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Buying Licensed Generic Harvoni From India

Buying Licensed Generic Harvoni From India

If you are from the USA, Europe or nearly any other place on Earth I can help you get genuine licensed generic Harvoni Hepatitis C medicine. (Harvoni is Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Ledipasvir 90 mg)
The maximum you will pay for a 12 week supply of generic Harvoni (84 tablets) is US$1,000 including delivery to your door and all other costs.

For the latest information on buying licenced generic Harvoni from India, including the exact cost, processes and availability of generic Harvoni in your country please either use this link or email me direct. I am also happy to personally answer any questions you might have.

For more general information about accessing affordable Hepatitis C treatement such as generic Harvoni and other medicines please read my Blog, which continues below.

11th July 2015

Well it is interesting how things begin to build their own momentum and one’s place in the world becomes redefined as a result.

It seems for the moment my work is in helping people get access to affordable Hep C medication. A lot of folk are flying to India themselves to get the medication and it seems a slightly larger number are getting their medication sent by courier. It is great to get emails from people telling me how after only a couple of weeks on the treatment they are feeling so much better, energy levels rising, appetites returning and so on… all using generic India Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin.

Of course there are also a lot of people waiting for generic Harvoni to be released in India. I guess I get more than a dozen emails each day just asking me if I know when that is.

(For the latest and most up to date information on buying generic Harvoni please email me for a free Harvoni Information Sheet in which I continually update availability and prices. If you plan to travel to India or Bangladesh I can give you the contact details for reliable and honest suppliers there. If you want to buy generic Harvoni Harvoni online then I can give you advice on that also.)

So I will explain the situation again. Gilead has licensed several Indian companies to produce a generic version of Harvoni. That is done. The process now in play is that the Indian government has to give the approval for Harvoni to be made and sold in India. Like all government process this is going to take time. Based on previous examples the expectation is that generic Harvoni will be available for sale in India somewhere between October and December 2015. At this point we do not know the price.

Another interesting development for people living in the USA, Canada, Mexico and other American countries, is that Honduras is one of the 91 countries that Gilead allows Indian manufacturers to sell into. Last month one of India’s pharmaceutical companies Natco entered into an agreement with a Honduras company Drogueria Humana S.A. to distribute their generic Sofosbuvir, Hepcinat, in Honduras. I am uncertain as to total costs including the Ribavirin and am not sure about current availability as this has only just happened however this could be a good thing for anyone living in South American countries in particular. It would probably also make it easier for Canadians, who are legally allowed to bring back a three month course of prescription medication (with a prescription) on their person but can not get it sent by courier.

13th July 2015

Well it’s about a month since the first folk I helped to get hold of generic Sofosbuvir began their treatment. Some went to India and brought it home themselves and others got the Sof/Rib treatment sent to them by courier. It is really exciting as I start hearing from people about their results. A lot of folk contacted me after a week or two of treatment to report how much better they were feeling. But the real test is in the bloods. Below is an email I received today from one person with the blood test results taken at week four of treatment with the generic Sof/Rib. The reason I am sharing this is so that you see that the results are fast and positive.

… my ALT reading went down from 160 to 21 and I’m feeling really good about it.

One other patient has decided to import the drugs, my doctor tells me he is very sick.

Love reading your blog,you are probably the only person in the world to clearly articulate the situation from the perspective of a sick patient.

It makes me a little misty when I read these results because I understand what a relief, what a joy, it is when one hears them. You take the medication every day and you think “Am I feeling better or is that just wishful thinking?” So you wait for the blood tests and you hope there will be good news and when there is it is relief and joy at the same time.

Of course I have never met any of these people, though we have written often, maybe spoken on the phone, yet I feel a strong bond with them for we have fought the same battle, made the same choices and we are winning!

15th July 2015

Most nights now I spend an hour or two answering emails from folk. Sometimes this is a very joyful experience when I hear from people telling me how much better they are feeling after a three or four weeks of treatment, like this one:

Hi Greg

Literally just off the jet from Asia where my wife and I had a wonderful holiday up country at a beach resort.

To say I am feeling new is an understatement.

