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Generic Hepatitis C Treatment: Yet more proof it works!

Proof that Hepatitis C Treatment Works

More than Two Years of Research Proves that Generic Hepatitis C Treatment Works

Over the past three years I have had the privilege of working with a number of fantastic health professionals in the Hep C field. Some doctors, some nurses and some academics. These people are the exception because they have not been bought off by Big Pharma and are not afraid to push the boundaries for the benefit of their patients. Their combined efforts prove that generic Hepatitis C treatment is effective and affordable.
Working with this people has also resulted in some great research being done into the benefits of using generic DAAs to treat Hepatitis C. This research is on going but the results consistently prove that generic Hep C treatment is just as effective as the vastly more expensive brand versions.
Here is a poster from New Zealand research presented this week at a conference for Gastroenterologists in New Zealand by three such health professionals led by Hepatitis Nurse Margaret Frazer.

The poster speaks for itself but to summarize the results: of the population pool of 42 people treated with generic DAAs only one person relapsed. This result is consistent with numerous other trials involving several thousand patients. So if your doctor gives you a difficult time about treating with generic Hepatitis C medication flick your doctor this poster and suggest they get their facts straight. You have a right to be cured and your doctor should be supporting you in that endeavor. Generic Hepatitis C treatment works and your doctor should be ethically and morally obliged to support your choice to treat your Hep C with generic medication.

Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    thank you so much for this useful information about hepatitis c

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    Hi Greg what would the cost be to treat gen 3 just found out I have it.going doctors Monday 26 March. Came across you site read the story’s of others.don’t know how long I’ve had hepatitis gen 3. But hope your meds can do me good .I will take doctors advice when see him Monday for first lot of bloods see where I stand this is all new to me still trying to get my head round it all regards peter

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    Also Greg how do I get hold of the meds when needed regards peter

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