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Hepatitis  C in Nigeria

Generic Hepatitis C Treatment is available in Nigeria but it is far to expensive for most Nigerians to afford

Hepatitis  C in Nigeria

Hepatitis C in Africa

The continent of Africa has a population of about 1 billion people. It is likely that this population has the highest Hepatitis C infection levels in the world. Research figures are scarce but some research suggests that at least one in every 25 people in Africa may have Hep C.

However exact Hep C infection rates are hard to find.

If we use figures from Hepatitis C  research in Nigeria and assume a similar rate of infection across all of Africa it is possible that there may be as many as 50 million people infected with Hepatitis C in Africa.

The Nigerian Medical Journal Research

According to the Nigerian Medical Journal (Vol.51 2010) the prevalence of hepatitis C. virus infection is increasing in Nigeria, ranging from 4.7-5% in Ilorin, to 5.3-6.6% in Enugu, to 11% in Ibadan and 20% in Benin.

In other words, more than 5% of the people tested were infected with HCV.

The Hepatitis C infection rate appears to be highest amongst Nigeria’s poor as recent research showed that amongst Nigerian university students the infection rate was around the 1% mark… much lower than the general population.

This graph shows that the most common Hepatitis C genotype in Nigeria is genotype 1. It also shows that the Congo has the highest Hep C infection rates in Africa

The Poor Suffer Most

So we have this situation that we find all around the world where the poor cannot afford the medication or the testing.

They have no hope.

To put this in perspective the minimum wage in Nigeria is about US$50 per month.

A viral load test is around $180… or about 4 months wages.

Unlicensed generic Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir Hepatitis C treatments are available in Nigeria but the price is about US$900 for a 12 week treatment.

(As always, even with generics, the people selling them want to make the maximum profit regardless of human suffering.)

So we have this situation where an average person must pay 4 months wages for the viral load test and 18 months wages for a 12 week treatment with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir.

Clearly both options are impossible. It would be like asking a waitress in Miami to pay $8,000 for the viral load test and $40,000 for the treatment.


The First of Two Nigerian Hepatitis C Stories

In this will be a two part article where I am going to tell the story of Hepatitis C in Africa by focusing on the Hepatitis C situation in Nigeria. I believe that the Hep C situation in Nigeria is being replicated across Africa. I choose Nigeria because that is the country from which I get the most requests for information and assistance. Maybe because their language is English?

Below is the story of one person I have helped in Nigeria recently.


A Young Nigerian Woman’s Story

I was born in the 1992, am from a family of 7 Children.

I was studying computer engineering and science when I learned that I had Hepatitis C.  That was only six months ago.

I was feeling unwell and so with the symptoms I had first I had the antibody test and then the RNA test which confirmed I had an active infection.

Knowing from my doctor that I had hepatitis C was so heartbreaking for me, my family were also very upset because it caused some issues and challenges to me and my family.

My Doctor said Hepatitis C was not curable, that it would probably kill me and that I can transmit it to my husband, my kids or anyone around me which made things more difficult for me.

Knowing you have an ailment which cannot be cured is punishment enough and it’s been difficult to concentrate in school with constant headache, tiredness, dizziness.

One thing that has really almost made me crazy was the question of how I contacted Hep C . I still cannot figure out how, because my husband does not have it and I have never used drugs, I don’t have tattoo on my body and have not had any blood infused.

Treating hepatitis C in Nigeria is difficult because even to run all the recommended tests alone is too expensive let alone buying the drugs.

The costs are impossible, even though my husband has a good job in the civil service his monthly pay is only about US$250.

With that amount we can live but there is nothing left to save. Even to pay for the antibody test and RNA test we had to borrow money.

In Nigeria most people who have hepatitis  C rather decide just live with it because of the cost and because when people find it out they will avoid coming close to you because the impression they have is that once your body touches their body they will automatically be infected with Hepatitis C too.

I even had that same impression too!

So in Nigeria most people carrying Hep C keep silence because it’s too expensive to treat through Orthodox medicine so most people resort to herbal treatments, which in most Case’s do more harm than good.

