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Genotype one: Indian Sofosbuvir and Chinese Daclatasvir

Genotype one Indian Sofosbuvir and Chinese Daclatasvir

Genotype one Indian Sofosbuvir and Chinese Daclatasvir. People with Hep C genotype 1 should remember that Harvoni is not the only effective Hepatitis C treatment option. A cheap and effective option that is available now is Sof/Dac or Sof/Dac/Riba depending on your disease and liver status.

Depending on where you source your product this treatment will cost between US$1,350 and US$1,500 total, including shipment costs. This option would involve Indian Sofosbuvir and maybe Ribavirin and Chinese Daclatasvir. Read the EASL Report below:

EASL Report May 2015 Genotype One

Patients infected with HCV genotype 1 can be treated with an IFN-free combination of daily sofosbuvir (400 mg) and daily daclatasvir (60 mg) for 12 weeks (A1) • Based on data with other IFN-free combinations, adding daily weight-based ribavirin (1000 or 1200 mg in patients <75 kg or ≥75 kg, respectively) is recommended in patients with cirrhosis (B1) • In patients with cirrhosis with contra-indications to the use of ribavirin, extending duration of treatment to 24 weeks must be considered (B1)

More on Mesochem. (I stress again that I have no connection of any type with Mesochem)

An email from a Chinese associate who volunteered to research Mesochem for me.

Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2015 12:20 AM

To: greg jefferys

Subject: 回复: 回复:about Daclatasvir

Hi Greg,

Finally my call was forwarded to their manager, Mr. Cui, and I briefly asked several questions. They did have API grade Daclatasvir,purity at 99%. And the price is 200RMB per gram (about $33/gram)if i buy 6 gram, and the price can be lower if order more. Most importantly, they can provide a contract for the order, not just a receipt. In China, most time a receipt didn’t have much use, and it is not an invoice. As what i mentioned, there are many sources of API grade daclatasvir in China. Based on your friends in Australia,Mesochem seemed to be a relatively more reliable source with very reasonable price for API powder. I have also joined several different Chinese chatting group of Hep C patients, and some used the daclatasvir from Japan or hongkong(supposed to be the real one made by BMS, price at $12,000 for Japan one, about $25,000 for hongkong), someone used the daclatasvir from Laos/Ireland(actually made by Chinese, asked for $4000-5000). I talked to one whose dad used the daclatasvir from Laos/Ireland (the seller is at Shenzheng, China), and his dad’s HCV has been cured. i contacted the seller, and he said he can supply the generic daclatasvir. I have thought about how to make the choice for a while, to save some money and get a reliable source. Now the information you got also said that India would have the generic havoni ready by this December, I will probably wait until that time. Thanks a lot for the help your offered.

Please let me know if other thing i can help regarding the daclatasvir from mesochem.

best regards,


18th August 2015

As a result of yesterday’s newspaper article I had an interesting phone call from an Australian doctor, a GP, who has been prescribing Chinese Daclatavir+Sofosbuvir as a hepaptitis c treament for his patients for a couple of months now. He told me that he had sent samples of the Daclatasvir to a couple of Australian government laboratories for testing and the results came back that the concentrate was 99% pure, as Mesochem claimed it would be. He told me that all the patients he had been treating had reached no detectable virus status within 4 weeks.

He said he had no problem finding a compound chemist to encapsulate the concentrated Daclatasvir and mix it with the appropriate fillers. He told me that six grams of concentrate makes 100 doses and is more than enough to complete the normal 3 month treatment.

Costs? Three months of Sofosbuvir US$1,100 (with or without Ribavirin); Three months of Daclatasvir US$260. Total cost of treatment for Genotype 1 with 98% success rate US$1,440 (assuming $80 for chemist to encapsulate concentrate.)

Every day now I talk to people who are reaching “No Virus Detected” status at week three or four. An 83 year old gentleman whose doctors had told him that he would not live to see this October has reached NVD status in just four weeks and his liver functions have all returned to normal ranges after more than ten years of illness.

So I ask myself “What are people waiting for? Are they waiting for their governments to help them? Are they waiting for their insurance companies to save them? Are they waiting for the Drug Companies to give them some free meds? What is everyone waiting for?”

Take responsibility for your health. Take a risk! Just do it! The cure is available now. Do it!

Oh here is a link to the newspaper article that ran yesterday in Australia

if you want to have a look at it.

21st August 2015

Here is my only post for the day.

This is the link to the ABC 7.30 Report. The 7.30 Report is an Australian national current affairs program and they did a piece on the work I am doing with making the affordable Hep C treatment medications accessible to people.

It is a well balanced bit of reporting and the written web news article also gives greater depth and insight than what could be squeezed in the the TV piece.

