Generic Hepatitis C Treatment Testimonials

This is a page of testimonials from people who have used the resources of my Hep C Buyers' Club to purchase licensed generic Hepatitis C medicine from India. I have put these here to give people confidence about following the generic Hep C treatment path.

Hepatitis C Treatment Testimonials

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One of the recurring requests I get from people is some kind of assurance that my Hep C Buyers’Club is not some kind of scam.  My usual response is to suggest that they join my Hepatitis C Support group on Facebook. However, a lot of people do not use Facebook so I have asked people in my Facebook group to write these testimonials about me and the service I offer to people with Hepatitis C. I have listed these Hep C testimonials alphabetically by countries. We start off with testimonials from folk in America and a lovely video testimonial from one of the first people in the USA that  I sent generic Harvoni to in 2015.


America (USA)


To whom it may concern. If you have contracted Hepatitis C and you can’t afford they price at the pharmacy, you have found the right place to buy these generic Hep C meds. I was so sick and could not work. The drugs were out of my price range and I was desperate. After much research I found out about Greg Jefferys. I feel much better now and have returned to working. Thank you Greg.


Testimonial from a Texan

I had doubts about sending money to Gregg… I thought it was a scam. But he did exactly what he said he was going to do. Got me my medication and cured me from the disease. Please let him help you. I hope one of these days I could meet up with him. I had hepatitis c 2a 2c genotype. I would follow Gregg to the end of the world. I am a walking breathing testament to Gregg. I still owe him my life. Thank you Gregg for saving my life. Me and my family owe you forever.

Wade C.

Greg Jefferys saved my life ! A True Angel im Forever Greatful to you Sir / i had hep c for 33 yrs no insurance and Greg got me the life saving meds i needed to Cure hep c Thank You isnt enough


Greg Jefferys : It’s beyond doubt that there are many disgusting criminal scammers active that try to peddle heavily overpriced meds or even fake meds to people with Hep C, but Greg Jefferys is definitely NOT one of them! Shortly after I discovered that I had Hep C, Greg Jefferys arranged a meeting with Mayur Shetty who traveled to the country where I live to hand deliver the generic version of the absurdly priced Harvoni made by Gilead Gangsters Inc. Without any side effects and without bankrupting me, I was cured of Hep C. Thank you very much for all your efforts Greg.


Message: I first learned I had Hep C in the 1990s. Probably caught it in the late 60s or early 70s when I went through a period in life very similar to what Greg went  through.

In the 1990’s I wasn’t yet sick and the drugs available at the time were ineffective, expensive and had horrible side effects. I was offered a place in clinical trials but I wasn’t yet sick, I read the the paperwork and decided to not to enter the trial.

I didn’t trust the doctors and didn’t want to suffer through a year of horrible side effects for the low possibility of a cure. I decided it wasn’t worth the risks. I kept an eye on the evolution of the drugs and learned of a new class of drugs that would soon be available so I decided to wait until then. All went well until 2015 when suddenly I got very sick. My belly was bloated by Ascites caused by the Hep C. The doctors told me that I had a decompensated liver and that I needed treatment forthwith if I was going to survive. They told me the new drugs were effective but extremely expensive. I applied for assistance in obtaining them but found the process impossible to navigate. In desperation, I turned to the internet and learned that someone had obtained affordable drugs from India and cured himself with them. I contacted several possible East Indian suppliers including the one this guy said he obtained the drugs from but found it impossible to verify their honesty or reliability. Then I found an article in a major media outlet about this Australian guy who was helping people obtain the drugs, Greg Jefferys.

Of course I was cautious and I was not about to send off $1000 to only get it ripped off so I continued my research and contacted other possible suppliers of the new Hep C drugs. Jefferys, was the only affordable supplier that checked out with no possible negatives.

But even then Everyone I knew told me I was crazy to even consider sending $1000 off to someone I didn’t know for drugs that were likely sub-standard, tainted or even fake. I continued to do my research and continued to find Hep C Buyers Club was the only one that continually checked out as affordable, reliable and honest.

Still, I was nervous about sending off $1000 because there seemed to be so much that could go wrong. That was when the doctor told me that I was just one step ahead of the liver transplant list.

So I needed the drugs forthwith and wired off the cash. After 2 weeks from when I sent the money the shipping by express airmail, the drugs had still not arrived. Of course I was now really worried but Greg Jefferys told me that the delivery was 100% insured and guaranteed and he  immediately sent another shipment that arrived on time.

Greg introduced me to some great Doctors at the Oregon Clinic in Portland, OR. that had worked with people who had obtained drugs from overseas before and were willing to work with me. All in all it was a very nervous stressful ordeal with a very positive ending. My doctor said that after clearing the virus the liver damage is no longer a viral disease but a nutritional disease. Four years later I’m virus free, my Ascites is gone I’m in better shape then most 72-year-olds I know.

