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Hepatitis C Treatment in Australia: A world breakthrough

Hepatitis C Treatment in Australia A world breakthrough

The developments in Hepatitis C treatment in Australia over the last week demonstrate the pressure that can be brought to bear on greed driven international pharmaceutical companies such as Gilead if people power can hit them where it hurts… in the pocket.

This week has seen the Australian government offer Australian residents the best deal for Hep C treatment any where in the world.
From April 2016 all Australians with Hep C will be able to access treatment from combinations of Sofosbuvir with either Ledipasvir or Daclatasvir. The government will be paying Gilead and Bristol Myer Squid between $10,000 and $20,000 per person treated depending on the combination of Hep C medication used for treatment.
Apparently the Australian government has budgeted for 6,500 treatments per year over the next five years ( the current treatment rate over the past four years has not been above 4,000 per year using the Interferon Simprevir Ribavirin treatments)
The drug companies appear to have agreed that if more than 6,500 people require Hep C treatment in any given year then they will supply the medication free to treat them. This means that if 10,000 people with Hep C seek treatment next year the drug companies will give the medicine free to the last 3,500.
An extraordinary deal, but why have they done this deal?
It’s a deal that seems to be too good to be true, so why has a drug company like Gilead, famous for its greed dropped its outrageous demands.

The reason is simple, between Dr Freeman’s FixHepC Buyers’ Club and my small efforts, the next year would have seen more than 5,000 Australians treated with generic Harvoni, generic Sofosbuvir and generic Daclatasvir. In other words virtually all Australians who wanted to be treated for Hep C would have been able to do so without a cent flowing to the Gilead or Bristol Myer Squib because everyone was getting their Hep C meds from generic sources.

So Big Pharma had a simple choice, they could either hold out for the $50,000+ per treatment that they had wanting for the past two years and get nothing or do a deal with the government that meant they still made some money out of the Australian Hep C population.

The flow of generic Hep C medicines into Australia is what turned the tide and gave the Australian government a powerful negotiating position.

It was only when the drug companies were faced with the loss of an entire marketplace for their Hep C medicines that they came to the table and did a deal that was favorable to the government and to Australian people with Hep C. This occurred because Australia was the only ” first world” country where generic Hep C treatment was available to everyone.

If other countries like the USA, UK or Canada or Italy or where ever followed Australia’s example and made it easy for their citizen to access generic Hep C medicines not only would it save the lives of thousands of their citizens it would also save those governments’ Heath Care Systems many billions of dollars.

25th December 2015

One of the best thing I have received this Christmas is a steady flow of emails from people who have started their treatments and received their first blood test results or have finished their treatments and received the news that they are virus free.
It is a great gift for me and a great gift for them. Next year should see thousands of Australians be able to access the new Hepatitis treatments for free on the national PBS. This is a great gift for all those people with Hep C in Australia but there are still more than 20 million people with Hep C who can not access affordable Hep C treatment through generics or any other way.
Interestingly enough the two countries I get the most enquiries from are the USA and Romania.
The weirdest thing is that it is easier for Romanians to get these meds than citizens of the USA even though the average income in Romania is about 20% of the average income in the USA.
Even though the USA is supposedly the land of the free with a constitution to guarantee its citizens the unalienable right of the pursuit of happiness the FDA actively prevents people from accessing the basic human right of Health by stopping people accessing life saving medicines.

So I am helping heaps of people from Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Lithuania and so on to access the Indian generic Hep C treatments but almost no-one from the USA.

Anyway enough of that.

Its Christmas Day. My family and friend came around and we all ate way too much and now we are having a very warm Christmas afternoon laying around trying to digest turkey and pudding and so many other delicious things.

