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Big Pharma Hackers and Hepatitis C

Big Pharma Strikes Again: Denial of Service Attack

Yesterday, immediately after my post on Gilead’s so-call Compassionate Access Program in Africa my website came under a sustained DDOS attack from Big Pharma.

DDOS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a cyber attack on a website where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service. This causes the website to collapse, shut down and become unavailable. Actually the attack was on such a scale that it shut down my site and all the other accounts hosted by my service provider/web-host for some time. Last year Big Pharma shut down my Hepatitis C website Hepatitis C Treatment and, to add insult to injury, they also shut down all my other history based websites that I had been building over the past 15 years. These websites represented many years of work and research and covered topics such as Tasmanian Aboriginal History, Shipwrecks on the Australian coastline and many other topics.

Not content to destroy my Hepatitis C resource website Big Pharma destroyed years and years of serious history research. Of course I have it all backed up but to create new websites and transfer all the data will take me years.

This is a true indication of the vicious and ruthless nature of the people who run Big Pharma. They have no regard or respect for anything. They were hitting me and hitting me hard. They totally destroyed my entire internet presence.

Rebuilding My Web Presence

Rebuilding my Hepatitis C website took many weeks and then regaining Google rankings took many months. In the process of rebuilding my website I explained to the people running the new website hosting service I was using what had happened to my previous website and sought assurances that I would be safe from such an attack again. They assured me that I would be safe. Perhaps they even thought I was a little paranoid… and I would not blame them for thinking such a thing.

But at least they were a little prepared when Big Pharma launched its most recent assault.
Here is the email that  my provider sent me when my website crashed last Friday:

“Hi Greg,
My server guys have been telling me that all my accounts were under a DDOS attack last night. They had to shut things down for awhile but everything is up and running now. It was totally unexpected.

Some people may think that I am a little paranoid, or a conspiracy nutter, but the reality is that Big Pharma is doing whatever it can to shut me down. It is a battle between one man with almost no resources and a cartel of giant multi-national corporations worth hundreds of billions of dollars and virtually unlimited resources.

But I am going to continue doing whatever I can to keep spreading truthful information about the terrible greed, corruption  and cruelty of Big Pharma

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Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys

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