Compared to the old regime many years ago this one is nothing and the results are as you say. Increased energy –skin clearing up …

Of course I read that and it is a real lift. Of course there are the sad cases too, like this:

Hi Greg:

Thank you for your fast response , I’m adding in this email to my brother and sister. Let me explain some facts about our case:

-My mom got Hep C during my birth 43 years ago because a blood transfusion undetected until 15 years ago. She is fighting with cirrhosis and consequent Hepatocellular carcinoma. She lives in ****** (a country in South America), We are all from ******** but I live in Spain as I said. The drug is not available there….even here in Barcelona.

-Our country has huge political and economical problems including exchange control (we cannot exchange our local currency to $ because government regulations) so we are doing our best to get the money in order to buy this drug.

-Sofosbuvir could be shipped to ********* with no problem (in this case we have no regulation in our country with personal use drugs)

-We have no problem to get a prescription from our Doctor in our country (We already got it)

This is very sad, a family trying to save their beloved mother who contract Hep C through no fault of her own. In a country where there is no hope at all of getting government assistance and only the very wealthy could ever afford Gilead’s Sovaldi. Yet even with this type of email I feel that at least there is hope and that because of the Indian generic drugs there is a chance that this loving mother can be saved.

Then last night, the last email I received before going to bed hit me like a bolt out of the blue. It was so far out of the left field that it took me a long time to process it. I will share it with you, tell me what you think?

Buying Generics

Hi Greg, I am concerned that the attention you are generating is going to result in a reaction from Gilliard (sic) that is going to make it more difficult for those that are or will be relying on a generic option. I cannot be sure why you are so actively promoting the Indian generics, but the timing is not so good. Most of us are waiting on Harvoni, and your active forward promotions are making any idea of being able to get large quantities of people sneaking in under the spotlight rather moot. Accessing affordable meds from India has been happening for quite some time. I would say large scale for the last decade. I have been watching this particular (HCV) space for years. Now it appears to be getting very close, just hope nobody fucks it up. There is no way I can know what is in the existing contract between Gilliard and the Indian manufactures, but there is a good chance it precludes them from selling to countries such as the one I live in. Sooner or later the contracts will expire and need renegotiating. There will be many more for many different drugs, and it is possible that this exposure will result in future contractual changes that winds up effecting people not abundantly wealthy, such as you and I. I cannot see an upside from highlighting purchases of generics from India. The scale of the HCV problem is such that there was never going to be any hiding of the activity. It does not need any promotion. I hope it is not made very difficult before we even get started. Thanks ####,

I thought about this guy’s comments quite a bit. Why am I promoting Indian generics? Why am I putting the spotlight on that option?

Hi ####

Firstly I understand your concerns however Gilead is well ahead of all of us in this game of trying to restrict access to Indian generics. They have a well defined containment policy and strictly limit which countries their licensed Indian manufacturers can sell to.

However the crux of the matter is that neither India nor China recognised Gilead’s patent on Sofosbuvir. This means that anyone can manufacture Sofosbuvir in both India and China and sell it to whoever they want.

To try to contain this Gilead has entered into these licensing agreements with some Indian companies in exchange for manufacturing technology and a royalty. However there are plenty of Indian pharmaceutical companies who have not done a deal with Gilead and are and will manufacture Sof in India for local and export consumption. Gilead can not stop that. Soon China, within months, will come on line as well.

One strategy Big Pharma has for slowing the flow of generics has been to spread fear campaigns about the risks of generics and make people too scared to buy them. My campaign is to ensure that all people know about how affordable and effective generic Sofosbuvir is and how good many of India’s pharmaceutical companies are. I hope the same will soon apply to generic Harvoni.

All people, not just a small clique in the know, should know that these news drugs are available and affordable. Everyone everywhere who has Hep C should know that there is a cheap effective cure available. That is why I am promoting and shining the spotlight on Indian generics; that is the upside of highlighting Indian generics, to ensure that everyone knows that they are there and available.