Here an interesting email I received yesterday, I call it High Anxiety because so many people suffer from this anxiety as they wait for their medication to arrive:

Hi Greg
I received my package today. After I ordered it I suffered tremendous anxiety waiting for it to arrive. I imagined all sorts of scenarios which would prevent the cure from arriving. Customs agents were being paid off by Gilead to seize shipments of sofosbuvir and daclatasvir; the plane carrying the shipment would crash into the ocean and I would not be able to get another shipment; a FedEx employee has a relative with HCV who was denied treatment so he stole my shipment; the truck carrying the shipment crashed and was looted by a frenzied mob and I couldn’t get more etc., etc….. I got no sleep. I was tracking the shipment every five minutes. I was terrified that something would happen that would crush my chances to be free of my disease.

When the package finally arrived I opened it. Inside were the two medicines I needed so much.
I looked at them. I was amazed. I pondered the fact that the contents of this small parcel are worth a hundred thousand dollars in this country. Worth more than gold or platinum. Worth more than heroin or cocaine. Priceless to me because I was holding my life in my hand.

We universally denounce those individuals who import and sell illicit drugs, such as heroin, on the street. We call them pushers. We imprison them and justify doing so by rationalizing that they are preying on peoples sickness. They are selling drugs that, when withheld, cause the people who need them to suffer excruciating physical pain and mental agony. Pushers don’t care whether the people who need their drugs cannot afford to pay the grossly inflated prices they charge for them. All that a pusher cares about is him/herself and obscene profit. Pushers don’t care whether their customers die for lack of their drugs. If one thinks about this logically, one might conclude that Gilead’s board of directors are simply a bunch of pushers and should therefore be imprisoned. They certainly do not care what happens to people who can not afford to buy their drugs.

Thank you Greg. Without your blog I never would have known about the treatment option that I chose to pursue. I will begin treatment under a doctor’s supervision. I will let you know the results and I will spread the word to others.

God bless you mate

P.S. Feel free to use this email in any way you see fit. I know my last one was too angry to publish. This one is better because I am really, really happy today.

And another:

Hi Greg,
I don’t know if you remember me but I am another you helped access Sof/ Riba from India. I just wanted to let you know I got my 4 week UNDETECTED result today!!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxx. I am eternally grateful for your help.
I ended up on SOF/DAC on your recommendation after seeing Doc Freeman.I will need to find out whether I still need to take the Riba (last 12 weeks) from him as that had not been decided. I still have a long way to go as I need 24 weeks treatment but this has taken such a load off me. I actually have energy!
I hope you are enjoying life and your health continues to improve. I know mine already has!!!
Kind Regards

p.s sorry about all the exclamation marks but I’m excited !

27th December 2015

Hep C Activism: How to do it properly.

There are Hep C advocacy groups in nearly every country. In the countries that are big market places for Hep C drugs these advocacy groups get a huge amount of their funding from Big Pharma, from companies like Gileas and Bristol Myer Squib and others.
It is a bit like the Mexican drug cartels funding the police force… there can only be one outcome.

So if you want to by-pass the so call advocacy organisation and make a real difference in your country there is a simple formula that has been developed here in Australia and proven to work effectively. It requires two people who have a little courage and are prepared to take a risk.

One of these people should be a person with Hep C and the other should be a medical doctor. A general practitioner or a specialist.

The person with Hep C has to import generic Hep C meds and go public about it.
Go to the news media about it. Television, radio, newspaper.
So it would be best if the person with Hep C had existing media experience or if someone with media experience could give some help in this process that would be good.
Bombard the news media in your country with press releases about how many people are dieing because of Hep C in your country, how the greed of companies like Gilead is killing people. How many billions of dollars Hep C costs the health system in your country.
The news media love the story about how much a tablet of Harvoni costs to make and how much Gilead sells it for. Cost is about 40 cents a tablet.
Then the doctor has to also go public about prescribing generics. It has to be a doctor with courage. A doctor who cares more about patient’s health than their career prospects or peer group approval.
A doctor who cares about people being cured of a curable disease rather than how much money he might lose if he gets in trouble with the medical board.
A doctor with a conscience.
The doctor has to team up with the Hep C sufferer and support their media campaign. Together they become a very news worthy couple.
As the news media coverage increases so people with Hep C begin to actively seek a cure through generic Hep C medicines and more and more doctors will begin to prescribe generic Hep C medicines.
This happens very fast.
In Australia in just six months this went from not very many patients ordering generic treatments to hundreds every week.
In Australia when we first started our campaign, Dr Freeman and I, it was very difficult for patients for find a doctor who would prescribe or monitor generic Hep C treatments. Six months later almost every major Liver Clinic in Australia was prescribing and monitoring generic Hep C treatments and every second doctor was doing the same.

