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Good news for people with Hepatitis C in Canada

A Big Huge Thank You From Canada

As you would guess, every day I receive several lovely emails from people who I have helped to access Hepatitis C treatment. A short note telling me that the treatment has been successful and that they, or a loved one, has been cured. It really does mean a lot to me to get these little notes and some of them I like to share because they tell an interesting story.
I received two lovely emails today from a lady in Canada whose mother had Hep C with severe cirrhosis and was waiting to get on the liver transplant list for people with Hepatitis C in Canada.
The situation in Canada is one of those crazy ones where access to treatment varies from state to state. In some states a person with Hep C would have to have a fibrosis level of F2 in other Canadian states it needs to be F3. In some states a person with Hep C whose liver is too cirrhotic cannot get treatment.

So this lady’s daughter and I began our communications in April this year and her mum started treatment in May… Any way you can read the story and its outcome below.
This is the first email from back in April:

Hi Greg,
My mom lives in Canada and has hepatitis c. She was told by her doctor yesterday if she doesn’t start on medication costing $60k CAD within a month she will need to go on a transplant list. In my research of generic versions of new hep c meds available in India I came across your page and am writing to ask for your help. My mother is also diabetic and is recovering from pneumonia. I say this because she is not in the best condition to travel. I realise shipping to Canada is not an option but I have read your advice about acquiring a US PO Box for purposes of delivery. If you are willing to help please contact me. I will need to know the costs as I hope I can cover it as she can afford it on her own. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

So we organised the generic Hep C medicines and were able to the get them to this lady in Canada via the “back door” route.
After a few month break in communications I received the two emails below today, the first one was a lovely piece of news but the second email was a lovely surprise.

16th October 2017

Subject: A Big Huge Thank You

Hi Greg!

I am writing to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help. You helped my mom get generic Harvoni. She got both her results from the 2 months and the 3 months blood work, they both say viral load undetectable. If it wasn’t for you she would likely be in hospital on a transplant list by now with not much hope at her age and being diabetic. It is comforting to know amidst the greed and hypocrisy that is big pharma and the medical profession in many cases, there are people out there like you who help others out of the goodness of their hearts.

I wish you all the best and wanted you to know how truly grateful we are for the gift you have given us.

Kind regards,


16th October 2017

Subject: Donation

Hi Greg!

Further to my previous email, I forgot to write and ask if I can send a donation. We are truly grateful for all the help you have given us. We are lucky to have found you because we could never have afforded 60k for her medicine but thankfully we could afford the generic version (which is the same thing-truth be told I don’t think anyone would knowingly pay 60x the price for a branded product if they knew of the alternative). I appreciate for some people even the generic medicine may be expensive and if I would like to pay it forward and help someone else get their life back if I may.

Please let me know.



I do occasionally get these kind offers of someone giving a donation to help someone less fortunate get treatment for their Hepatitis C infection. So I should explain my position.

This was my reply:

Subject: Donation

Hi ####
That is a very kind gesture and it is gratefully accepted.
What I generally suggest in such cases is if you would choose to whom you would like the medication to go to. For example you can choose gender, nationality and age.
I try to help everyone that comes to me for help. If they have money problems usually this means I supply the medicines at cost or a little below. However in some cases even when I greatly reduce the price it is too much for some people.
So whatever you wish to donate will help someone.
Let me know what you think.
Best wishes

Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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