My doctors tell me that, “I’m the Poster Child of what to do right”. Without Greg’s help I wouldn’t be alive now to write this. He is a true dedicated Humanitarian of the highest order, as honest and trustworthy a man that it is possible to find anywhere. A man dedicated to the highest integrity. I trusted him with my life and it turned out be a very positive experience. I will be eternally great full to him for helping me save my life. I would put my life on the line to defend him and his wonderful work not for me and my gratitude but for his continuing work of helping others. I have the highest respect for Mr. Jefferys and his integrity that one Human can give to another



From: S
Sent: Friday, 28 May 2021 6:19 AM
To: Greg Jefferys
Subject: Re: gen SOF+DAC for Sean

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Greg. Years ago I had resigned myself to just “live as long as i could” and for the past 10 years ive known i had hep c ive just pretended i didnt, And then my son was born 12/31/2020, right before the new year, we watched the fireworks from the hospital window. And right then i knew that i wouldnt stop fighting, i wouldn’t just give up and leave this world early and miss out on my sons life. You provided me a way to conquer something that has plagued me for far to long already. Today i recieved my medicine in the mail, and i wanted to thank you, from the core of my being, Thank you sir. Im fighting back tears typing this because you have provided me a second chance at life, the final step to erase my past and take the leap into my future with my family. I am forever greatful for you sir.


I think of how I was one year ago at this time during treatment. The fatigue, the stiffness and tightness in my shoulders. And I my ability to breath even. Today I am thankful for the men and woman who help me get the meds I need. Thank You Greg Jefferys your work has saved my life. My life is so much better now that the Dragon is finally gone. There are new struggles. But none as over whelming as the one I had with the dragon on hep c.



Good Day Greg .I wanted to share with you the latest on my treatment  . After 6 weeks into treatment my latest blood results of( : bilirubin , Alt , Ast. 🙂 have all come into normal range. Also regarding the Hep C virus  NO DETECTION!!! Needless to say my doctor, wife ,family and I are very happy with this outcome. We are so very Grateful for you making the medication affordable . I’m 69 years old and probably have had the virus for over 35 years . As a result , I have also been diagnosed with F 3 cirrhosis . But we are very confident,now that the virus is being eliminated that I will be able ,with proper diet and exercise to give the liver every chance to regain health. When we began this journey over 2 1\2 months ago we were confused , frustrated , and at witts end on how to proceed . Like so many I couldn’t afford the $90,000 price tag . As I had no other prescription plan I didn’t know what to do . Then by searching on line ,your information came up . At first we were very suspicious of the information that we were reading ,but after communication by e-mail with you and also by contacting a friend of yours through Facebook we went from hope ( ” To a leap of Faith ” )  That’s exactly how the contact stated it to me He said you will not be disappointed .And I thank him for the reassurance and you for being 100 percent true to your words … Believe me when I say I was a little more than skeptical through each phase but am so grateful to tell anyone it has turned out to be one of the most positive experiences in my life .Everything that you stated to us has  been upheld .So if anyone has doubts, I understand ,but those doubts in my experience can  all be removed .Lastly ,but certainly not leastly There are no words to express my Gratitude for what you have and continue to do to help in this gift of recovering Health !!! Please , let me know if I  can pass along any reassurance to anyone in doubt  to ( “Take that leap of Faith “)

Forgot to share info of my whereabouts . I reside in Maryland United States . If I can help anyone on their journey they can private message me on Facebook or e-mail me



I am currently about a week into this particular combination of medicine, Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir. The results were immediate and radical on every plane of being. I sat in America for years not being able to afford treatment. A turn of events gave me more time at home, and I began to think of business ideas with China and Mexico where my wife is from. My fatigue was getting bad. I thought to myself that maybe Mexico has cheap pills for hep c. With very little surfing on the web I quickly found Greg and got my life back; quit playing host to a draining virus and take control of your life and start doing Hep C treatment.



After being denied treatment for my hepatitis C by my insurance company, I discovered Greg Jeffries. He was able to supply me with the medication I needed at a reasonable price, as soon as I sent him the money, he sent me a tracking number for my medication which arrived in a timely fashion. I am happy to report yeah I have reached svr12 as of last year. Greg Jeffries is the real deal. His medication is the real deal. You can trust him. Signed Wendy Larkin


Greg gave me more correct information than the hospitals in Thailand. I had one hospital do the wrong test so I was not sure if I was positive active or not. At that point I was running out of time and was returning to America. I decided to take the treatment and be sure I wasn’t active. The cost in America would have been 90,000$. Greg recommended 4 month treatment and it was less then 1000$. From what I understood 80 percent of people with the antibodies can become active at some point. Well thanks to Greg it won’t be me because I’m totally inactive now. I received my medicine in a timely manner with no problems whatsoever. If you have any doubts check the internet, there is plenty of information about Greg. How he finds time to answer everyone’s questions and still have a life of his own is unbelievable. Thanks again Greg. Aloha Michael




My name is Susan Fifer from Littleton Colorado. I am 65 years old. I stumbled upon a blog written online by Greg Jeffreys in early 2016. I had been denied Harvoni treatment for my HCV 3 times by my insurance company in so many years as I wasn’t “sick enough.” I was googling to see what others in similar situations were doing. I found Greg’s blog, quite by accident, as he had recently been to India to purchase his own medicine (generic Harvoni) to treat his own HCV, and had shared his story online. I emailed him and got an immediate response. He explained that he had begun to help others acquire the meds, and told me there was a way for me to purchase these meds from India and treat myself for my hepatitis c. It did seem too good to be true. I emailed Greg back & forth for weeks and talked to my family about the possibility of getting treatment this way.

I can’t say I was without doubt, but I could feel Greg’s sincerity and honesty half a world away & I wired him the money for my treatment. My banker thought I was crazy, but less than a month later I had my meds in hand. I treated in July of 2016 and have been HCV free since the second week. My doctor says I am cured.

