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Hepatitis C Medicine in the Philippines

Filipino Hep C treatment

Buying Hepatitis C medicines in the Philippines is very expensive and impossible for most Filipinos

Buying Hepatitis C Medicine in the Philippines

One of the issues that I keep coming back to is that, whilst in many affluent countries such as Australia, Japan, Canada and Europe, access to Hepatitis C treatment is now relatively easy, in many countries the price of Hepatitis C medicine make treatment impossible for tens of millions of people.
One such country is the Philippines. In the Philippines, the average wage is less than US$10 per day, some people earn less and some earn more but most people are on a monthly wage of less than US$200.
There is very little free government assistance for people with Hepatitis C in the Philippines. For example, there are no free viral load tests (a viral load test in the Philippines will cost about US0). There is no free Hepatitis C treatment in the Philippines.
Obviously brand versions of Hep C medication is beyond the rich of all but the wealthiest Filipinos and whilst generic Hepatitis C treatments are available in the Philippines there are cartels and monopolies that control their distribution and fix the prices at about US,000 per treatment, or around 45,000 pesos.
Such a price means that for an average Filipino the cost of treatment using a generic Hep C medicine will be about 5 months wages.
Every week I received several emails from people in the Philippines seeking affordable Hep C treatment. Today I would like to share one of these conversation threads with you.
Hi sir greg..
I’ve read you stories about hep c and I am very interested in buying medicines for hep C at a very affordable price from you..Sir I badly needed your help..The medicine is for my partner.. We are living in the Philippines.
thank you!
Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 5:57 AM Greg Jefferys <gregjefferys@hepatitisc.support> wrote:

Hi ####

Thanks for your email. I can certainly help you and your partner however it would be great if you could tell me a little more about your partner’s medical condition. What Hep C related tests has he had?
Also is he suffering symptoms of Hep C?
Hi sir greg,
My partner is experiencing abdominal pain and there was one time that his nose was suddenly bleeding..his sgpt is 146 and the doctor said that it’s already high..sir greg, I already inquired about the price of the medicine that the doctor referred by however the price was very high.Each medicine cost Php 13,000 each bottle. And for that price, I cannot afford that since I am the only one working as of this moment since its pandemic.Maybe can you recommend me the generic one sir..attached to this file is the result of his HCV and the prescription from the doctor
On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 11:09 AM Greg Jefferys <gregjefferys@hepatitisc.support> wrote:

Hi ####

Okay, thanks for that information. I am very sorry to read that your partner is at such a stage.
I was like that myself before I started treatment.
THe prescription from the doctor is the correct drug combination but I am totally amazed by the price being charged for this.
I can supply the same product for 15,000 pesos for the entire treatment. Thats 3 bottles of Sofosbuvir and 3 bottles of Daclatasvir
best wishes
Hi sir Greg 😀 glad to hear that sir. You are an answered prayer from God..How can I avail that product sir?
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