Of course the effect of all this is that Gilead and the other drug companies could see that soon there would be no-one with Hep C left in Australia to sell their grossly over-prices medicines to.
This meant that to get a piece of the action they had to lower their prices to almost generic levels. So now in Australia everyone with Hep C will have access to Hepatitis C treatment at almost no cost.

This same formula will work anywhere, in Canada, in the USA, in the UK, in Ireland, in Brazil, in Japan. Anywhere there is a problem with Hep C.
If you think you can do this write to me and I will be happy to help you with press releases etc.
Try to get a Hep C patient and a Doctor if possible but if you can not get a doctor do it anyway.
Look here it is already happening in New Zealand and in less than 12 months I will bet that New Zealand has a very good deal worked out with the drug companies to supply Hepatitis C drugs like Harvoni and Sovaldi at very cheap prices.
Be the one who changes things in your country and give Gilead a kick in the balls while you are at it!

29th December 2015

As the year comes to a close I feel a great satisfaction of how things have turned out in Australia, the result of the work of many people.
I particuarly think of the nurses at the Hepatitis Clinic in the Royal Hobart Hospital who were so supportive of people treating themselves with generics. I think that the Hobart Hepatitis Clinic was the first to openly assist people who came to them with the generic treatment option and then organised BMS compassionate Daclatasvir to go with the Indian generic Sofosbuvir.
The Royal Hobart Liver Clinic was very soon followed by the Cairns Base Hospital in North Queensland and, when it was almost impossible for people in Queensland to get a prescription for generic Hep C meds, the doctors in the Cairns Hospital were writing them for every person with Hepatitis C who came to them.
Slowly this spread through most of the hospitals in Australia until the only one that was not prescribing and supporting Hep C patients using generics was Princess Alexander Hospital in Brisbane.
So it has been a good year in Australia, but in other countries the news has not been so good. In the USA, where the FDA has discretionary powers about which drugs they will allow into the country, the situation is very bad. The FDA continues to block access to affordable Hepatitis C treatment for US citizens. Personally I would consider that the FDA is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of US citizens every year because of this. And this not even taking into account the terrible suffering that the FDA inflicts upon more than one million US citizens with Hep C endure because they can not access treatment for their Hep C.

But there is hope because I and others are sending generic Hepatitis C treatments to the USA and also helping people from the USA access the meds themselves by traveling either to India or Australia.
Below is an email I received today from a US citizen who traveled to Australia to pick up her generic Hep C meds.

Hi Greg,
I’ve been home from Australia for a week now. I was denied treatment for Hep C here in the USA. I saw your blog and right away trusted you… something told me you were genuine and really cared about humanity. Your empathy for all of us out there with hepc going through the whole circus act of applying for drugs with our doctors only to waste time and be denied the life saving drugs we need really impressed me. I knew you were a voice that would change my world, and as of today you have.