Have no fear whatsoever in getting your medications from Greg. He is the real deal & has helped hundreds of people all over the world. I call him my Tasmanian Angel!! ❤️

I am available if anyone wants to reach out to me for reassurance or whatever.

Susan from Colorado, now free from Hepatitis c

Hi  There Greg,

2 years ago I was diagnosed with Hep – C.  I began searching for answers to a cure, as many insurance providers will not cover the cost for the medical cure until your condition is highly degraded. Who wants that?

I found out about Greg Jeffries and the service he was providing of helping people get the cure for a highly reduced, fairly affordable price.

The pills are produced in India under license from pharmaceutical companies in the U S. As such they are made according to FDA standard. So they are generic equal to the name brands.

As sure as these generics are equal to the name brands, Greg Jeffries is the real McCoy, when it comes to being legitimate, honest, trustworthy and all around genuine man who cares for others and wishes to see them receive healing.

I am most thankful for this, as today I remain free and clear from Hep -C infection.

No jumping through hoops, no extraordinary waiting, just a smooth and sure transaction, totally legitimate, totally legal.

Thank you once again Greg for your service in helping me get free from such a serious ailment.

Patrick Gerard,

Austin, Texas


I have referred many of my Facebook friends to import generics through Greg and all of them received the medication and all of them are now cured. In USA it’s legal to import generics for personal use 3 months at a time. I am in USA Louisiana. BB


I haven’t bought medicines from you BUT you have been tremendous support and a life savior when I needed help and I can offer testimony that you are one reliable here to save people with Hep C…my husband is cured now because of this Greg.


Steven D.

After first reading Greg’s story I knew his heart was in this to help all those he is able. I contacted Greg via his email where he provided me several options for the medication required for my hep c. I forwarded Greg my credit card information and he had the necessary medications on the way to my door in less than a week. He even offered to provide the medication at no markup. Which basically ment that he would provide his services at his own expense. For myself I was able to pay for the medication and his very modest fee. He provides links to the transportation business where a person can track their medication should they choose. The medication he expedited for me has arrived in the United states and will be on my door step in a few more days. The process he has developed is seamless and as far as I have experienced in life second to no other transcontinental transfer of goods. I will always be grateful for Greg and all those similar in heart to him and his love for others. Greg has developed a selflessness that many desire but few achieve.


Hi guys. I haven’t posted in a long time but I do read all the posts that I see in my feed.

Since it’s that time of the year I wanted to give a big thank you to Greg Jefferys for everything he does and for helping me get cured 3 years ago.

My health is very good now and I can continue to plan the rest of my life.

The day I took my last dose of generic Harvoni I created this video to share my story.

Hope this YouTube video testimonial  I  made helps anyone that is skeptical or scared to go through this process.

I am available to answer any questions via PM

I know when I first found you for my dad I was skeptical, not because I thought the medicine wasn’t legit but because I couldn’t believe it was legal to get the medicine in the country this way.


I found a GI physician familiar with your work, and he said he thought you were legit. That was all I needed to hear, no regrets at all. I might very well be dead if not for your efforts. Wally


My Name is Linda Harrelson from North Carolina. USA..I too was very Skeptical..I. was sick.  My Insurance Denied me.. The few people I told this too said it was a Scam.. My Bank said it was a Scam .It is NOT a Scam.. My Medications arrived.. I tracked them.. I’m on day 20 and feel so good.  And the People that said it was a Scam are seeing the Difference in me.. I’m so Thankful God led me to this man I couldn’t even get out of bed.. Please. don’t stay Sick because you think this is a Scam. Thank you Mr. Greg Jefferys


I didnt get my meds from you but ive talked with many people that have. Every question or concern ive had about the treatment or virus you have shown compassion and knowledge answering it. I thank you for all you do. Greg Jefferys is doing wonderful things and is a blessing you the hep c community. Nick Zarnowski Greenwood SC.



To anyone concerned, I was diagnosed with hep c, i live in a remote area in Alaska.

The medical here said the meds i needed would cost $1000 per pill and to manage treatment

would be $50 thousand. I live on a fixed income. I stumbled across Greg Jefferys, passed his info on

to the medical place here.They explained it HAD TO BE A SCAM. Well, IT ISNT A SCAM, I placed an order

through Greg, Not only did i reciveve the meds i needed,but a lot of GOOD advice and info.


Hi Greg:

I just wanted to get in touch and let you know I am “cured”  (I will have follow up blood work done in 6 months to recheck) of Hepatitis C (genotype 4).  Unfortunately I could not locate the email thread that gave the details of your involvement with my treatment.  (You may be able to find the thread on your system – last communication prior to this one was approximately July 20, 2019 – I used the same email account I am using today).  I wanted to forward that thread to give you the full context.

In any event, I was diagnosed with Hep-C and my GI doctor prescribed a

12 week program of Harvoni.  I sent funds to you to buy the drugs from a reputable, Gilead licensed, Indian pharmaceutical company (I recall it ended up being Otero) with shipment made directly to me.  The drugs arrived promptly with quality packaging and each of the 3 pill bottles clearly professionally sealed.  I started taking the Harvoni generic

on 7/22/2019.    I never missed a single dose, had a blood test done

10 days prior to finishing the 12 week course, no evidence of Hep-C now present.

I wanted to give you feedback given your mission (and business!).  I am a very happy and grateful customer.  Thank you so much.  Lastly, I am a fairly proficient business writer.  I would be happy to compose a testimonial for you if you could use it on your website or elsewhere.

