Generic Hepatitis C Treatment

Doctors Without Borders is using cheap generic Hepatitis C medication to treat hundreds of thousands of people with Hep C in third world countries. The cost of a treatment is about US$125.

Generic Hepatitis C Treatment, what is it?

As mentioned in a couple of my recent posts, the fact that more people are choosing to treat their HCV infection  with generic Hepatitis C medicines is costing Big Pharma several billions of dollars in lost profits every year. So 0bviously they will employ top level professional trolls and manipulators to spread misinformation, fear and confusion about generic Hepatitis C treatment.

Over the last few months I have read some rather silly things said about people choosing to treat their Hep C with generic medication. I guess this is because people do not understand what generics are… let me provide a definition:
What exactly is a generic medicine?

” A generic medicine is a pharmaceutical drug that is the exact equivalent to a brand-name product in chemical construction, dosage, strength, route of administration, quality, performance, and intended use, and usually significantly cheaper than the brand name.”

In other words it is exactly the same medicine at a very different price. In the case of generic Hep C medication there are two types of generic treatment. Firstly those licensed by Gilead and those not licensed by Gilead. In the case of the medication licensed by Gilead the production is closely monitored and it is a requirement of the license that the drug be identical to Gilead’s Harvoni, Epclusa and Sovaldi. In the case of unlicensed generic Hep C medicines it is up to the integrity of the individual manufacturer as to the quality of the product. Some of the unlicensed generics are actually better than Gilead’s versions and some are not. So if you are buying unlicensed generics you need to be sure of the quality.

generi hepatitis c treatment

There is only one barrier to accessing Hepatitis C Treatment, that is the price. The price is totally unrelated to the cost of manufacturing the drug and totally unrelated to the cost associated with research and development of the drug.


A copy of days ago I received a message from a lady in the USA who I helped to get generic Harvoni from India. Because she was struggling financially I supplied the medication at below my cost price and her children also helped her. Her concerns and the response from her doctor highlighted the fact that in the USA there are still doctors who are not owned by or scared of Big Pharma. It also reminds me of the constant efforts that Big Pharma’s representatives are making to stop access to generic Hepatitis C treatment.

HI Greg

I’m going to visit my gastroenterologist and
Wonder if you have any suggestions on information I could hand him regarding my choice to go underground to get my medication

HI ###

There is a huge amount of published material showing that generics are identical in cure rates to brand versions. Following is a poster from a recent conference about Hep C treatment. But if you get a viral load test now you will already show as having undetectable levels … that should keep him happy


Hi Greg

Thanks I didn’t see your message before I went to my appointment but it went better than I could have imagined! He agreed to monitor me throughout the process and after my appointment with him we walked out to his front office where he told the rest of his staff that I was a genius and it would really piss off his pharmaceutical reps if they found out what we were doing, LOL.

He had an understudy Dr in the room with us and both of them looked at my generic Hepatitis C medication, which I had brought with me to show him. We talked for quite a while about it. It was really nice. I go next week to have blood drawn for the first time and then we’ll meet up with him to talk about the results and go from there.

Thank you so much for helping me get these medicines.





Generic Hep C Drugs

Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys

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    fortune faychild May 11, 2018 at 8:23 am

    I have read everything i could get my hands on about the generic DAAs and treatment times, your wise words and David C. s and others helped me decide,
    with my risk factors and genotype 1a, i have ordered the generic harvonii for 16 weeks. The not too great additional expense out of my pocket for an extra month is worth it if it adds even a percent of extra chance to cure it Sure i could have took a trip or bought a pinball machine for the price of 16 weeks of pills but not getting those isn’t going to kill me. However odds are if i don’t spend it on a cure this damn hep c virus WILL take me out. I tried to peacefully co exist with it in my body for over 40 years but it just won’t play nice. So i am going to war with it, i’ll call it The Great War of 2018 and my money is on me. Thanks for the advise. With out people like you and David so many of us couldn’t fight the good fight .
    Soon to be boots on the ground, kickin’ ass and taking names, Fortune

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