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Affordable Access to Hepatitis C Treatment

Poverty As a Barrier to Hepatitis C Treatment

Every day I get emails that are more or less like the ones below, which I received this morning:

Hi Greg

My name is Francisco. I am very sick and I don’t have a lot of money. I live in Mexico and I have Hep c and I need to do the treatment and you please email me and see what I need to do.


Hallo Greg

We need to purchase affordable meds for my fiancé. 
He has no insurance and can’t get any. Can you help? He spoke with you a few days ago via email about what happened and what he needs to do. But he’s very nervous. We both are sceptical. And we need advice please and thank you!!!


These two emails resonated deeply with me because, in the most simple way, they described the position of tens of millions of people around the world who are infected with Hepatitis C and can not afford to buy the treatment.

I completely understand the way that Francisco and others feel, knowing that they dying from a disease that could be easily cured except for the fact that the cost of the medication is outrageously high.

I understand this because in 2014, when I first learned that I had Hepatitis C there were no generic treatment options and there was no way that I could afford the 0,000 that Gilead was asking for the treatment that I needed.

Then in 2015, when generic Sovaldi became available, I was only able to get it because friends and family lent me the money to make the trip to India and buy the medication. Through all of that process, at every turn, I was helped by complete strangers; people who I did not know helped me to make all the necessary connections to find the right people in India and then to buy the correct medication.

For this reason, I have dedicated my life since then to helping people from every walk of life and from every nation on Earth to access affordable Hepatitis C treatment.

Not many people in the world can afford to pay the prices Big Pharma is asking for its Hep C medication so generic Hep C treatment gives people who are not rich, and do not have access some form of health insurance, a means of curing their Hep C. But in many countries where low income is the norm even the price of generics Hep C treatment is too high for many. In these cases I have been working on promoting the treatment of Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir, which is the cheapest and most effective pan-genotype Hep C treatment.

In opposition to my mission there have been forces that have tried to interrupt or stop what I am doing.

Since 2015, when I first started helping people to access affordable Hepatitis C treatment, Big Pharma has tried various methods to try to stop me doing what I do.

Only a week or so after I started blogging about my visit to Indian to buy generic Sovaldi my website was hacked, and my password changed so I could not access it.

Stopping the flow of money

After that there was influence brought to bear of Western Union to block transfers to me from people needing Hepatitis C medicine. That was a major blow against people in poorer countries where many people do not have a bank account and whose only way of moving money internationally is by Western Union. This meant that many people in poor countries could not pay for medication even if they had the money to do so.

Western Union is a USA based and USA owned multi-national.

Soon two other USA based multinational money transfer companies, PayPal and MoneyGram,  joined Western Union to block poor people from sending me payments.

But there are always ways around barriers and I found them.

Endurance Web Hosting bought out my web host and closed down my Hepatitis C Support website

Web Wars and Online Destruction

Along the way there were various attempts at hacking my website but the web hosting service I used, Homestead, was always very helpful in sorting these attacks out and getting my website back online.

Homestead was a small “family” company which I had been using for nearly 15 years, long before I learned I had Hepatitis C.

I had six different websites hosted by them, most of my websites were related to History and Archaeology because I am a historian and archaeologist.

Then Homestead was purchased by another big USA based multi-national called Endurance.

In August 2017, more than two years after starting my Hepatitis C support website, I received the email below:


It has come to our attention that potentially unlawful business has

been conducted through your services with us. As a web hosting

 company, please understand that we reserve the right to investigate

 all complaints that have been received, and take necessary action at

our sole discretion if it has been deemed that there is fraudulent

 or illegal activity taking place through our website or email services.


 Upon review of a third party complaint and your account activity, we

have determined that we are not the most appropriate host for your  website –

hepatitisCtreatment.homestead.com<http://hepatitisCtreatment.homestead .com>, we request that you remove this site from our servers within 48 hours. If the site has not been removed from our servers within 48  hours then your account and websites will be suspended.


 Homestead Compliance Team


Despite the fact that there was absolutely no illegal activity taking place on my website. Despite my request for information about the complaint. Despite literally hundreds of emails, from people I have helped, to the “Compliance Team” stating that my website was an important resource for people with Hep C. Despite my offer to remove anything that could be shown to be illegal.

Despite all these efforts my Hepatitis C Treatment website AND all my other history-based websites were destroyed by Endurance. Almost 20 years of work destroyed with the flick of a switch.