All the best Greg,

J R  Florida, US



I can’t thank you enough Greg.  Going through you is pretty much a guarantee that you get the real meds at a fair price.



A few months I had to go to the emergency room because I had an infection in my intestines due to having diverticulitis. While in the emergency room they did a cat-scan on me drew a lot of blood and did a full gamut of Tests on that blood. 2 hours later the doctor came into my room to tell me yes I had an infection in my intestine that was easily cured with antibiotics and continued to tell me that I had hepatitis C and cirrhosis of the liver in its early stages. Of course I was devastated and extremely scared especially due to the fact that I had just lost my job and all of my benefits I could not possibly afford $80,000 from big pharma in the United States to cure me of this malady.  I began to do a lot of reading and a lot of research on what hepatitis C is all about all the while thinking that it was going to be and it would have been a death sentence it is a silent killer especially when the damage to your liver is so severe that you have developed cirrhosis. I joined a group on Facebook which is a community of people that have hcv and started asking the group questions about treatment options and how to get medicine to treat it. fortunately one gentleman said don’t even bother with all of that red tape and nonsense that you’re going to have to go through contact Greg Jefferys and you will be cured for about ,000 or less depending on the genotype and the severity. I emailed Greg and within hours he responded and gave me quotes on the drugs that I would need all the while expressing that we need to do this quickly as it will progress and could possibly kill you and if I needed assistance because of hours out of work he would work with me. I’m the type of person that I get vibes off a people and right off the bat I knew that he was legitimate and that this was his life’s mission to simply assist people in curing  themselves of the silent killer with no motive of profiting off of people’s suffering. I scraped together some money and not even all of it that would cover the cost, sent it to him through transferwise app and he sent me the drugs from India and they arrived in about 5 days he provided me a tracking number was completely thorough and professional about it and now I am three and a half weeks into treatment and can already notice a distinct change that is that slowly I am being cured of the hep C virus and I have many many more weeks to go. This gentleman is one of the few people on the planet that is on a mission to help people and save people’s lives and bypass big pharmaceutical companies that simply just don’t care and Mark up these pills and the cure to a ridiculous price point. So if you are thinking that he is a scam or that he is going to rip you off take it from me my name is Chris Stolpe I live in Florida in the United States of America he can be trusted 100% and will see you through this entire process until you are cured.  I literally thank God for putting Greg into my life and saving my life for that matter.


I’m a 53 yo woman lives in West Monroe LA, my country USA did not fight for a cure for me. But Greg Jeffery’s an a country India cared enough to save my life. I’d had Hep C 25 yrs with chirrosis. I’m now cured for ,19 months from meds I ordered from Greg!

Greg’s a true Angel! Very honest an definitely trust worthy! I got a friend for life with Greg!


Best Wishes,

Lisa Gray



While I was seeing Dr after Dr with a lot of empty promises of always a better drug year after year I sat down and did a lot of research on my condition and why I.
Couldn’t get the meds I needed here in California then I saw the prices so our state Medi-Cal had a lot of rules to get the meds.Then I ran into a site with Greg Jefferys !He was honest straight forward and willing to help in anyway he could!The meds come from a reputable pharmacy.So if your tired of getting the run around and a lot of false promises Greg will take care of you!I live in San Diego Calif.It took 2 weeks to get the meds.I hope this finds you well Greg!Thanks for everything,Jeanne B


No scam people. Greg is one solid dude who is saving lives daily.



Wow, it is very sad that people would think that about someone who has been so dedicated to helping others get cured from this disease. Thank you for all you do. Much love to you and your wife. You are good people



Sign of the times Greg sadly everyone seems to trust nobody.
You and all the people you have assisted know the truth and that’s all that matters.
Keep up the good work Greg.



I live in California USA and have been taking generic Harvoni for 67 days. At 5 weeks into treatment I was undetected of Hep C and my liver enzymes are in normal range.

I am writing to tell anyone who is in need of Hep C meds and is denied by their insurance or state medical that you can feel confident getting generic meds through Greg Jefferys as he is the real deal. You see, I received my generic Harvoni through Mr. Jeffereys. He is a caring soul who has literally saved countless lives and I will forever be grateful for this man.



Ask me! Greg Jeffries is the real deal. I’m cured of hep c! Total cost with labs, about 2000 bucks. But if you feel you need to pay big pharma 80000.dollarsfor harvoni then be my guest!



I’m absolutely willing. Still have a few empty boxes of the meds I got from u, I keep them as a reminder of what I’ve fought. I have the flu right now so I’m moving rather slow lol but I’ll def do a testimonial


Hi Geg,

I wanted to let you know I appreciate your help in acquiring the 24 weeks of generic Harvoni back in April and can’t thank you enough. I didn’t think there was anywhere that I could get the medication for a reasonable price but I figured i should look into it. I did a Google search and your name kept popping up so I decided to try to order it form you, I remember I was pretty skeptical but took a chance. I joined your web site and the more I read about other people’s experiences any fears I had that you weren’t the real deal were gone, that many people talking about how they acquired the medication and were either cured or were in treatment seemed very sincere. After 2 weeks the medication arrived and it was the real generic Harvoni. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting the medication, I was pretty emotional because I was pretty much resigned to my fate that I was going to die from Hep C just because I couldn’t afford the medication, I was going to die and it was all about money and my life had a dollar amount on it. I have to say I was and am pretty damn happy when you sold me the medication at a price I could afford, talk about elated. You saved my life, THANK YOU! Dave



100 per cent genuine guy ,you should be privileged he is prepared to help you. G.T.