My Doctor called to tell me there’s been a miracle . My blood work came back with zero viral load, he couldn’t believe it because I had not told him I was taking the generics. Then I told him I’ve been taking generic meds from Australia for 3 weeks now. He was amazed!
But I already knew the drugs were working . After 19 days on the generic meds I got when I visited Australia a few weeks ago I woke up and did quite a list of things before I even had my tea, I sat at the end of my bed and started to cry.These were tears of JOY . I HAVE NOT FELT THIS GOOD IN YEARS!!!
I DIDN’T take 3 hrs to get up out of bed.
I wasn’t in pain &exhausted .
I felt like I was 20 yr old again.
I felt alive!! Not like I was dying.
It is an outrage the greed of these people who run the drug companies are wanting to make a profit out of dying people.
It is unacceptable that they have the right to play god, to say who can live and who can die.
Would they wipe out the human race playing this game? Holding governments hostage to pay these ransoms? Only giving the drug to those who have the money to pay.
If the polio vaccine was withheld for untouchable costs there would be no more people.This is a human rights issue and all involved should be tried as criminals . The worst kind. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ! !!!! And the USA’s FDA is complicate by preventing US citizens getting these life saving meds.

I’m reading your blogs and articles and if I could get the courage to get the news involved I will. I’m wondering if it’s OK that I tell my doctor to refer people with the same problem to me so I can give your information to them so they will live. Is that OK with you? I am so very greatful to you words can’t say. I’ve been thinking about you all week because I knew meds were working . The world needs to have many more courageous , ethically correct humain men like yourself, it would lead to a wonderful world. You’ve made a difference that’s what it’s all about.i will never be able to thank you enough.
Anything that I could do for you please ask, I owe you and Dr freeman my life.
I never thought I’d be crying tears of joy.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Best regards,

Another interesting thing that has arisen from talking to folk doing generic Hep C treatment is the connection between Hepatitis C and other chronic health problems. This keeps coming up again and again from people who have been suffering from some apparently unrelated health problems and then when they start their Hepatitis C treatment and the Hep C virus is gone from their system, suddenly the other health problems clear up.
I certainly had this experience and here is one of a number of emails I have received on this subject.

Hey Greg:
I know that i wrote many an email to you discussing the negative side effects i experienced at the beginning of my treatment.

I thought i would take this opportunity to mention a couple of GOOD side effects from Twinvir.
I have had severe Psoriasis ( a skin disorder) for about 30 years… i had treatments varying from UVB, to pills to creams… and while it has gotten better since my retirement, it still persisted on my elbows, knees and shins.

Since taking Twinvir, the degree of irritated skin (my plaque psoriasis) has diminished greatly as well as the daily itching. The last is very important as it is itching while i am asleep and the subsequent scratching (while asleep) that has been a constant source of re-injuring the skin.

Secondly.. since my retirement i have had various “bowel” issues. Mainly bouts of diarrhea then constipation. I tried taking anti-parasite meds and sometimes it would clear up for a month or two… but inevitably, the condition would return. I just accepted it as a part of daily life, as it was not a big inconvenience, really. (Isn’t it amazing what we can adjust to and call “the new normal”)

anyways… since the start of my Hep C treatment, this too has gone completely away. My bowel movements are regular and normal! Hooray hooray.

So… don’t know if you ever hear much about positive side effects.. but thought i would put that out there.

Week 6 (out of 24) and moving on.
thanks again for all your support.

7th January 2016

The dawn of 2016 has brought a lot of changes and has caused me to spend some time in reflection on the past year and the year ahead. Reflecting on what I would be doing with the year.
Because I am now cured of Hepatitis C and access to affordable Hep C treatment will be available to all Australians by the middle of 2016 the temptation is to say that my work is done and move on to other things. But then I get emails like this one below and I think that if I can help just one more person get free of Hep C who would not have done so without my assistance then what right do I have to withdraw that assistance. So I have resolved to continue helping folk access affordable Hep C treatment in what ever way I can.