Good luck with your generic Harvoni when it comes through, I’m glad you already know about it, a lot of people do not.

best wishes


Of course I did not get to sleep for a while thinking about this email, wondering about my motives and motivation. Wondering what I was doing that was making this guy so angry. I know how many people do not know about the Indian options and I know how many people need to know… millions and millions of people need to know and when they do know I will stop blogging and spend my time fishing or hiking through the mountains, far away from computers and blog and emails. But until that day comes I will keep bring attention to this issue and that gross unfairness that millions of people are suffering ill health and death when a simple cheap cure is available to them and the only thing preventing them having access to that cure is greed.

17th July 2015

Well things get stranger and stranger.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that part of what I am doing is helping people to access affordable Hep C medication. At the moment this all comes from India in the form of generic Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin.

Depending of a person’s wants and needs I either send them information on traveling to India to get the medication themselves or I send them information about how to arrange to have the medication couriered to their home.

If people wish me to I also act as a facilitator and help them to organise the necessary documentation, to buy from a reliable supplier and to get the courier organised. Part of this involves folk sending me money which I then forward by Western Union to the people in India.

This process has been working really well and very effectively until this week when, out of the blue, Western Union refused to transmit any more funds from me to India. When I asked why they were doing this they did not give me an answer. When I explained that I had been using Western Union to do business with India for nearly 14 years with never any problem they still refused to give me a reason why they were blocking me.

According to Wikipedia the only reason Western Union gives for blocking funds is if they suspect someone of funding terrorism!!!

So I tried again and they blocked me again. Fortunately, thanks to the good will of the folk in India, this has not interrupted the supply chain as the people in India have been very understanding of the delay and kept processing the orders and sending them out even without payment (though this can not go on for long).

To circumvent Western Union’s blockade of the supply of Indian generic medicine to people suffering from Hep C I have now made the change to using international bank transfers which are more expensive and take three or four days for the banks to process. This, in turn, delays the shipment of medication.

Now whilst all this is quite annoying and rather an inconvenience the BIG question is: “Why has Western Union taken this action?”

There is certainly no legal reason for blocking me, everything I am doing is completely transparent. Indeed I have made an effort to be excessively transparent and happily give an exact break down of all costs and expenses to anyone who wants to know. As I have said this is not a business and is not run for profit, in fact if someone is suffering any kind of financial difficulty they only have to explain that to me and I will happily arrange for the medication to be sent to them at below cost.

So why has Western Union blocked me?

Has Big Pharma leaned on Western Union?

Western Union is a vast USA based company that has managed to dominate the international money transfer market by buying out competitors and offering a range of innovative products. Does Western Union have connections with the equally vast USA based pharmaceutical companies? Do their C.E.Os play golf together?

I don’t know the answers but let’s just have a look at the facts. Since I have become involved in trying to help people gain access to affordable and reliable Hep C medication my computer has been hacked three times (at least) and Western Union has mysteriously blocked my ability to send funds to India.

Draw your own conclusions.

20th July 2015

Another person who I helped get their generic Sof/Rib meds from India just got the results of their 4 week blood test. The LFT results were all great and her viral load is down from the 3,500,00 level to <1 (below one) and yet people in Australia and other parts of the world are still being given the Interferon Ribavirin treatment with all its terrible side effects and people are still meeting resistance from their GPs when they ask for a prescription. This even though I now get people being referred to me by their specialists for help getting the generic Sofosbuvir from India. Why? Its just so simple…. people are being cured!

In Tasmania alone there are at least 15 people now using the Indian generics to treat their Hep C.

As for me… well I’m past the 8 week mark on my treatment and it’s the time that everyone warned me as being when the Ribavirin side effects would become most obvious. So how am I feeling?

Well it’s a weird convergence of things. The drama with Western Union freaked me out much more than it should have. It made me feel a slight, enduring panic, a slight feeling of confusion that is very uncharacteristic of me.

I was really annoyed at what Western Union did. We had worked out a very good procedure that enabled fast and efficient dispatch of medicines at minimum cost. Now we have to create a new system which will be more expensive and slower, not a lot more expensive and not a lot slower so it’s not that big a drama but my mental and emotional reaction to it was too much.

I am pretty sure that is the Ribavirin.