Hi Greg,

Not sure if I ever wrote to thank you for literally saving my life.

I carried the Hepatitis C virus for at least 15 years before I found out about it from a random blood drive. I was fine for another 20 years and then I started dying from it.

I returned to Australia and undertook the only cure they had, interferon and ribavarin which didn’t work so they effectively sent me home to die.

Then, after a year or so, the new miracle cure was invented, and I was quoted something like $250000 if I wanted to live.

Not long after, a friend who is a Nurse, told me about a guy who was also a nurse that had gone to India to source genuine generic Hepatitis C drugs and found a source and was helping other Hep C death sentence people obtain the meds that could save them without having to sell their house, And that’s how I met you. You didn’t ask for any money for yourself, but would accept a donation to help you continue your incredible work.

That was back in 2015. Thanks to you, I got my drugs and 6 months later I was free of the shadow of this insidious killer.

The drugs finally came under the Australian health care system after something like 2 years of negotiations and many people died in between. But you dug deeper in and on an international level. Helping people all round the globe get their meds.

I honestly don’t know how you continue this tireless drive to save lives especially in the face of the self interested opposition you’re constantly battling. You should be funded by government(s) but instead you sometimes get treated like a pariah. Well I guess that’s inevitable today in the general condition of politics and corporatocracy.

I know I speak for a lot of ordinary people when I say thanks for helping me get a bit more life out of this old body mate, you are literally a lifesaver.

And fuck the naysayers. You better edit that out. But seriously fuck em

Those you’ve helped will never forget.







I found Greg Jeffrey’s through social media just after I had failed inteferon treatment. At the time this was the only treatment available in Australia. My specialist raved about the new drugs, but sadly they cost $100.000.
I contacted Greg and he helped me source the generic versions of the new drugs. Half a year later I was cured. I had been living with hep c genotype for 20 years. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis. I had failed inteferon treatment. I was really grateful Greg was able to help me. Since then I’ve kept in contact thru social media and watch hundreds of people do the same thing I did.
I still see the specialist, my liver is normal, I have regular blood tests and scans. I have a new life.

After being diagnosed with Hepatitis C 1A in 2012, and without any knowledge of this illness, no idea what it was all about or how it worked to harm the body, I was not liver scanned and yet was told by the diagnosing GP that “I would be lucky to make 60 without immediate treatment” and sent same day to a “specialist” who “Could Save my life if anyone could” and that person immediately started me on a toxic cocktail of PEGylated Interferon and Ribavirin. During the 40 plus weeks I survived this ordeal, which resulted in my lymph cells showing abnormal morphology, going into a sleep for three days in hospital, being bed bound for most of the time, losing all my muscles, losing my family who were frightened of what they saw and stigmatised me, losing my career as a professional, losing a large amount of money to pay this specialist, I started in my “good ” moments to research what on earth was happening to me, and was determined to re-invent myself in this roller coaster I had been thrown onto. I was horrified to learn that there were new medicines just around the corner so to speak, and that the Government well knew of these DAAs even at the time the poison was administered to me, who did have a fibroscan once I was educated, and who had a liver at F0, but I also learned that the vast sum wasted on poison Interferon by the Govt was one issue, and that the price set by big pharma, Gilead, Merck and Abbvie, were another problem. About to borrow $90,000 to save my own life, after a rellapse at week 4 post the interferon debacle, I stumbled across Greg Jefferys. At this stage I was waiting in one of the large hospitals for “the trial that never comes” and I was over it all. I contacted Greg, I had my medicine within a matter of weeks. My viral load was always very low, and my liver in great shape. I was clear of the virus by the 25th day of treatment. I have been free from the virus for years now. I am a living happy healthy person who lost a lot to the first and clearly toxic, unnecessary treatment that I was given. I would encourage anyone who has this diagnosis to seek a second opinion if they are offered the interferon treatment, as it is very poor and causes ongoing problems, to get a good liver scan, to establish the health of their body and to then take the DAAs and to avoid the ridiculous process set by Big Pharma. I wish the World was free of this virus. I hope to live long enough to see this happen, and if enough people are willing to get the message out there then it really is a possibility.



Thanks to Greg Jefferys my husband got in 2015 the medication he needed. At this time the meds were not available here in Australia.
From January 2016 on he started his new life without Hep C. Greg will always have a place in our hearts If the world would have more of his kind it would be a better place.
Sending our Love. R & B Australia.



Hi everyone I have been on Greg’s Forum for a couple of years now, and I have read many articles etc from people all over the world.

I am lucky enough to be living in Australia where we receive our drugs through our governments efforts to eradicate this virus from among our people.

I’ve not had a need to ask for Greg’s assistance to obtain any DAA drugs , but thought it wise to keep abreast of what was happening on his Forum just in case I one day did need his assistance.

Anyway I would like to bring to the attention of anyone who thinks Greg is doing this as a money making venture to think otherwise forthwith.

This man Greg on having me message him out of the blue was kind enough to have a conversation with my Prof and sent of info as well to my Prof.

Greg did all that out of wanting to help me and for no reward.

I hope this helps.