One result of this piece going to air is that I am currently swamped by emails from people with Hep C or with friends or family with Hep C. Many of these are desperate and frustrated to the point of anguish because they have failed the Interferon treatment and can not access the new drugs; all the time knowing their health is going down hill fast.

Children are are writing asking for help for their parents who have Hep C. Parents are writing asking for help for their children who have Hep C. Friends are writing on behalf of friends with Hep C.

There is so much suffering out there and all the drug companies want is money. It is blood money!

23rd August 2015

Sunday evening and by mid afternoon I had succeeded in clearing all my emails. I think I have answered over 400 emails since Thursday night. Of course now there are another 40 or so waiting to be answered but I’m going to have a half day off tomorrow and finish my painting of a Tasmania Tiger (thylacine). I paint Tasmanian animals on boards of timber made from Tasmanian wood. I love to paint the Tasmanian Tiger because it is a beautiful creature that was supposed to be extinct, hunted out back in the 1920’s and 30’s, but I know they are still alive out in the inaccessible Tasmanian wilderness avoiding humanity.

Two things have risen in my mind after answering so many emails. One is that so many people have gone through hell on the Interferon treatment, ended up with serious permanent physical to their bodies and often had no cure for their Hep C either. Yet people are still being prescribed Interferon treatment? And you know a lot of the doctors who are suggesting Interferon are also telling people not to use India generic Hep C meds because they might be of inferior quality.

So their reasoning is take the interferon treatment, with a 50% possibility of a cure and a high chance of permanent organ damage but don’t use Indian generics because there is a very small possibility that they might be sub standard (or not). No-one I know has found the Indian generics inferior. Go figure that logic out! It might have something to do with maintaining the status quo.

The other thing that rises in my mind is I know that Big Pharma is watching me and, honestly, it scares the crap out of me.

But this thing I’m doing needs to be done and somehow it has fallen on me to do it. I never intended to become a Hep C advocate, it just happened, but I can see that I can help and I will help and I will keep on helping until justice and fairness and compassion win against the forces of obscene greed. And win they will, eventually.

26th August 2015

Its been difficult getting motivated to write in this blog, not for lack of things to write about but because I’m spending so much time answering emails that the thought of more screen time is not appealing. I make it a point to clear all emails every day so that they don’t build into a huge backlog, so last night I was up until eleven.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon up the Huon River trout fishing. It was a spectacular day, sun shining down through clear blue skies highlighting the snow capped mountains of Tasmanian Southern Wilderness, golden wattle flowers everywhere. No trout caught but a magic day.

In Australia, where the publicity being generated around the prices of Hep C meds and associates issues has been quite intense over the past 6 weeks we are seeing interesting things happening.

Firstly it is much easier now for people to get prescriptions for Indian generic Hep C medicines from their GPs. There a still a lot of doctors who will not help their patients with this but I guess about 50% now will. This compares very favorably with the USA and the UK where 99.9% of doctors still refuse to write their patients a prescription for generic Hep C meds.

A number of liver specialists and Liver clinics will now also support patients using the Indian drugs to cure themselves. But still a number of major liver clinics refuse to support these patients. In Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart there is across the board support. In Sydney one major liver clinic supports patients and the other refuses to. In Brisbane there is no support from that liver clinic, in deed the feedback I have received is that they refuse to have anything to do with India generics… Why?

Another interesting thing is that patients asking advice about whether or not to use Indian generics to treat their Hepatitis C are being told by their health care providers that they should not do this because the new drugs are going to become available on the PBS in two or three months. Which is what they have been saying for more than 12 months now. And which I personally don’t believe. Indeed I believe that this delaying tactic has its source in pharmaceutical companies. Its that old delaying tactic. In two or three months patients will be told.

“Oh the new Hep C medicines will be out in a couple of months, three at the most.”

And when that time comes around they will be told. “Oh they are just around the corner, just wait another month or two.”

Meanwhile people’s livers were healthy enough are now getting cirrhosis.

I was spun the same rubbish by Hepatitis Australia a year ago and if I had waited I would now have cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Why wait for help that might never come when you can help yourself now?

The other thing that these so called Hepatitis Advocates like Hepatitis Australia (Who all receive hundreds or thousands of dollars in ” sponsorship” from the drug companies) saying is that the treatment will not be triaged. That is to say they are saying that the new treatment will be available to all.

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!! (whoops am I getting rabid??? I can not even blame the Ribavirin anymore!)

Even the presently available and much cheaper Interferon treatment is triaged. Nowhere on this planet is there a single country providing these new meds through any type of health insurance, whether public or private, where that treatment is not triaged. In most countries the absolute best figures are that about 5% of people with Hep C will get access to these new Hep C drugs. If you are not sick enough to get access then you will just have to wait around until you get sick enough. Until you get cirrhosis, until you liver is irreparably damaged. But don’t get too sick because you will not qualify then either.

But the drug companies will make their obscene profits anyway, regardless of who gets sick and who dies.