Some people call it Riba Rage… it has not been that severe for me but the level of agitation I feel is quite noticeable now, where it was not a week ago. Perhaps the Western Union incident acted as a trigger or perhaps I am spending too much time working on the whole Hep C thing or perhaps I just hit the 8 week mark and exploded like people warned me might happen???

Tomorrow I will take a couple of days off and go up into the mountains for a bit of prospecting and gold panning, that should clear the Riba Rage….

And just one more thing. Beware of scams, there are a lot floating around at the moment as the buzz about the arrival of generic Harvoni and the other new drugs increases. Do your home work. Check with someone you can trust. If you are unsure about prices or anything feel free to email me. I get at least two or three emails every day from someone who has been ripped off or is being offered what is clearly a scam. There are genuine and reputable mail order pharmacies out there but there are also lots of crooks. Be sure of who you are dealing with.

23rd July 2013

Well a couple of days in the mountains is a good thing, I wish I could do that once every week! Spent the days wandering through the bush finding old mine shafts and scaring kangaroos who would have rarely, if ever, seen a human. Found a few specks of gold, nothing bigger than a grain of sand, the real gold was the peace and quite and the beauty of Tasmania’s wilderness.

But now I am back at the computer and things are moving along pretty well. I had a couple of emails from Western Union waiting for me. They were crazy because they called me by the wrong name, one email thought my name was Chad and the other thought my name was Enrique. Both were clearly dealing with a complaint unrelated to me but it was interesting to read the emails from their unhappy customers who, like me had been randomly blocked from sending money through Western Union.

Then at 6 p.m. last night I got a phone call from Western Union, someone who could actually speak perfect English and on a phone connection that did not require super hearing and a static filter to actually hear what was being said.

This gentleman was obviously higher up the chain of command than anyone I had previously spoken to and it seemed he had even taken the time to actually read my emails.

He was very apologetic and assured me that my account was now no longer blocked and that it would not be blocked again. A minor miracle!

But we shall see. I will drive into town this morning and send money for an order and see what happens!

Fortunately the Western Union debacle has not created too many problems. Various people have volunteered to let me send the money in their name. Even total strangers who heard about the situation have offered to send the money through Western Union using their name, ID etc.

It just goes to show if something is good and being done for the right reasons nothing can stop it. I was much humbled by the show of support.

Getting a Prescription in the UK

I get an email almost every day now from a Hep C sufferer in the UK who can not get a prescription for Indian generics from their doctor. It seems that English doctors in particular have a great aversion to this. I quote from today’s email:

I asked my specialist Hepatologist here in #### (English city) if he would write me a prescription to get the medicines from India, but he categorically refused. He used the words “I cannot condone getting medicines from abroad!”

Now I have to say I find this astounding as more than 40% of the prescribed medicines used in the UK come from India and more than 80% come from “abroad”. Seriously does this specialist know what is going on in the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing? What about patient care? Curing the patient? I am speechlessly annoyed.

Not to mention the fact that it is perfectly legal for a patient to import these meds into the UK for personal use.

Riba Rage

Well I am not raging but I can see how the feelings I am getting could become that. As I am just about to finish week 9 the feeling of tension and anxiety is almost always in the background. I know that the wrong trigger could easily turn that into blazing anger and I am astounded how anyone ever got through the old treatment regime that required one to be on Ribavirin for 9 or 10 months WITH the interferon as well. No wonder so many folk dropped out of that program and I have only admiration for people who make it through.

I really need to go and get my week 8 blood tests.

24th July 2015

Oh oh I am so naughty…. I should have gone for my 8 weeks blood test last week but I keep forgetting to make the appointment! Now I’m at the end of week nine and still not got the tests. It’s not the Ribavirin… it’s just me; I’ve always been like that. I’m not forgetful I just get distracted easily.

Before I get onto my Western Union rant again I will share another slice of good news that I received today from another person who has just got the results of their 12 days blood results back.

