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Effects Of Hepatitis C Treatment

The Effects of Hepatitis C Treatment

Almost every day I hear from someone in the first couple of weeks of Hep C treatment who is having a hard time from the effects of Hepatitis C treatment. In this post, I will talk about some of the causes for some of the discomfort that some people feel during Hep C treatment, particularly in the first couple of weeks of treatment.

We are talking here not about the side effects of Hep C medication but the effects of Hep C treatment.

Before going on make the point here, and emphasize, that this discomfort during Hep C treatment only happens with some people. The majority of people doing Hep C treatment go through the treatment with either zero difficulties or discomfort or with the mildest of discomforts.

The Side Effects of Hep C Treatment

Most people think about the side effects of taking the Hep C medication; the side effects of Epclusa or the side effects of Mavyret, however, there is more going on during Hep C treatment than the side effects of Hep C drugs.

Yes the Epclusa or Mavyret may have some side effects for some people but there are other things that can cause discomfort during Hep c treatment, these are generally associated with the healing process.

Hep C Virus Undetectable

In most cases, the Hep C virus reaches undetectable levels within the first week of treatment. At that point, with the virus no longer destroying liver cells the liver begins to heal. The liver begins to heal itself from what is often decades of damage from chronic Hepatitis C infection.

It is this healing process, and the associated changes in the body that occur as the liver heals and regains its normal functions, that is the source of much of the discomfort.

Please watch the following 8-minute video for more information on the side effects of Hepatitis C treatment




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Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Thank you Greg,I have 15 more days on Harvoni. Been kinda rough particularly the 1st 2 weeks or so but now primarily fatigue and joints or old injuries. I didn’t realize that my liver was already on the mend. Great news, thanks.

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    Thank you for making this post I’m on my second day of mavyret yesterday was terrible today is not that bad so far I’m hoping I haven’t slept through yet I only slept 3 hours since yesterday and today maybe is giving me insomnia or something I don’t know I’m eating clean just chicken and vegetables and fruit and fish I probably drink like NADA 10 bottles of water a day

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    Dear Greg, I been browsing on the internet for long, just looking for hopes. The doctor tolde I have chronic HCV. Since then my wife and I keep crying , Im from the Philippines, I have a10 yr old son, I love my family so much, I am just an ordinary worker. We cannot afford expensive antiviral for me.

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      Hi Ernesto
      Its best to email me and discuss what your treatment options are. there is no problem sending Hep C medicines to the Philippines

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    Thank you so much for what you do.
    I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C Virus infection in Nigeria 2 years ago, initially thought it was acute and will go but still positive when I had a recent test.
    Please how can I get the drugs for treatment in Nigeria. I am so worried and disturbed and will appreciate your assistance as much as possible in accessing the drugs .. Many thanks.

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      Hi Andrew
      I regularly send Hep C medicines to Nigeria. The cost is #120,000 naira for a 12 weeks treatment.
      At the moment shipping to Nigeria is a little slow due to the effects of COVID 19 on international shipping
      best wishes

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    Thank you greg for your selfless dedication to others with this scourge.

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    Thank you so much for this video!!! I am one month through treatment with Epclusa and can feel a dull ache on my right side and was concerned. I also have cirrhosis which is also a great concern of mine. Can I have grapefruit while taking Epclusa or not? I’ve been reading alot on the internet about treatment.

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    Kim Weatherspoon July 14, 2021 at 3:01 pm


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