So wait a couple of months and see if it’s true. Then wait a couple of more months to see if you are sick enough to qualify for the treatment. And if not wait a few more months until the virus does a bit more damage to your liver.

Or do something now!

27th August 2015

Did I sound a bit angry in my last post?

That’s because I was. I was angry because every day I get emails from people who are desperate to begin hepatitis C treatment with these new antiviral drugs and they go to their doctor and the doctor refuses to write them a prescription.

Or their specialist sneers at them and asks,

“How do you know what is in these India drugs? How do you know they are safe?”

Asking that of people who have endured the hell of an Interferon treatment that did not cure them.

Asking that of people who are in constant pain because there is no treatment available to them.

Asking that of people who are either to healthy or two sick to qualify for access to trials with the news drugs.

Asking that of people who are afraid of dying before their children become adults or before their grandchildren are old enough to remember them.

That is why I am angry.

Conversely, at the same time there are numerous wonderful, enlightened liver clinics, liver specialists and doctors who are giving their patients using India generics full support and seeing those patients cured, viral loads disappear, liver functions return to normal, pain fade, energy return, health return.

What is in these Indian drugs? Hope, Health and Happiness.

28th August 2015

I’ve just been catching up replying to comments on my blog and realised the darn thing is so long now that a lot of people have not read some of the important issues and are also not aware of my policy of answering all emails or my email address or the fact that I have a seperate website that has a lot of extra information on it.

First: my email is gregjefferys@outlook.com I answer all emails (except for nasty ones which I ignore).

Second: Just Google my name and you will see my website hepatitisctreatment.homstead.com

Third: I can put you in contact with the most reliable and honest suppliers with also teh best prices. This includes contacts for honest suppliers of Daclatasvir and other Hep C drug concentrates (APIs) from China. I have done all the research and am happy to make it available for free. I do not charge. I am not doing this to make money.

Lastly and most importantly KNOW YOUR GENOTYPE. If you do not know your genotype then you can not make the correct treatment decisions. It is super important.

Now that is out of the way I would like to talk again about Harvoni. Everyone is waiting for generic Harvoni… yes but why?

Harvoni is not the only effective treatment option for Genotype 1. People seem to think that Harvoni is the best thing since sliced bread… yes it is good but there are others that are just as good, or so close to it that it does not matter. It is the Sofosbuvir combined with other drugs that is the big deal.

Harvoni is Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir, yes it works well but so does Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir, as does Sofosbuvir and Simeprevir.

These are all effective against G1 and recommended Interferon free treatment options in the latest EASL Report. Of course the condition of your liver and whether or not you have failed previous treatments will influence how you are treated but don’t think that generic Harvoni is the only option. There are others and they are effective and they are available now. Even Ledipasvir is available now if you want to get the concentrate and get a chemist to make it into doses for you. Plenty of people are doing that now.

So if you think your liver is not far away from cirrhosis don’t dilly dally , don’t wait around. Find out your genotype, research your treatment options and do something now… before it is too late!

And email me if you want reliable contacts

31st August 2015

Firstly I would like to alert people to the fact that my email account has been hacked. If you get an email from anyone saying that they are a friend of mine or anything like that please delete it immediately. I NEVER, Never, NEVER give out anyone’s email address or contact details to anyone. I am very sorry about this but I thought my firewall and antivirus software was pretty solid but obviously not perfect against the resources some people can access.

Also I need to again mention that there are a LOT of Harvoni scams going around now. I make the point again that there is no generic Harvoni in India at the moment, or anywhere else in the world. It is possible for a person to make a Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir combination, which is essentially the same as Harvoni using Chinese APIs. Buying these APIs direct from the manufacturer in China would cost about US$2,500 then the cost of having a compound Chemist make the mix into doses would be about another $100.

So if someone offers you a three month course of generic Harvoni for US$ 1,500 obviously it is a scam because the sale price is lower than the cost of the ingredients.

Now here is an interesting event. The Times of India, India’s largest circulation newspaper, ran a story about my work. I have to admit that I laid the boot into the doctors of the USA and the UK in this article and I regret it if I offended the many good doctors in those countries however I have to say that I am absolutely appalled by the fact that it is next to impossible for a person with Hep C in the USA or the UK to get a prescription for Indian generic Hep C drugs, even if they are at death’s door. Would doctors in these two countries rather see their patients suffer and die rather than write them a script that will more than likely cure their disease. So yes the article is harsh but it is harsh for a reason. The reason is that I get dozens of emails every day from desperate people with Hep C in the UK and USA who can not find a doctor who will write them a prescription or monitor their treatment. Of course I am angry.

Here is a request for information from me to you. GILEAD has claimed that it offers a “Compassionate Program” in Australia giving people free access to its Hep C meds. I’ve never heard of it. Please email me if you have ever heard of this. Thanks

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