Hi Greg,
Just got the results of first blood test and no hepatitis C detected! Beside
myself – still can’t quite believe it. I’m a bit knocked around by the
treatment (not complaining at all) but only a few weeks left to go.
Anyway I had to drop you a quick line because you made this possible and
were so reassuring. I seriously don’t know how I would have done it without
you – thank you so very much.
Wishing you good health and good times for 2016

Scams and Prices
Because I directly assist people in the process of buying generic Harvoni, Daclatasvir and Sofosbuvir I communicate regularly with suppliers of generic Hep C meds in Bangladesh and India. As a result if know what the prices are for the different Hep C drugs from different suppliers and countries. I know the retail prices and the wholesale price and the bulk discounts that are available.

So I know when someone contacts me and says “Why are you saying that the right price for buying Harvoni online is between US$1,250 and US$1,500 when I am being offered it for US$850?”
I regularly get people telling me that they can buy generic Hep C medicines for around US$850 or $900 including shipping. And my reply is simple: It is too cheap and there for it is either fake tablets or tablets where half of the tablets in the bottle are fake or they are not even going to even bother sending you anything once you send the money.
There are a LOT of ways that you can be scammed and (with no disrespect to India or Indians) the best scammers in the world live in India.
Do not think that just because someone sends you a photo of a bottle of tablets, with a proper label saying Ledifos or Hepcnat-LP that they are going to send you a bottle of real Ledifos or Hecnat-LP.
Just because they send you a bottle with a “genuine” label with a tamper proof seal intact does not mean it contains real tablets of generic Harvoni or what ever. Might be the jar contains 50% real and 50% fake or 100% fake.
Remember India makes very good fake passports so printing fake labels is not problem.
Do not buy anything online unless you have a recommendation from a very reliable third party. This does not include a couple of mentions on a forum or Facebook page. Scammers regularly infiltrate these forums and can use multiple fake identities to create a fake reputation.
There are a number of online resources that have lists of tested, proven reliable suppliers. For example FixHepC has a list of trusted suppliers. Also the Facebook group Hepatitis C treatment w/o Borders has a similar list. I can also send you a list of trusted suppliers.

Vietnam Buys Bulk Hep C Meds
Getting back to the issue of real prices. This week it emerged that Vietnam has purchased a quarter of a billion US dollars worth of licensed generic Hep C meds from Cipla in India.
The lowest price that Vietnam was able to negotiate with a purchase of that volume was US$800 per treatment.
So if someone is telling you that they can sell you a 12 week treatment of Harvoni for US$800 or $900 including shipping etc then they are lying, its as simple as that. Don’t get scammed look for recommended suppliers from reliable websites.
The correct price for generic Harvoni purchased online including freight should be between US$1,250 and US$1,550
Of course it is a different matter if you in India and buying direct from the pharmacy there. Obviously in this situation the price will be a little cheaper, between 70,000 and 90,000 Indian Rupees for a 12 week course (around US$1,100)

10th January 2016

Getting Generic Hep C Treatment in the USA
Today I received an email from a doctor in the USA written on behalf of several of his patients who have Hep C but can not afford to pay for the treatment in the USA. This doctor was a rare one for a US doctor because he was prepared to do anything to help his patients get the generic Hep C treatment. He would write a prescription, monitor their treatment, support them if the FDA tried to block their meds. Anything to see his patients cured of this easily treated disease.
He expressed the terrible frustration of a doctor watching his patients dying when the cure was there and the only thing blocking access to the cure was the fact that they did not ahve enough money.
He wrote asking for information about what was involved in shipping generic Harvoni to the USA and what was involved if one of his patients wanted to fly to India to get the generic Harvoni.
I explained that I reguarly helped people import generic Hep C medicines into the USA from either Australia or India and that the only thing a person in the USA needed to get these meds was a supportive doctor and $1,450.
If you have a supp0ortive doctor who will argue your case with the FDA then you can and will be able to import generic Harvoni and other Hep C medicines from India.
How do I know for sure?
Because I have helped dozens of people do just that over the last couple of months. Every person I have assisted with this has received their meds.
So I can say with confidence; if you live in the USA and have Hepatitis C then you will be able to import generic Hep C meds IF you ahve a supportive doctor.

