Maybe the medicine is not working? ”

But the reality is that a very high portion of people doing Hep C treatment will have no side effects at all, or maybe just a few mild ones. Of course some people will have note worthy side effects and about 1% of people doing treatment will have severe and unpleasant side effects. That is the nature of medicine. For example, penicillin is one of the most widely used, life saving, medicines in human history and most people notice nothing when  they take penicillin, however my wife is allergic to penicillin and just one small dose might kill her. But for 99.9% of people there is no problem with taking penicillin.

So when taking your Hep C meds, whether it be Epclusa or Harvoni or Mavyret, you need to be aware that you will most likely have no side effects or some mild ones, like a bit of a headache or a bit of insomnia.

However if you notice a severe reaction then you need to talk to your doctor about either reducing the dosage or changing the medication. For example, some people may have a bad reaction to Mavyret but be fine with Epclusa, or visa versa.

The main thing to keep in mind is that Hep C is potentially fatal and certainly causes long term, serious, health problems. Getting rid of Hep C is important so enduring a headache or a few sleepless nights is not a big price to pay for clearing a potentially deadly virus.

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Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Hello I am in the same boat here but nobody to talk to about it. My Drs don’t seem to care but I have had my epclusa for over 9 months and haven’t started it I have severe anxiety and I freak out just thinking about taking the first one! I don’t know what to do. I’m very sensitive to meds and I’m so scared I’m going to have bad side effects!!!!

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      I am in the SAME boat right now! I have been reading people’s experiences for over a hour bawling my eyes out because they are not good… I also have severe anxiety.. have you started yours yet? Today is myv2nd day of having the meds and not taking them. Please let me know how it’s going if you took them.

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        Hi Stephanie
        Most people have no problem with doing Hep C treatment. Please join my Facebook Hep C support group and talk about your concerns there. You will find hundreds of people who are prepared to share their experiences

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