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Doctors and Generic Hepatitis C Treatment.

Doctors and Generic Hepatitis C Treatment: Doctors Doing the Right Thing.

I received the email below today, which is a great contrast to my most recent post about so many doctors having antagonistic attitudes to patients wanting to follow their generic Hepatitis C treatment.
Here is how it should be with a caring doctor:
The doctor learns that their patient has Hepatitis C but cannot afford cost of Gilead’s brand medicines so doctor suggests generic treatment and writes appropriate prescription. Doctor monitors patient through treatment until cured.
It’s just that simple. The doctor helps patient get well… it is, after all, what doctors are meant to do.
Thank God there are still a lot of good doctors out there.

Message Body:

Dear Greg
Hello , first of all thank you so much for the work you do . I got your name from my medical doctor T###### here in the United States . I have a prescription from him and full instructions on sending you the document files containing my RX and ID as well as shipping details. I would like to Send that PDF file and make the money transfer but need your email to do so . Again thank you so much for your work.
with thanks


To receive such a simple and straight forward email is really very heartening for me. To know that there are informed doctors who are not bluffed by Big Pharma, who care about the health outcomes of their patients more than their wallets is very, very uplifting and gives me hope.

Generic Hepatitis C treatment

Good Doctors and Generic Hep C Medicines

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Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Hi Greg
    I haven’t contacted you for awhile and there’s a few things I have to say. First I thank you again for helping me get the drugs that are saving my life. It’s been about 2 years since the first symptoms of Ascides appeared and the docs said my liver was dying. Believe me cirrhosis is no joke. It didn’t take long to realize that if didn’t get the drugs Harvoni and Ribavrin to be taken togeather because of the 1A genotype and liver damage quickly I wouldn’t be around long. It also became clear very quick that No one in the U.S. was going to front the needed cash. I read that the genaric drugs were available in India at an affordable price. I then had to find a way to get them. I was too sick to travel so it would have to done through the mail. There are lot’s of people on line who claim to be able to get it to you, but then comes the question can I trust them. You Greg and Dr. Freeman are the only ones who had confirmable trust. Now 8 months post treatment the virus is gone and the liver is beginning to heal. My message is this, don’t wait until you get sick to get the cure. You don’t want to go through the 2 years of hell that I am just now emerging from. I talk to many people who have HCV and continue drinking and drugging. These people know that can’t afford the drugs and no government or insurance co. is going to help. Please cut the denial carp folks. Another drink or dose is not going to help. It just takes the money you need to get the cure and gives it to the dealer. If you can work for $10.00 per hour for 100 hours you will have the money. That’s a small price to pay to keep from going through the hell that I am just emerging from. I feel better with each passing week and the doctors are optimistic. Now this is truly a maricle. I thank you again Greg. If there’s anyway I can help in the future please let me know.

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      Hi Paul
      Thanks very much for sharing your experience and it is fantastic to read that you are clear of the virus and that your liver is healing. A lot of people with a fibrosis reading of F4 have reported that their liver has repaired enough to bring that reading down to F1 or better. The liver is an amazing organ if given half a chance.
      Best wishes for the future

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