I even started having the thought of trying herbal drugs when I was researching on the internet and came in contact with Greg Jefferys work. Through his foundation Greg is helping me and make sure I get my treatment. Thanks to God.


I also joined Greg’s Facebook group where I keep reading all the replies daily and I’m happy to learn a lot from them

Now I have hope and also better information about Hepatitis C that I could not find in my home.

One nurse even told me that HCV can kill faster than HIV and I became so scared until I read more about it. And over here most people live and die out of fear from wrong orientation concerning Hepatitis C.

I wish a foundation such as Greg’s could be extended to Nigeria that way it will save millions of life.

I know its not possible for Greg to extend his foundation here but at least through the internet it is possible to give advice and relief people with Hep C of their fear and despair.

Here in Nigeria we really need help, good foundation and a way to get access to drugs and tests easily and cheap.



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Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Rich people in Nigeria don’t have problem but we poor just die because we can’t effort to go trught test is very course Greg Jeffrey may you help to dosomething for Nigerians

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    Abdulwahab zainab April 22, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    Her story is quite similar to mine the only difference is the fact that she is married and am not yet married………
    Hep c is seen as the disease for the rich, because only the business tycoon and political elite and can get cured… I went for viral load test and I was shocked by the price around #67000.

    •    Reply

      I was diagnose of hypertitis c here in Nigeria (Abuja) and after visiting Asokoro district hospital I was schedule for full check on December and to me that’s way too far because I don’t know what might happen before then. Please doc Greg I need your help because I need to start treatment

      •    Reply

        With Hepatitis C there is no problem with waiting until December. It is not a disease that will cause rapid harm. Please have a good diet and do not drink any alcohol until you visit the hospital
        Then feel free to contact me if I can assist

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          I was tested reactive to hep c July 2018, i was asked to bring #300, 000 for treatment and up till now i have not gotten the money for the treatment, where can i get such amount for treatment, am not working, where can my poor mum who is a farmer get such money, I hope on God

          • Hi Gift
            The correct price for a 12 weeks treatment with Sofosbuvir 400 mg + Daclatasvir 60 mg is 120,000 naira. This includes shipping and delivery to Nigeria. The combination of Sof + Dac will treat all genotypes of hep C

        •    Reply

          Pls Sir..my mum was diagnosed Hepatitis c genotype 2…I based in lagos… what can I do pls

          • Hi Okafor
            I will send you an email
            I also had G2, the good news is that it is very easy to cure with Sofosbuvir + Daclatsvir

          • Good day Mr Greg my name is abubaka I just had my second test dis morning and d result show reactive I went to a consultant after all cross examinations she told m to do viral load test which is 27,000 naira and abdominal scanning and she told m d cost of medication for hep c is 300,000 naira help us in dis covid 19 era money is had to earn.I’m a primary school teacher whose income is 15,000 naira per month and finally ever since post lockdown d schools haven’t be reopened.

          • Hi Juliet
            I am very sorry to read of your situation. I can supply the treatment you need for #120,000 naira but I know that is still a very large amount of money for you. Sadly it is my cost price at the moment and I can. not supply it at a loss

    •    Reply

      Please what hospital ?

      •    Reply

        What country do you mean ?

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        Hi Mr Greg Jeffreys, my mom was diagnosed with Hepatitis C last year, we bought all the drugs for treatment but yesterday she went for check up but yesterday the doctor is saying that they are suspecting liver cancer and ask us to buy EPCLUSA, have checked around but I can’t see the brand any where in Nigeria. Someone testified online how you helped her, please I need your assistance on how to manage this illness and the drug. Thank you

  •    Reply

    Hi there, my mom’s been prescribed Sofosbuvir and ledipovir in Warri but can’t seem to find them. Can a Good Samaritan on this forum please point me to where I can buy this in Nigeria or abroad? Thanks

    •    Reply
      Greg Jefferys July 5, 2019 at 1:52 am

      HI Moj
      Its no problem to get Sof + Led to Nigeria. I assume you know that Sof + Led is only good for treatment of Hep C genotype 1?
      Please email me and I will be happy to give you advice.