G’day Greg, good to hear your raging along well. After 12 days of treatment my viral load is <15 down from 1,910,000. Next Thursday is my 4 week bloods and I’m fingers crossed it’s ZERO. I would like to order another 3 mth supply of SOF/RIB. Do I need another prescription? Thanks for all the hard work your doing. I don’t know how you can do it while on treatment. I’d like to be able to help you somehow but I’m flat out coping with things here at the moment. For me the difference with having ribavirin without interferon is I’m not crying. All the other sides are what I was expecting.

This person had done the old Interferon / Ribavirin treatment and it had failed so he was not looking forward to eating Ribavirin again. Fortunately it was not as bad as it had been with the Interferon but still he was not enjoying the old Riba.

So far everyone is getting great results from their generic treatments and those results are flowing through into the medical system. Medical practitioners are talking about it and specialists are now suggesting that their patients use the Indian generic Sofosbuvir because they can not get sofosbuvir any other way. Once we can get access to generic Harvoni and Daclatasvir we will just about have this beast beaten!

Also as I am getting a lot of emails now and I would like to tell you that I feel it my duty to answer every email I get, personally. If by some chance you write to me and you do not get a reply please write again as it just means your email slipped through somehow. I will answer everyone.

Now my Western Union rant!

So after them phoning me and apologizing for all the inconvenience they have caused and assuring me that everything would be fine I drove to town and sent the money for an order to India. Three hours later India sent me an email and said it was still blocked.

So I rang Western Union again and was apologized to again and assured (again) that it would be all fixed tomorrow.

So the next day I drove into town and sent the same order again (third time) and three hours later I got the email… still blocked. Unfortunately I had just swallowed my evening dose of Ribavirin and it kicked in when I was on the phone to some Chinese person in one of Western Union’s Asian sweatshops…. I will not go into details but after an hour, yes ONE HOUR, on the phone I finally got put through to their head office in the USA and spoke to someone who could understand what I was saying and spent another half hour talking to him. He was very sorry for the inconvenience. He would contact his supervisor. The supervisor would contact me by email or telephone in less than 24 hours blah blah blah. Of course 24 hours has passed and I have heard nothing from Western Union. In the mean time we have started sending all money by international bank transfers. It takes three days to process rather than being instantaneous so that slows down the delivery process but at least it happens smoothly.

25th July 2015

Well I had another phone call from Western Union first thing this morning. Once again they apologized for the problems that having my transactions blocked has caused me (and many other people waiting for their medication). I was assured (again) that the problem would be fixed by Monday USA time (Tuesday Australian time) and that it would not occur again.

Well we will see? I sincerely hope that this time Western Union is able to keep its promises but based on my past experiences I will continue to use bank transfers until I am certain that there will no repeats of the debacle of the last 10 days, which I know has blown out delivery times for many people who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their medication.

The situation in the USA

Suddenly I am getting a lot of emails from the USA. I had noted previously that I received comparatively few messages from the USA however I now understand the situation better. People who did not have covering health insurance were hoping, praying, that they would be eligible for Gilead’s low cost access program for people who could not afford to pay the $90,000 to $180,000 for a treatment.

It now appears that there has been a major tightening of this program and many people are learning that they are “not sick enough” to qualify. Below are two emails I received this morning, as examples of how people are feeling now that this last hope has been snatched away from them.

Thank you for all your input. My heart hurts because I am stunned that I have been rejected again by Gilead’s “assistance pharmacy.” I am TOO healthy. Ended up finding out I have Hep C about 6 years ago………… Never a drug addict, somehow I got this disease. Thought about going to India but am hoping Harvoni will somehow be available from India by December 2015. It meant a great deal to me to read about your journey. I don’t want to wait until I am very sick to finally get help. I would very much like to be on your mailing list, blog list, newsletter list. Will be hopeful that somehow, some way, someone will understand that there are very few in the world who can afford $94,000 for medication. Warmly ######

Hello, I am reading your webpage regarding your experience in India. I am interested in the process for ordering Sovaldi and Ribavirin online. My insurance is denying my prescription coverage because I’m “not sick enough” and in the US the cost of the treatment is upwards of $100,000. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you! #####

In this last week I have had a number of similar emails from the USA. To have had hope and then to have it snatched away is a cruel thing indeed!