Of course, I created another Hepatitis C support website with a web host that was not USA based. But all my other history and archaeology websites are gone.

So, despite the efforts of Big Pharma I continue to offer online Hepatitis C support and access to affordable Hepatitis C treatment.

But Big Pharma is a powerful beast and has not ceased its attacks on me.

Rumour mongers spreading lies designed to misinform and deter people from accessing affordable Hepatitis C treatment

Rumour Mongers Strike

The most recent attack was basically an attempt at character assassination, spreading rumours and misinformation about me and my work.

I was alerted to this next round of attacks by the email below, which I received a couple of weeks ago.


…..  I wanted to tell you one other thing.

I have been very hesitant.

I hope you will not say anything to anyone. I was told you were able to get cheap medications because you were buying black market hep C medications. I don’t know who is involved in this (spreading this rumour).  I did not ask for specifics nor ask questions. Someone who I have high regards for told me. The person was not accusing you.  It is just all hearsay as far as I know.  I don’t know where this information came from or why it is circulating. I just thought you should know.

 I do know your heart and your passion for helping others. 

Please do not say anything to anybody. I don’t want it to come back and bite me in the butt. ……….. I am taking some time to learn more about hepatitis C and its repercussions, trying to spread information on my Facebook page, etc.  I try to remain impartial….. but still too many who do not realise how difficult it is to get testing and medical treatment. Okay that is off my conscience.

Best wishes,


Now I have no idea what the “black market” Hepatitis C  medicines would be, because as far as I know there is no “black market” for Hepatitis C medicines. There are only generic and non-generic medicines. But the implication in this rumour is that somehow I am selling sub-standard Hepatitis C medication.

To help you better understand the Hep C generic world, generic Hep C medicines can be divided into licensed generics and unlicensed generics. Licensed generics are made under direct license from the owners of the patents for the drug and the license involves sharing of all interlectual property associated with making the drug. This means that licensed generics are IDENTICAL to the brand drugs. As a strict matter of principle I only deal in licensed generic Hep C medication.

Some suppliers of generic Hepatitis C medication offer unlicensed medication, these unlicensed generics come from countries such as Bangladesh, China and Egypt.

I supply only licensed Hepatitis C medication. That is medication that is licensed by the USA based patent holders. Either Gilead for generic Harvoni and Epclusa and Sovaldi and Bristol Myer Squib for the generic Daklinza. I only supply licensed generic made in FDA and WHO approved and certified pharmaceutical laboratories. The two manufacturers I use are the USA pharma company Mylan  and the Indian pharma company Hetero Pharmaceuticals   both are accredited by the World Health Organisation and the USA’s FDA.

So Why Are My Prices Low?

Of course, people do often ask why my prices are so low, it’s a fair question with a simple answer.

The reality is that I am able to provide generic Hepatitis C medication at low prices for one simple reason: I am not greedy, I do not care about profits and I believe strongly that lack of money should not be barrier to getting treatment.

It has been wisely said that “Love of money is the root of all evil.”

It is an ancient saying that is very true today and demonstrated in almost all areas of life. The love of money, greed, can be found as the root cause of so many (if not all) of the world’s problems today. Too many people put wealth and ambition ahead of just about everything in the mistaken belief that wealth will bring happiness.

Loving kindness to others is what will bring happiness.

So when I first started helping people to get generic Hepatitis C medication back in 2015 I made a conscious decision that I would not seek to profit from doing this. I supplied the medication at exactly what it cost me and gave people an option of paying me a small, optional fee to help cover my time.
As the demand for my time and services grew, because of legal requirements, I had to create a more manageable business structure to handle the hundreds of thousands of dollars that people were sending me, so I formed a company and set up correct accounting and business procedures.

The price is now one that includes a margin to allow me to earn a small income from my work. Actually, to be totally transparent, my weekly wage is AUD$600.

I work at least 40 hours per week and seven days a week.

But whilst I have a set price on my website I have always made clear to everyone who contacts me that I will remove the profit margin, the fee, if requested and supply medication at cost, even below cost. This is stated in bold print  at the end of all information documents I send out and also in my website on numerous pages.

For me it is not, and never has been, about the money… it is about getting people affordable treatment from licensed manufacturers of generic Hepatitis C medication. I am particularly committed to helping people with low incomes access Hepatitis C treatment. Poverty should not be a barrier to accessing Hepatitis C treatment.


Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Keep up the good work Greg.
    The world needs people such as you to help us who need it.

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    Love your work Gregory…..helping save people from a short and miserable life.

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    I’ve been a witness to all the attempts to disrupt your efforts to make meds available to people who couldn’t get them through normal routes. I expected most of the attempts to shut down your site.
    But when it came to the recent attack on your character, I was mystified. Some of the people making allegations against you had been quite close to us.
    I received the same info about your supposed purchase of black market meds. I told the person that if you were able to get successful treatment rates of 97% using black market meds, that you were even more of a genius than I previously thought.
    I blocked 3 people who had been trying to turn me against you. Because I knew they had been bought! Whoever bought them made a bad job of it, considering it’s made little difference to the group. We are still together, and attacks like this will only make us stronger and more determined. You know you have my full support, and I will always put the group and it’s ideals first. The culprits are reading this, I know that for sure. To them, I ask How many pieces of silver did you get for trying to destroy the provision of meds to those who can’t otherwise access them? Are you sleeping well at night? Do you have a conscience, or is your career more important than anyone or anything.
    Greg, we are still going strong. You have many good people supporting you, and we will continue to do so, 100%. Much respect, brother. Solidarity.

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    Thank you, Greg. I support you 100%.

  •    Reply

    Yes Greg …I hope you don’t stop your fight against the people who hold the power to let me die. I have Hep C and will be seeking treatment soon. I may want to join you and dedicate my life to this issue in trying to make it fair and not criminal. I will be texting you again in a few months.

    Carry On, Chuck

  •    Reply

    Creg, i support you. Keep up the good work

  •    Reply

    Life l feel is all about money and karma. The most important of it is karma. Just wish it could bite Big Pharma in the ass! Keep on keeping on, with love and good health from Tina of us! Love Karen

  •    Reply

    Necesito comprar el medicamento pero no tengo un numero de telefono para hacer el pedido

    •    Reply

      Hola Larry … Solo envíame un correo electrónico y puedo ayudarte con todo. Por favor, mencione también el país en el que vive y el genotipo de la hepatitis C que tiene, si lo sabe.

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    Greg, you have done a Good job. Keep it up & I support you fully. God will keep you safe & no one can destroy your helpful thought & effort to reach out those who are financially not sound to get heal of Hep C.

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    Timothy Daugjerty January 22, 2019 at 6:16 am

    Greg I believe in everything your doing I left you a message on messenger to mo avail probably due to this I ain’t trying to shut you down I have a friend that needs this treatment and will pay the money and your small fee no problem I just need to know what your website is so when he gets out he can contact you and get this done please help me Greg he needs your help and has the money

  •    Reply
    henry p. mapalad February 1, 2019 at 10:52 am

    i want also to be line to those who overcome hep c and depression cause by it.. So pease help me buy those medication through direct purchase.

    •    Reply

      Hi Henry
      If you would kindly email me you may be assured that I will do all I can to assist you get treatment

  •    Reply

    This is an incredible story. We need lots of people like you Greg.
    I have not hepatitis C, I am a doctor and I am moved by your story. Thank you for what you are doing.
    Wonder why you do not appear as a real hero , which you are, in places like CNN.
    Keep that fantastic work going!!

    •    Reply

      Hi Tony
      Thanks very much for your comment and kind words.
      A large part of my work is trying to bring the problem people with Hep C have with accessing treatment due to the outrageous cost of the medication. So a lot of my work is trying to make people aware that cheap and effective generic treatment is available. Unfortunately the main stream media is not much interested in running this story so I rely on social media and my websites

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    eugenio julius dupitas February 25, 2019 at 12:35 am

    can please help me i have a hepatitis c i cant afford the medication from the phillipines

    •    Reply

      Hi Eugenio
      For people in the Philippines I can supply the medicines for the of price 19,000 peso. This Hepatitis C medicine is 19,000 peso for 12 weeks treatment with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir.

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    I was treated with peg intron&ribavirin for hep c up until 2013 the virus was undectectable . But am now experienceing some inital symptoms and suspect that i might b getting a relasp ,my last lfts a month a go was fine ill b seeing my doc soon. Will b intouch if i need hep c meds. Keep up the good work fr the caribbean cant afford the cost of that drugs if i need it

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    Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property,
    are the rulers. Aristotle rule on Cheers !!!!!!

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