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Hepatitis C, the best and the worst stories.

Hepatitis C, best and worst stories.

Over the past five years that I have been helping people access Hep C treatments, I have seen the best and the worst of humanity.

On the “best” side I have seen many people do whatever they could to help others. People have donated time and money and medicine to help total strangers beat Hepatitis C.

On the “worst” side I have seen some terrible scammers. People promising medication or some kind of miracle cure only to take the money and run. Often these people exploit the most impoverished, desperate, and vulnerable people.

Last week I had one “best” and one “worst” experience right beside each other.

Seeing the Good in People.

Back in March this year I received an email from a woman in the USA who was desperate to get Hep C treatment. She was a registered nurse who believed that she had picked up Hepatitis C during the course of her work. Because she did not know exactly how or when she had been infected with hep C there was no way to prove she had been infected at work.  When she eventually learned she had Hep C C she had recently lost her job and was too sick to find any kind of nursing work.

She did not have insurance:

On Thu, Mar 5, 2020 at 12:51 PM M wrote:

Good afternoon Greg,

I have attached medical documentation of my positive Hep C results.  At this time I do have financial hardships.  I am off of work due to neck and shoulder injuries and am receiving a much reduced wage compensation than what I had been previously making. 

I do not receive child support from my ex-husband of my first two children….he owes over $48,000 and the courts just don’t seem to see the enormity of the non-payment as I do. 

I am a single mother of 3 children, my income is $398/week;  My mortgage payment is $800/month (includes taxes and home owners insurance), vehicle insurance $200/month which I have to maintain, gas for heating my home, electric bill, and water/sewer and garbage bill.  All of these bills currently exceed my monthly income.  I am hopeful that the situation will be rectified in the near future, but I am not sure when that will happen.  If you need documentation to show my income and expenses I will happily provide.  I was not sure how much information you would want or need and I did not want to inundate you. 

If you are able to reduce the cost at this time, I would GREATLY appreciate it, and would be able to pay the reduced rate,  Otherwise, it may be months or years before I am able to afford the full price.  I would like to get the Hep C treated and out of my system.  Options weren’t available for me at the time of my diagnosis, and I found out about you through my 2nd ex-husband, who went through you to treat his Hep C, and he is all clear!  I will send a donation to you in the future when my situation changes to cover the discount as well as make a donation for someone else to receive the medication they need. 

Please let me know if you will consider reducing the rate for me at this time, and if so – how to get the payment to you, and if there is any further documentation you need.  I am so grateful for you and what you do to help people.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


She was able to borrow from friends just $300 and asked if I would supply her the medication for that amount.

Of course I did and M went on to clear the Hep C, regain her health and get back into the work force.

To be honest I had forgotten about M until I received an email last week:


On 16 Sep 2020, at 1:51 am, M wrote:

Hi Greg,

I hope you are doing well and are safe considering all that is going on amidst the insanity of the world right now. I pray for you and the world each day. I would like to send you $500.   I appreciate all you do and have $500 I am able to send to you at this time,
Please let me know What would work best to get the funds to you, and thank you again for all you do & have done for so many.
It was really a wonderful surprise to see that someone remembered their promise and kept their word. Because of this donation, I was able to help another person in an impoverished situation.
I should add here that every month I do receive donations and gifts from people that I then use to help people in need to buy Hepatitis C medication.

Hep C Stories: The Worst

Sadly, on the other side of the coin there are the scammers.
Now, most people think of online scammers being the sellers of online medication, etc but actually, there are scammers on the buying side too!.
Over the last five years, I have been scammed five times, once by a person from Nigeria, once by a person from the Philippines, and three times by people from the USA.
So last week, at the same time as I received the gift from M I was scammed by a guy from Nebraska ing the USA, called Kris Reddy. Kris had contacted me about getting generic Epclusa… He told me he was worried about being scammed:
On 28 Aug  2020, at 12:34 pm, Kris Reddy wrote:

How much for a 12 wks course of Epclusa?
Can you guaranty quick delivery to the USA?
On Aug 27, 2020, at 10:07 PM, GREG JEFFERYS <gregjefferys@outlook.com> wrote:

Hi Kris
12 weeks of GILEAD approved generic Epclusa is US0 including shipping.
Normally delivery takes around 2 weeks.
It can be sent faster by DHL, taking about 7 days, but it would cost an extra $50
Best wishes
On 28 Aug 2020, at 10:13 pm, Kris Reddy wrote:
What’s my guaranty is will arrive? Sorry but it’s a lot of money and I need to be sure, been scammed in the past.


On Aug 28, 2020, at 7:20 AM, GREG JEFFERYS <gregjefferys@outlook.com> wrote:

Hi Kris

I understand that you have issues about being scammed.
How about I trust you and send you the meds and you pay me when you get them?
Send me your shipping details and I’ll get them off to you on Monday
Best wishes
On 29 Aug 2020, at 12:04 am, Kris Reddy <krisreddyuk@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Greg,
Thank you for understanding and I will deposit/send funds upon delivery of the meds. …. Could I order the 12 week supply, I believe that’s 84 pills, that would be the order and I believe you have the fixed price of $850 plus $50 for express delivery, make the total $900.00 due.
Here is my mailing address:
Kreesan Reddy
10011 S 170th Circle
Omaha NE 68136
So I sent Kris the medication and the tracking number. A couple of weeks went by and we received notice that the medication had been delivered and signed for but we had heard nothing at all from Kris / Kreesan Reddy.

Tracking Number: EM947741375IN

Your item was delivered at 10:46 am on September 12, 2020 in OMAHA, NE 68136. The item was signed for K READDY.



September 12, 2020 at 10:46 am
OMAHA, NE 68136
So I wrote to Kris/Kreesan Reddy and asked if he would mind paying for the meds as promised. Kris Reddy denied that he had received the meds and said someone must have stolen them out of his mail box. When I mentioned him that the USPS delivery notice showed that the parcel had been signed for by a K Readdy (sic) he then changed his story and said that someone must have impersonated him and stolen the parcel after signing for it.
Well sure, someone was waiting at his place for the postman to arrive with a box of Hepatitis C medicine… what’s the point in arguing? I am in Australia, Kreesan Reddy is in the USA.
I did a little research on line and discovered a bit more about Kreesan Reddy and found that he had been before the courts a couple of times over the previous decade for fraud and lying.
Kris Reddy had scammed me.
I guess I should have done the research before I sent the medication!
Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys

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