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Hepatitis C and Corrupt Doctors in the USA

USA doctors and Hep C

Is your doctor in the pocket of Big Pharma? Whilst there are many wonderful, caring and dedicated doctors in the USA and around the world it is a sad fact that many doctors put their own interests ahead of what is best for their patients.

Hepatitis C and Corrupt Doctors in the USA

This morning when I opened my emails I received two emails that made my blood boil. Both emails reminded me that people with Hepatitis C around the world not only have to battle with the corrupt pricing policies of Big Pharma but also with corrupt doctors who do everything they can to push patients away from cheap generic Hepatitis C medicines to more expensive versions.

Sadly I see this often. Doctors are bribed by Big Pharma to dissuade people with Hepatitis C from using cheaper generic alternatives.

In the USA it takes the form of doctors putting fear into their patients by suggesting that the GILEAD licensed generic Hep C medicine is somehow sub-standard and may even be poisonous. I have heard of doctors telling patients that using generic Hep C medication may result in their death!!!

This is so ridiculous, such an outright lie, that I am astounded.

The facts are that there have been numerous independent studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals that all show that licensed generic Hep C medication is exactly as effective as the brand versions. Here is a link to one study comparing expensive brand versions of Hepatitis C medicine to generic versions. The results showed there was no difference at all. There have been many, many studies that all showed the same results for generic hepatitis C treatment as brand versions. Any specialist doctor who treats Hep C patients would definitely know of the results of these trials and would definitely know there is no difference in cure rates between generic and brand Hep C medicines.

Doctors Selling Hep C Medicine

In the USA and other countries, such as Nigeria, the Philippines, Thailand etc,  I have seen doctors selling impoverished patients generic medication for ten times what I supply it for. In other words the doctor is buying the medicine himself and selling it direct to the patient, making 1000% profit on the transaction. Doing this while knowing that the patient has had to mortgage their home to buy the medicine. In the USA I have seen doctors importing generic Hep C medication from India and selling it to their patients for $3,000 per treatment. So the doctor is making money from the consultation and then even more from selling the meds.

We Should Be Able to Trust Doctors

We have high expectations of doctors, we implicitly trust them because we come to them seeking help. But doctors are just human and there are very good doctors, good, doctors, average doctors, and terrible doctors.

In my country, Australia, every month sees doctors here being prosecuted for fraud.

But whilst I am ranting about corrupt doctors, I should make clear that almost every day I get emails from people in the USA, and around the world, whose doctor has recommended they contact me to get affordable Hep C medicine. In fact, I have supplied these generic Hep C medicines directly to doctors and nurses who caught Hep C in the course of their work.

In the USA specifically, I have several doctors who refer patients to me every week to get their Hep C medicine.

So there are plenty of, a majority of, good doctors but its the bad doctors that this post is about.

In this post, I will share two emails that relate to terrible doctors in the USA. These are two stories from people who are suffering terribly from the effects of Hepatitis C and who have the Hep C medication in their hands but have not started treatment because their doctors have put the fear of death into them to try to get them to buy Big Pharma’s Hep C treatment at 100 times the price.


Greed, Prejudice and Hepatitis c

From: Dianne B.
Sent: Thursday, 2 July 2020 10:21 PM
To: greg jefferys <gregjefferys@outlook.com>
Subject: Re: Re:


Greg hello I am really having a hard time back in the USA with Drs. here. I wanted to ask a couple questions

I know you are busy.I started my meds a little over a week ago. First let me explain previous meds I was switched to when I saw GI Dr. He stopped my Blood pressure medication and put me on propranolol 2 times a day 20mg. Evidently it has some effect on liver function that they never told me about still.  Also lactulose 30cc 2 times daily which causes severe abdominal pain. No explanation but they decreased it to 15cc a day. Only recently I found out it removes dangerous levels of ammonia that usually liver changes or doesn’t to urea to remove it from your body.

I can get no Dr as yet to follow me and I’ve had 2 at least that told me I could or would die if I took the meds. Sofosbuvir 400mg and Daclatasvir 60mg.

Well I am having paracentesis every 1 to 2 weeks and they remove 10 to 11 liters of  fluid. This alone has to create a huge toll on my body. I have to find a way to take the lactulose anyway any ideas. I had an ultrasound  to rule out portal hypertension they saw no sign of this and no cancer. They will not advise or support me taking the meds. I have never had a fibrosis test or liver biopsy. Need some reading info on anything related to my issues. You are the person I trust to cut through this bullshit. The last Dr. read wrong labs from top medical hospital here. Had my 36 year old daughter so upset we almost got in a wreck.  I had just been in hospital for 2 weeks waiting for an open bed as my insurance dropped after not working for 1year. I was charged 3000 dollars for a half hour I saw Dr.went home after apt.3hours later his office wanted me to have an ultrasound there. So as you can see myself I see Iam a number. Except to genuinely concerned people on your Facebook site. And you sir of course. I am only scared because  of lack of info I receive here. So any kind of guidance  is appreciated. Thank you so very much for making me feel like I matter. I truly believe you are great and I am taking my daughter to the Bahamas in September after I am done. Husband has to work ha ha. My prayers are always with you sir!

Yours Sincerely




Doctors and Hepatitis c corruption

Drug companies offer many incentives to keep doctors prescribing their drugs. Sometimes this is obviously corrupt but other times it is more subtle. Free lunches, gifts, paying expenses to medical “conferences”. Drug companies around the world use their vast wealth to corrupt the medical services industry

From: Arthur D.
Sent: Friday, 3 July 2020 2:34 AM
To: greg jefferys <gregjefferys@outlook.com>
Subject: Re: Treatment


Hi Greg,


It’s been a few months since our last correspondence. I am a commercial fisherman and I work for 3 1/2 months +\- a few weeks at a time and I finished working about a month ago. I was very pleased to find my medication had arrived from India! I was/am so grateful for you and the services you provide!

I recently reached out to my doctor and described my situation, that I had acquired the medication and asked if he was willing to supervise and order accompanying blood work during my treatment duration. He said he is not willing to do that and (strongly!) Suggests I get The medication from him, and through my insurance Company. Also saying that I can’t know for sure if the medication I received is chemically reliable and could cause more damage to my liver.   I am feeling very disappointed and discouraged. I’m confused if he is Just another crony for the giant money hungry medical industry That plagues Us here in the USA. I am beginning to believe that he just wants my money more than my health to be good.

So, after all this, I’m curious if you know of any online support groups that I can be a part of? I want to talk with other ppl going through Similar situations, maybe they can refer me to a doctor that is actually interested in helping me rather than my money.

All That being said, what Is your opinion on taking the pills without being supervised by a doctor? Would you not recommend? Is it possible to do without a doctor?




Hi Arthur

I have to say that yours is the second email talking about doctors who are totally ignorant and more interested in maintaining the status quo rather than the well being of their patients.

It really does make me see red.

These medications are made under direct licence from GILEAD and are chemically identical to the brand versions.

They are made in FDA and WHO accredited factories.

You do not need a doctor to monitor your treatment. What you need to do is start treatment and get rid of the Hep C.

My advice is to start treatment and not tell your doctor then, after two weeks treatment, go in and ask for a viral load test and you will find that the viral load is undetectable.

Please join my Hep C support group on Facebook where you will find hundreds and hundred of people who have done exactly the same treatment.

Here is the link.


Please start treatment

Best wishes


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