Buying Generic Harvoni

A simple guide to buying Gilead licensed generic Harvoni. The post explains the process and the costs involved in buying licensed generic Harvoni online through Greg Jefferys Hepatitis C Buyer's Club.

Licensed generic Harvoni from India

There are many different brand names for licensed generic Harvoni but all are chemically identical and prices for generic Harvoni are about 100th of the price of branded Harvoni

Buying Generic Harvoni Online from India for US$850.

The short story:

Because so many people have been contacting me for information about buying generic Harvoni online from India I  now facilitate the entire process of purchasing GILEAD licensed generic Harvoni from India for folk who want me to help them buy the genuine licensed generic Harvoni.

A 12 week treatment of GILEAD licensed generic Harvoni will only cost you US$850, including delivery.

So for buying generic Harvoni online I will assist you with the entire buying process with my personal guarantee that the generic Harvoni is genuine and that delivery is both insured and guaranteed.

Because I have been sending generic Harvoni from India to the USA and around the world since 2015 I have well established and reliable connections in India. This means I can guarantee that you are buying genuine Gilead licensed generic Harvoni from India at the price of  US$850 for 12 weeks treatment.

Delivery is  by EMS express airmail and can be tracked online. Delivery takes between 10 and 14 days with a 100% guarantee of delivery to what ever country you live in. Delivery is 100% insured.

Of the thousands of shipments of generic Harvoni I have sent since 2015 every single order has reached the person who purchased the generic Harvoni. Because my mission to to get treatment to people with Hepatitis C I take the delivery side of the process very seriously and monitor all shipments.

As result of my deep involvement in the Hep C world, and having helped many, many people across the world to buy generic Harvoni online, I understand the Customs requirements of all countries regarding importing Harvoni. So regardless of what country you live in I know I will be able to assist you. Click here to email me with any questions you might have.

So the short story for getting generic Harvoni is:

Generic Harvoni from India

The cost of Harvoni in the USA is more than 100 times greater than licensed generic Harvoni from India

To order a 12 week supply of generic Harvoni online you need to send me by email:

  1. Some kind of medical report showing you have Hep C.
  2. Shipping Address
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Money (US$850)

That is all you have to do, I will organise everything else. The price covers everything, including delivery.

That is the price of a 12 week treatment of licensed generic Harvoni (84 tablets) shipped from India by Express Airmail or DHL  to anywhere in the world.

As well as sending you the Harvoni from India I will also give you 100% support from your first inquiry all the way through to delivery and through treatment as well if you need it.

Whilst my price may not be the cheapest price you will find on the internet the main consideration when buying Harvoni online is that the product you receive is genuine and that the delivery is guaranteed.

I can 100% guarantee that the generic Harvoni is the genuine licensed product because I get the generic Harvoni direct from the Gilead licensed manufacturer in India.  Further I can assure you that I personally oversee every step in the process from your first inquiry to the delivery and I will always be available to discuss anything you need to know.

To cover my time and expenses I charge a small fee for facilitating all this. The fee is approximately 30% of the total cost and that fee is included in the US$850 price.

However I also wish to make clear that if you are in a position of financial hardship please talk to me about it and I will remove the fee I charge for facilitating this process, which will reduce the price by approximately 30% and I will happily provide all of my services to you for free. There is too much greed and profiteering in the Hep C world already and I will not be part of any activity that puts profit before people’s right to health. You only have to ask me and I will happily reduce the price.

To purchase your generic Harvoni now just click here to email me

The Generic Harvoni Situation: An Overview

Twinvir Harvoni

Twinvir is an unlicensed generic Harvoni made in Bangladesh

(The Long Story)

The availability of generic Harvoni has been a confusing affair since about August 2015 when Incepta in Bangladesh began producing the unlicensed generic Harvoni called Twinvir.

Twinvir is was made from active ingredients imported from China and made into pills and then packaged in Bangladesh. It is not a licensed generic Harvoni and whilst the active ingredients are probably the same as in Gilead’s brand Harvoni there may be technical difficulties.

Because the Bangladesh product is not a licensed generic it is not identical to the GILEAD’s Harvoni where as Indian licensed generics are identical to GILEAD’s Harvoni. That said reports from people using Bangladesh generics show that they seem to perform as well in terms of cure rates.


HepCVir L

There are many different brands of licensed generic Harvoni in India

GILEAD licensed generic Indian Harvoni has been available since December 2015.

Gilead licensed four major Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers to make and distribute generic versions of Harvoni; these are Hetero, Natco, Cipla and Mylan. However I tend to use only Hetero and Mylan because they are FDA and WHO approved and certified. Both these giant pharmaceutical companies make their own brand of generic Harvoni as well as other brands on a contract basis and you will see the small print on the label of which ever product you buy. All licensed Indian generics are chemically identical and equally as effective.

How to Buy Generic Harvoni Online from India.

Below are the steps required to buy generic Harvoni from India without having to actually fly there yourself. If you are happy to fly to India to get your medication then you should email me for my information sheet on going to India. Generic Indian Harvoni is now approved for sale in India and costs about 65,000 rupees for a 12 week treatment (84 tablets) if you go to India and buy it there.

If you want Harvoni shipped to you it will cost more than the 65,000 rupees it costs to buy if you are in India because there are a number of processes that need to occur in India with documentation for export, as well as the shipping costs.

If you wish me to organise everything for you then the cost of generic Indian Harvoni is US$850 delivered by courier with all the appropriate paperwork for which ever country it is sent to.

What you need to send me.

To clear Customs in most countries your parcel will need these things:

• A prescription or a medical report from a doctor in your country. If you can not get a prescription from your doctor then we use a recent medical report showing that you have Hep C  to get our doctor to write a prescription using the report.

Harvoni is specifically for treating genotype 1, so you should be certain that you have Hepatitis C genotype 1. If you do not know the genotype of Hep C you have then you should consider using Epclusa or the combination of Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir, both of which will treat all genotypes of Hepatitis C.

If your doctor is writing you a prescription then the script can be written for Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir or generic Harvoni or simply Harvoni.

If you need more than a three month treatment then you will need to place a second order at a later date as the maximum amount of these medicines that can be sent from India at one time is a 12 week supply (3 jars of 28 tablets). The same prescription can be used again.

Then you need to send me US$850 for licensed Indian generic Harvoni. (It does not have to be US dollars. The equivalent amount in your local currency is fine. )

Once your money is received I forward it with the prescription or medical report and shipping details etc to the supplier and they will send your order direct to you by DHL or Fed Ex or Express Air Mail, depending on which method is best for where you live.

The usual time from receipt of order in India to the medicines arriving at your door is 10 to 14 days, depending on your location.

If you are in a regional area it might take a bit longer.

Generic Harvoni to the USA

Greg Jefferys has been assisting people to purchase generic Harvoni and other Hepatitis C treatments since 2015

I send you a tracking number the day after the shipment leaves.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me and I will do my best to help you.