Hello greg the 8 march 2016 was the first time I talk with you about getting Hep C medicines. We did it and you save my life with the treatment in february 2017 I was cured.

thanks Emilie from Belgium


Hi Greg! Follow my testimony !!!! My name is Ronaldo Gomes, I’m Brazilian, I found out I was infected with the hepatitis C virus at a medical checkup at 52 years old. The Brazilian government only provided drugs to those who already had Fibrosis 4 in the liver, meaning only patients with severe liver problems had access to the drugs, yet would still have to wait 8 months to a year in line to receive the medicines. Desperate, I started searching the internet for a way to get a cure. I thought about going where I needed to heal myself. He was terrified of the imminent possibility of dying. I was willing to sell the little I could get in my life to go after the cure. I was really desperate! When at a certain moment he opened Greg Jefferys’s page on my screen. It felt like God was giving me a second chance. I contacted Greg for help. I e-mailed all my tests to him, and Greg quickly told me which drugs would be best for my type of virus. On his page he said that he had several contacts, from trusted people, in various countries who worked for the same purpose in helping contaminated people to get the drugs at the right price. It was about $ 1,200 for 12 weeks of treatment. I saw that Greg had a contact in Thailand. Coincidentally my daughter was out for a walk in Bangkok. I asked Greg for the contact and he promptly emailed me from Giten Khwairakpan. I contacted Giten, took the medicine to the hotel where my daughter was staying. By Greg and Giten today I am healed. I have eternal gratitude to both of them. I consider them as my brothers! I owe my life to both of you! Thank you Greg Jefferys and Giten Khwairakpan!


Bora lá, depoimentos não faltarão, você é um ser humano incrível. Merece respeito.

Come on, testimonials not needed, you are an amazing human being. Deserves respect.



Now days it is so rare see true altruistic people that I understand the concerned about your wonderful job. I will PM you. Thank you Greg.


















tudo isso graças ao anjo chamado Greg que mesmo distante 12.649km, está presente em minha vida e orações todos os dias.  Só posso agradecer Greg salvou minha vida!!!  Gratidão.


Rita Fidencio,  Araçoiaba da Serra, São Paulo, Brasil.


Fui diagnosticada com Hepatite C em 07/2018, desde então a corrida para conseguir minha medicação  e tudo era em vão, porque o governo simplesmente  arrumava desculpas  para não fornecer, até que em minhas buscas incansáveis  em 06/2019  encontrei   Greg Jefferys , mostrei para minha família, assistimos aos videos dele, entrei para o grupo Hepatite C a Cura e tudo foi  se encaixando,  em 08/2019 consegui  através de troca de emails fazer a minha compra,  e para a felicidade de todos dia 22/08/19 o Genérico do Epclusa estava em minhas mãos, direto de Mumbai para Araçoiaba da Serra,  foi dada a largada para a cura. Hoje 06/11/19 já estou com exames negativos da Hep C e tudo isso graças ao anjo chamado Greg que mesmo distante 12.649km, está presente em minha vida e orações todos os dias.  Só posso agradecer Greg salvou minha vida!!!  Gratidão.


I was diagnosed with hepatitis C on 07/2018, since then the rush to get my medication and everything was in vain because the government simply made excuses not to provide, until in my tireless searches on 06/2019 I found Greg Jefferys, I showed to my family, we watched his videos, I joined the group Hepatitis C a Cura and everything was falling into place, on 08/2019 I managed to exchange my emails to make my purchase, and to the happiness of everyone on 08/22/19 the Generic Epclusa was in my hands, direct from Mumbai to Araçoiaba da Serra, was given the start for the cure. Today 06/11/19 I already have negative tests of Hep C and all this thanks to the angel named Greg who even distant 12,649km, is present in my life and prayers every day. I can only thank Greg saved my life !!! Gratitude.


Greg sent my meds to Cambodia maybe 3 years ago. Cured now all that time.


Hello, Greg was on a up and up on everything that he did, I was sick , the Canadian system was failing me, by the time I saw a hep c specialist I was already on treatment …which Greg sent to me and received very fast, with no problems ,the doctor confirmed it was exactly same medicine that he was going to give me( if I was awarded treatment). Like most people your concerned sending away money then waiting for a shipment , but Greg was great in every way! If anyone is concerned they can contact me directly at,

Testimonial: I live in Niagara Falls, Canada. My husband had had Hepatitis C for 40 years and known about it for 20 years. In Canada, unless you are VERY sick, you do not qualify for the medication to cure you. I found Greg Jefferys through an online search and read his very thorough website. Because he had been successful in going to India (and I don’t believe Greg was shipping to the US yet at this time), we decided to go to India and buy the Hep C medication. My father had been a doctor in India from 1962 until his death in 1995 and we were able to see a liver specialist at that hospital and he gave my husband a prescription. When I got back to Canada, two of our friends who had Hep C followed my husband’s journey. I saw that Greg was shipping to the US and we live about 5 kilometres from the US border so we arranged to have each of these people ship to the US and pick up the medication that Greg facilitated. I remember one of these friends had expressed concern in sending Greg money. I said “Absolutely trust him. I have been following this fellow’s website for years now and he is the best. In fact, after you receive your medication, I expect you to send him some extra money because he’s such a great guy”. I don’t know if either of them ever did but they were both cured of Hep C.



Hi Greg,

I am very happy to confirm that I received drugs from you which completely got rid of my Hep C type 1a.

If it wasn’t for you I think by now I would be dead.

You saved my life for which I will always be thankful.

I’m in the UK. If anyone wants to talk to me you can let them ring me.