Now for some interesting news.

While we are all waiting for generic Harvoni to be released in India I have also been also investigating the availability of generic Daclatasvir. In particular I have been looking at the Chinese pharmaceutical company Mesochem because I know of a doctor here in Australia who has imported some of their generic Daclatasvir and had it tested and was happy with the results. I also know of one of this doctor’s patients, who has Genotype 3, who is treating himself with this Daclatasvir and getting good results. I don’t know him personally but I know a good friend of his.

Also another doctor I know, a specialist, has ordered some of Mesochem’s Daclatasvir and will have it tested soon. The results will be interesting!

However the problem is that Mesochem only supply in concentrated powder form (API). A three month treatment comes as just 6 grams of powder, which must then be divided into 84 exact doses in a form that can be stored and consumed safely.

Here I reach a bridge I am not able to cross. I do not know how these doses could be safely made and I know nothing about converting API’s into consumable tablets.

That said their price is very reasonable at about US$200 including delivery charges for enough Dac for a three month treatment. It is just the issue of getting the dose right and in a safe form.

If anyone has any comments on this I would really like to hear from them. Please email me.

According to the EASL treatment summary the Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir are an ideal treatment for genotype 3, reducing the treatment time to 12 weeks instead of 24 and removing the need for Ribavirin and Interferon. Though I note some practitioners still include the Ribavirin in the treatment regime.

This is the company’s blurb about themselves.

Beijing Mesochem Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 as an independent high-tech enterprises specializing in Pharmaceutical chemicals and fine chemicals, it aims to to adapt to the business development of Beijing Huafeng United Technology Co., Ltd established in 2005.

The company is located in “Pharma Valley”‘- Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone(BDA), devotes to active pharmaceutical ingredient, intermediates and Pharmaceutical technology development services. It has independent R&D ability and right of import-export operations and has already established stable cooperation relationship with hundreds of pharmaceutical companies and research institutions both at home and abroad.

Feedback would be appreciated

26th July 2015

I received the email below last night and found it interesting. The writer claimed that the website of Hepatitis Central has removed the contact details of all Indian liver specialists or Hepatologists who can treat Hep C in India. I checked the website and it is true, there are none listed. I have tried to contact Hepatitis Central for comment or feedback but have not been able to find a contact link on their website. There may be one there (somewhere) but I can not find it. Anyway read the email and make up your own mind. The Hepatologist I saw in India was trained in Edinburgh in the UK and practiced 15 years in London before returning to set up his practice in his home town of Chennai. Does Hep Central really believe there are no competent doctors in India or is there another reason. I would like to hear their side of the story. If anyone reading this has connections with Hep Central please ask them to email me.

Hi Greg,

… I have an interesting observation that you would be interested in.

Here is this website – http://www.hepatitiscentral.com- that used to have listed Indian doctors who would treat Hepatitis C. Last year there were some in India.
I looked today – and they have erased them all! Like as if they all disappeared.

Now it seems clear that big pharma made them do it. Obviously, hepatitiscentral.com cares for human lives so much that they black out doctors that can save lives – in India. Disgusting, isn’t it? I lost all respect for them.

Best regards,


Make up your own mind about that email. I don’t know why they took down the contact details for Indian doctors.

Here is another interesting email regarding the situation in the USA, which contains some sound advice to people seeking to access treatment in the USA.

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to tell you what is going on in the US. You are 100% correct

in your guess for why there are more emails re generics. One thing,

people still should appeal these denials and go through the entire

process until they reach a clear dead end – it may take months. (It

sucks). Just because there is a tightening at Gilead’s end doesn’t mean

that people can’t still win approval through their insurance.

Also, yesterday the FDA approved daclatasvir (Daklinza) (with

sofosbuvir) for GT3. We were all caught by surprise. Now we will see if

insurance will cover it. I suspect it will be hard to get. The wholesale

acquisition cost of twelve weeks of Daklinza is $63,000. That would

practically be a bargain if it could be prescribed without Sovaldi,

which it can’t. Sovaldi costs $84,000 for a twelve-week course, so with

Daklinza the total will cost of $147,000. That is $1750 per day for two


The daclatasvir issue is important for a number of reasons, particularly because it removes Ribavirin from the treatment regime for people who are intolerant to it. For most people the existing treatment reports, such as EASL, suggest that daclatasvir also reduces the treatment period from 24 to 12 weeks whilst lifting the SVR rate.

