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Buying Generic Hepatitis C Medication Online Our shop offers a secure and convenient platform to purchase licensed generic Hepatitis C medication online. Established by internationally respected Hep C activist Greg Jefferys this platform provides guaranteed genuine licensed generic versions of Harvoni and Epclusa.

Affordable Medical Access Online Hepatitis C Medicines

Welcome to my Hepatitis C medicines shop. You will notice that there are several different brands of each type of generic Hepatitis C medication. Whilst the brand names (and prices) are different there is no actual difference in the quality of the products. All these Hep C medicines are made under license and have exactly the same active ingredients. They are chemically identical. The price differences simply reflect the different wholesale prices offered by the manufacturers. In all cases the quality of the less expensive brands is no less than  other brands however I know that people do have brand preferences so I have chosen the most popular brands to give you some choice.

Prices and Payment

Payment can be by Visa or MasterCard. Card payments are processed by PCI DSS compliant secure transaction platforms.

Because of the size of the transaction, and that fact that it is an overseas transaction, your bank may delay processing in order to contact you for authorization. This normally results in a 24 hour delay while the bank checks with you. If you wish to speed up this process you can call your card provider and alert them to the transaction.

Please note that all prices are in Australian dollars  however for your convenience I have also given the approximate price in US dollars for each product.

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