Thanks again,

Roy Freeman


I was diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C in 2013, over the next few years I trawled the internet volunteering for clinical trials of the new revolutionary DAA’s which were having astounding cure rates with minor side effects. Then one day I came across Greg Jefferys blog while he was curing himself with meds he had got from India.

In 2016 I purchased Indian licensed Generic Harvoni and was soon cured. I have personally witnessed and met numerous sufferers of Hep C who have obtained their medication from Greg and who are now cured of their infection and can personally verify his dedication to helping others to be cured.

Kim Crisell ( aged 64 )


Victoria Teasdale Known Greg for many, many years , he has helped thousands of people and is promoted by many liver groups and Drs. I have never heard a bad word about this amazing man. I help in many liver groups and have sent many people to Greg and he has got their pharmaceuticals to them. He is totally trustworthy, a true hero of our times.



Greg helped me to get rid of fuckin c hep. I do recommend


Thanks a lot for helping me, too cured my liver.

Big hug

Giuseppe Pusceddu


Buon giorno Greg, ti mando una email per testimoniare dall’Italia che con il tuo impegno nel reperire farmaci generici per Hep. C hai aiutato me e mio fratello a sconfiggere la malattia. Questo per confermare a tutto il mondo che sei assolutamente una persona seria e affidabile e che le persone possono rivolgersi a te senza pensieri. Ti auguro un gran bene e mi dispiace non conoscerti di persona. Un grandissimo abbraccio dall’Italia. Angela e Stefano

Good morning Greg,

I send you an email to testify from Italy that with your commitment in finding generic drugs for Hep. C you helped my brother and I beat the disease.

This is to confirm to the whole world that you are absolutely a serious and reliable person and that people can turn to you without thoughts.

I wish you all good and I’m sorry not to meet you in person.

A huge hug from Italy.

Angela and Stefano



My name is Gerry Nealon. I live in Dublin, Ireland. I had HepC since 1979,i think. I got treated with the older meds in 07, and it didn’t work. After that, I had to attend hospital every 3 months, to get bloods drawn, and see the doc. I was told new meds were imminent! In 15, I was F3 and very scared that I could be getting worse. I searched the net for groups, because I’d heard that generic meds were available. I was extremely lucky to find Greg, and he was still going through his own treatment. The group had about 500 members, and I got to know individuals from different cultures and at different stages of the process of getting meds or doing them. I asked a few family what they thought of the buyers club. Each one approved of Greg as a reliable, honest character from all the information they seen. I had no hesitation in trusting Greg, and duly sent money for meds. I’d to do 6 months, because of previous treatment failure. After 4 weeks of taking the meds, I’d an appointment with the hospital. The Professor was very skeptical, and was saying i had bought unlicensed meds, and they would take blood to make sure they were safe. I assured her I was already feeling the benefits, and that she would see by the results of the blood test that all was well. Right enough, the next week my doctor rang the hospital and was informed that my LFT had shown that the meds were working well. I was cured in September 16, and I owe that to Greg. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone as an extremely trustworthy and very honourable, caring man. I remain in the group so others can be helped get treatment and can ask advice which a few of us give answers to. If you need generic meds, look no further.



Hi im Mirer im from Kosovo, thank you Greg for your assistance and helping me get my treatment for HEP C you are the most wonderful person that i meet during my struggle to get medication. Thank you so much, forever grateful .


I found Gregs blog/webpage back in 2016th , i was searching for affordable medicine for my mom. And one night accidentally found his page in google search. I was soo happy to read all the information about HepC meds, and all the experiences! I immediately sent an e mail to Greg, with big hope, but same time little fear that maybe he will not answer to my e mail!

For my big surprise I received reply next morning, and i was so happy, even had tears in my eyes! There was several options how to get the medicine, Greg gave me few very reliable contacts in India, as i decided to get them by my self(i was travelling to india back than).

It was sacarry, had million questions – what if? Thought how can i just trust someone so easy! But on the other hand, it was matter of my mothers future and life! I did some more reaserch and i trusted my gut feeling! And i am sooo glad i was!

I provided all the nescessary reports, to prove that my mom has HepC!
Travelled to India and met with a man, which Greg suggested me to get medicine from! They arranged all the nescesary documents and papers , and medication – declatasvir and sofosbufir!

I could not wait to hand it over to my mom, and start the treatment!

NOW MY MOM IS CLEARED FROM HepC, doing her tests every year, and living the life to the full speed

I am so greatful that Greg could provide affordable medicine for us, which will not cost a hand or leg! As this medicine is very, very expensive, and many people cant afford! I really suggest from all my heart Generic medicine which Greg can help you to get!



Yes, indeed my husband is already cured with his hepatitis ci am greatfull and thankfull to mr.greg.


endrás todos los testimonios de todos los que nos salvamos gracias a ti. Todas la vicisitudes que se vivieron y como se afrontó todo. Todo siempre fue cristalino, recto. Porque tu eres una excelente persona. Desde Uruguay!!!!!

You will have all the testimonies of all who save us thanks to you. All the vicissitudes that lived and how it faced everything. Everything was always crystalline, straight. Because you are an excellent person. From Uruguay!!!!


Papua New Guinea

Hi Greg Please pass on to whom it may concern . My Hepatitis C was quite advanced and it was myGP that recommended Greg My Prescription was sent to India on the Monday ,DHL arrived at my unit on Friday . I owe my life to this man . Don’t delay . Alan Raabe Owner Operator MV FeBrina Kimbe PNG

The Philippines

Good Day Sir Greg!