The appeal of daclatasvir also means that, like generic Harvoni, the scammers will be out there in force. One apparent scam has already surfaced. This is a website promoting a supposedly generic version of daclatasvir supposedly made in Bangladesh by a company called AuraPharma, selling Aurahep, or Aurhep as daclatasvir. My friends in India have checked this out and there is no such company registered in Bangladesh or India. Further it has no presence on the Internet other than through a very suspect “press release”. So please be wary of scams related to daclatasvir .

As I mentioned earlier I and my friends are working hard on the daclatasvir issue and hope to have some kind of news about it soon.

It continues to be very frustrating that these wonderful new drugs are out there, ready to save lives and cure this terrible disease but are only available to the wealthy or those fortunate enough to have very good insurance cover (and sometimes even that is not enough.).

27th July 2015

Hacked Again.

I have a funny feeling that my email account was hacked last night. If you get any emails from a Chinese company offering Hep C medication in concentrated form (APIs) could you please let me know. I would be very disappointed if this has happened as I was hoping to find an ethical company who could supply generic Hep C medicine at a fair price but if they have hacked my email address book then that is just a reminder that when it comes to $$$ it is difficult to find ethical people or companies. Sad but true! I hope this has not happened but a couple of people have received these emails and it seems a weird co-incidence.

Not Hacked Again

Perhaps I am getting paranoid? Perhaps it’s the Ribavirin? (nice having something to blame).

So I was not hacked… Here’s the story:

I have been emailing a doctor in the USA over the last month and today he forwarded me a copy of an email from Mesochem quoting prices for Sof and Dac concentrates. He wanted to know what I thought of the email. I was astounded because I thought he had received an unsolicited email however it turns out that he had actually contacted them asking for information, he just did not mention that in the email. So I jumped to the conclusion that my email address book had been hacked!!! Whoops…silly me.

A storm in a teacup? I could understand that some readers might think:

“Looks like Greg is losing his marbles.”

In my defense the Chinese do have a bit of a record for industrial espionage via computer hacking. Well they didn’t and it wasn’t and I am pleased about that. So sorry if I went off half cock.

28th July 2015

Generic Harvoni’s ETA in India announced

Generic Harvoni ( sofosbuvir and ledipasvir in one tablet) is the magic bullet for people with HCV genotype 1.

Gilead licensed a number of Indian companies to produce a generic version of their product earlier this year and people have been waiting anxiously for the Indian governmental processes that would allow for the manufacture and sale of this important new drug.

Yesterday I received news from a well placed source in India that the release date of late for generic Harvoni will be late November this year and that the products, made by several different manufacturers, including Mylan, will be on the market and for sale by mid December.

Great News!

The price on the generic Harvoni is still not known but I am guessing that the Indian version of Harvoni will be around the US$1,000 mark for a three month treatment, perhaps the price may be a little higher but one hopes not too much higher.

Daclatasvir News

As mentioned previously the Chinese API pharmaceutical company Mesochem is producing concentrates of various Hep C medicines including Daclatasvir. I have been doing some research on this product and getting some feedback. It all looks pretty positive and would be a great boon for people with G3, G5 and G6 in particular.

One of the issues is the fact that the Dac only comes in concentrated powder however it has been suggested to me by a couple of people that people should be able to find a suitably qualified chemist who could divide that powder up into accurate doses and put it into capsules mixed in with a safe filler if need be. This is what I have heard people are doing. Of course I am not suggesting that people do this only reporting what I have heard that people are doing, under the supervision of their doctor, and that these people are reporting they are getting good results.

Of course to get these results, according to the EASL reports, the Daclatasvir would need to be combined with Sofosbuvir.

If considering this sort of thing please get advice from a medical professional and remember that I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice, just reporting what I hear people are doing.

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