Hepatitis C Medication Prices

The prices of licensed generic Hepatitis C drugs have dropped considerably in the past 12 months and now generic Epclusa and Harvoni are quite cheap

Hepatitis C Medication Prices

An overview of prices.

Hepatitis C treatment Costs

Prices for Hepatitis C Treatment are now within the reach of most people

Generic Epclusa price: US$850    

Generic Harvoni price: US$750

Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Daclatasvir 60 mg price: US$550

Hepatitis C medication prices for “brand” versions, range from US$85,000 for Epclusa to US$20,000 for Mavyret per treatment.

The existence of generic versions of these drugs means that there is an affordable treatment option for people with Hepatitis C who can not afford the price of brand drugs such as Harvoni and Epclusa. All licensed generic Hepatitis C medication is manufactured under license from Gilead Sciences in FDA and WHO approved facilities and is chemically identical to brand versions.

The reason that generic Hep C treatment medicines are so relatively cheap is because these Hep C drugs are actually not expensive to manufacture. The high prices for the brand versions, such as Epclusa and Harvoni, are only so high because of the huge profit margins put on these drugs by their manufacturer.

The actual cost of making these new Hep C medications is considerably less than US$80 for a 12 week treatment. If you would like to know more about the history of Hepatitis C drug prices click this link.

For current prices of generic Hepatitis C drugs please read on.

The cost of generic Hepatitis C medication is determined by the type of medication you require. Different genotypes of Hepatitis C are treated with different combinations of Hep C drugs (These new Hep C drugs are known as Direct Acting Antivirals or DAAs). Here I will list briefly the three main choices of Hepatitis C treatment and their prices. For more detailed information please use the links provided to go to the page specific to each medicine.


Epclusa (Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Velpatasvir 100 mg) is currently the most effective treatment for Hepatitis C genotype 3.

Epclusa will also effectively treat all other genotypes of Hepatitis C.

Licensed generic Epclusa costs US$850 for 12 weeks treatment (84 pills @ one pill per day) including delivery and shipping insurance.


Harvoni (Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Ledipasvir 90 mg) was originally designed to treat Hep C genotype 1. It is generally considered the most effective treatment for Hepatitis C genotype 1.

Harvoni is not the optimum treatment for any other form of Hep C.

The cost of licensed generic Harvoni is US$750 for 12 weeks of treatment. (84 pills @ one pill per day).

Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir 

Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Daclatasvir 60 mg a cheap treatment options that is effective against all genotypes of Hepatitis C.

For all genotypes of Hepatitis C, that is G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5, Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir is an excellent treatment option that has a significantly lower price than other Hepatitis C drugs. It is as effective against G1 as Harvoni and as effective as Epclusa for Genotype 2. The cost of generic Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir is US$550 for 12 weeks treatment (2 pills per day for 84 days). The only disadvantage in using Sof + Dac is that you need to take two pills together per day instead of one pill per day.

The reason that Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir is so cheap is because it is a very easy drug combination to manufacture.

For more information on Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir please click this link


For exact details about the Hepatitis C medication you require click on the headings above, they are linked to specific pages. If you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to assist you. Please note that if you are in any kind of financial difficulty and can not afford these prices I will happily remove my fee, which will reduce the prices by about 35%.

If money is an issue please email me and let us work out a way to get you your Hep C treatment. My policy is always people before profit. For more information click here to EMAIL ME

Hepatitis C medication

Published peer-reviewed research now proves without any doubt that Indian generic Hepatitis C treatment is just as effective as the much more expensive branded versions of Hepatitis C medication