Good news for us! I am FINALLY FREE sir greg. I got the result of my HCV-RNA test this day and went to the doctor for chk up. In the medical certificate which i requested, she stated there, chronic hepatitis c treated. 😊 i cannot thank you enough for this triumph sir. MAY GOD REWARD YOU AND YOUR FAMILY NOT A HUNDRED BUT A THOUSANDFOLD. From the bottom of our heart, me and my love ones would like to THANK YOU SIR GREG. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!


Hi Greg, Thank you very much for helping me get the generic Harvoni from India needed to treat the hepatic C virus I have been suffering from since 1999. At least as important is the hope you offer, the speed and accessibility of the treatment God bless you and your whole family. Sorin, 51 years old. Romania

Dear Greg,

My name is Sorin and I am from Romania and I would like to thank you for your help in treating me with hepatitis which, more correctly, in having access to the treatment for hepatitis, because at that time this treatment was impossible to obtain the treatment to me in my country because I was not sick enough. With this opportunity I want to thank you very much for the help given and I would like to say that a week ago I did my medical examinations and testify that I am “UNDETECTABLE” at  3 years after completing the treatment with generic Harvoni!  For all those who question your efforts to help people regain their health, more precisely, to cure hepatitis, I would like to tell them that they either have something against this great goal of yours or have interests that  giant pharmaceutical companies. Once again, a big thank you Greg and I wish you the power of work in completing your noble objective.

Best regards,



This testimonial and my man, from Serbi, Mr Greg you are a true angel and cant find words to tell how big a man you are, thank you for helping us in this fight with hep C. God bless you

Greg, you have my deep thanks. My husband and I are from Serbia. You and your team saved my husband’s life!

My name is Svetlana Dragicevic. I live in Belgrade, Serbia, 57 y o. illustrator/designer.

Spring 1918, terrible fatigue I felt made me go to lab, check my health and tests showed I have had hepatitis C.

I was devastated – not only I haven’t any idea where I got it, but health insurance and heath care in this country, Serbia, is less then zero by it’s efficiency and care. And is expensive anyway.



My name is Svetlana Dragicevic. I live in Belgrade, Serbia, 57 y o. illustrator/designer.

Spring 1918, terrible fatigue I felt made me go to lab, check my health and tests showed I have had hepatitis C.

I was devastated – not only I haven’t any idea where I got it, but health insurance and heath care in this country, Serbia, is less then zero by it’s efficiency and care. And is expensive anyway.

I didn’t know much about hepatitis at all, except that it is very dangerous illness and even if you go to therapy here, you can’t be sure you would be cured; also I found out that remissions are often with horrible interferon treatment which is only possible treatment in Serbia. I also learned that this treatment itself make terrible damage to the body and also, wasn’t good by it’s side effect.

I was desperate thinking I won’t be able to work and therefore, won’t be able to earn for my living!!! My existence was totally jeopardized (I live alone).

But at the same time through two ways I heard about medicine that helps but is not affordable for us, ordinary people, and I heard about Greg Jeffereys as somebody who helps people who have hep c and don’t have much money.

Several people here in Belgrade were talking about their journey through treatment and how grateful they are to Greg who helped them because now they were cured, healthy! . Some of them are very poor and Greg settled them to not have to pay for the medicine (in Serbia it is very high poverty and average monthly job  pay is around 400 euros which is of course, hardly enough for basic things for living, not to mention medicines!)

I am illustrator working remotely so I am able make my ends meet, but any extra anything is beyond my possibilities.

So I went to Facebook hepatitis C group lead by Greg and just reading the posts there was for me something amazing!!

Just one reading through it made me see it was the real thing!!! Stories, congrats, descriptions of illnesses, life stories people wrote there – it is real, it is authentic! I totally understood it from my perspective and I was so happy to get to this! Their joy and happiness when they get the medicines and especially – when they get med results “undetected” for hepatitis c, their gratitude to Greg –  I got so relieved!!

I wrote Greg about my diagnose hepatitis c, genotype 3a which is hardest to cure, and he offered me help for some normal price which is for Serbians much, but actually quite affordable; and I was more than happy.!!

I was anxious to get the medicine through the post, customs and all (most of it is equally “efficient” like health care!) and all went smooth so I was soooo grateful to Greg who helped me to get this cure and for the luck that it got to my address!!

After the treatment, finished in May, I checked the lab status in August, and although I guessed it is good result (fatigue is now tolerable and there was not bad urine smell like before- that was the most obvious sign for me!), I was out of myself of happiness to see “undetected”.

As long as I live I will feel gratefulness to Greg’s help!


Svetlana Dragicevic, Belgrade, Serbia


Greg is one extraordinary person, he is special in the world. if there were more people like him, there would be no problem in the world. All recommendations on it. Those who question his work can only dream of being in his place. As he has helped many, we have an obligation to tell everyone about his sincere fight against a serious disease, and how it can be defeated. We all know that the pharmaceutical industry is working to hide the truth, so that they can make money on the sad fate of people.
Dear Greg, we are all with you… Aladin S.


Greg Jefferys is 100 per cent a good man,have seen him help many people over the last two years, and have dealt with him personally, we’re very lucky to have him for help, Glenn Taylor Scotland.


You will have all the testimonies of all who save us thanks to you. All the vicissitudes that lived and how it faced everything. Everything was always crystalline, straight. Because you are an excellent person. From Uruguay!!!!