    •    Reply

      Just send me an email Moj … I have helped many people in Nigeria

  •    Reply
    Olatunji olayinka isaac July 23, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    I’m hepatitis C positive and I have been looking for a great opportunity like this to get rid of it.

  •    Reply

    Pls your contact, i was diagnosed since last year i dont know what to do although i was directed to go to health care centre, i was told to come the next week

  •    Reply

    I was recently discovered I am living with a life treating virus called hep c. The problem I have now is that I can’t figure out were the problem came from. I have not had sex for 8years. I am a cripple and I am not married yet. I don’t have a boy friend. I don’t father, my mother a poor widow can’t afford to hear this bad news she will just die and I don’t know how to break the news to her. If she survives the news we can’t afford the treatment. I am tired and confuse. Please someone help me. I don’t want to die

  •    Reply

    I am grateful to come across this page please i am in need of the medication here in Nigeria i was diagnosed two months ago i do know how i got it but i am glad to know there is a cure unlike hepatitis B. Please Greg kindly enlighten me on how to place the order.

  •    Reply

    Pls how can I get d drugs for hepC here in Nigeria, Mr Grey?

  •    Reply

    Mr Greg enlighten us more can someone get this through sex.

  •    Reply

    please sir how do i get the hepatitis c drugs in Nigeria Sir Greg? thanks

  •    Reply

    plz I need d drugs

  •    Reply

    What is your email address?

  •    Reply

    Just went in for a medical fitness one faithful day just to be diagnosed with Hep. C… The price for viral load and genotyping I did this month is #35,000 & #70,000 respectively… The doctor is still saying it will cost #300,000- #400,000 for the drugs.. I don’t know why it’s this expensive to get treatment in Nigeria but having severe liver damage is not a good option, I’ve seen it first hand and it wasn’t pretty. Help us out Greg

    •    Reply

      Hi Mark
      It seems that prices Hep C testing vary a lot in Nigeria. I have heard of people getting these tests in NIgeria for a lot less. I wonder if your doctor is making a percentage?

  •    Reply

    pls how can I get the medication sir

  •    Reply
    onyinyechi glory nwaobilor December 8, 2019 at 2:00 am

    How can I know about the Greg Jeffery’s

  •    Reply

    I have test for hepatic c and am giving livolin forte to be taken for 2month is it effective

  •    Reply

    How how can I get medications for treatment

  •    Reply

    Please how can i be treated,I was tested positive since 2015 until date,I took several medication but still reactive.

    •    Reply

      It sounds like you are taking the antibody test. You will always test positive for Hep C antibodies. Please read the information on Hepatitis C testing on this

  •    Reply

    Please i need this drug where can i get in Nigeria?

  •    Reply

    Pls sir how do i get this hepatitis C drug?

  •    Reply

    The mother of a friend of mine, was diagnosed of Hep C. And I have been trying to help them out with the necessary information. Could you pls guide us here? Would like to send you a mail too.Thanks!

    •    Reply
      Greg Jefferys April 8, 2020 at 7:59 am

      Hi Patrick
      Please email me or fill in the form below and I will be happy to give you some advice

  •    Reply

    Please sir I need your help on how to get the complete treatment for Hep C drugs down to me here in Nigeria, and more advice needed urgently concerning Hep C.. thanks Sir

    •    Reply

      Hi David
      I have replied to your email.
      But in case you did not receive my reply there is no problem sending Hep C medicine to Nigeria. Its just a matter of seeing me your shipping details and payment. The cost is #120,000 for 12 weeks treatment

      •    Reply

        Greetings sir, please I didn’t receive your reply… however I will like to have a private direct contact with you so I can send you my shipping address and know how to go about the payment… I sent you emails on gregjefferys@outlook.com but didn’t get any reply back from you.. sir please check your email again and reply me privately… thanks

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    How can I get d drug and what is anti body

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