But herein lies the problem: so few US doctors are supportive of their patients. For every US citizen who contacts me about importing generic Hep C meds into the states only about one in five has a supportive doctor who will write them a prescription and a letter explaining why they need these medicines.

So does this mean that four out of five US doctors really do not give a stuff about their patients health? It sure seems like that to me.

So if you have not got a supportive doctor what are the other options?
Well there are two.
One is to fly to Australia or India and buy the meds there and bring them home. This is perfectly legal under US law.
The other is to do an online consultation with an Australian doctor, get and Australian prescription and have the meds sent to you from Australia. This is a little more expensive and a little more complicated than getting the treatment from India Generics but it works.
Here is an email I received today from a US citizen who did the trip to India to buy generic Harvoni. I know plenty of US citizens who have done this trip with great sucess.

Hi Greg,

Back from India after a flight marathon to India and back, but everything went smoothly, with just a few of the hiccups that might be expected. In Chennai I was informed that I was the first person to buy the Gilead licensed generic Harvoni by your contact there, and the price was quite heavily discounted even from the low starting price. No problems at all with US customs. There was a form that asked for a list of all items bought in India and I did enter “medication $900”, but I don’t think anyone even looked at that. My US customs “pre-clearance” was in Abu Dhabi and the automated passport machine questionairre did not require any such detailed info, asked only if value of imported items was under 10,000. It took my picture, and a report was generated which is relayed to the customs official who simply asked if I had anything to declare, I said ” No.” and that was it! No bag search, no probing questions . . .

I stayed for two weeks in India because I wanted to allow for unforseen problems (including possible side effects) , but really I would have only needed about four days there all up. When it was clear I wasn’t experiencing side effects I took a bus down to Pondicherry and stayed there for the duration — a much more relaxing experience than dealing with the extreme hustle and bustle of Chennai.

Please use this info as you see fit. If you know of any Americans wanting to travel to Chennai who might benefit from communicating with me, feel free to share my email address.

I thank you for your work in helping people like me get the treatment that is unfortunately being denied us by the US insurance industry.

Best regards,

13th January 2016
More About Scams and Unreliable Suppliers

I am going to rave on about the issue of reliable suppliers again. I should make this point that there are honest suppliers who care about the customer/patient and there a suppliers who will send you genuine medicines but do not give a toss whether you actually receive the meds or not. Once that parcel leaves their hands that is it. Once they can prove that they sent it to you their job is done. They do not care about getting the paperwork right for your particular country. If Customs needs some document from them and you send them an email you will not ever hear from them. You sent them the money, they sent you the meds and that is the end of it.
So you see you have the out right scammers, who either send you nothing or send you fake meds. Then you have the suppliers who will send you the real meds but give no follow up customer service and then you have the suppliers who will stay with you to then end, until you have that Hep C treatment in your hands.
Below is an example of person who purchased Meds from a bug, well known pharmaceutical supplier inIndia but they got seized by the FDA at the US border. That is his problem, no help from India. So now I am trying to assist him to get his treatment from the FDA. There is a lot of paperwork and pleading that will need to be done but I am hopeful he will get his meds eventually.

Dear Greg,

Thanks for all the good work you’re doing to help folks with hep c!

I have a couple questions as I’ve ordered Ledifos from ###### Medicos in India. Unfortunately I should have done more research before doing so as my prescription is now stuck in customs and I’ve little hope of getting it. A doctor in the US had prescribed it for me but he’s being uncooperative in helping me get the drugs from India. So now I’m trying to find another doctor that will help at this late stage which probably isn’t going to happen.

First of all, the price I paid for the Ledidfos was $350 per bottle {for 3 bottles and $60 for shipping} That is lower than the price you had quoted so I’m wondering if that is TOO low {so low they are probably fake.] If that is the case, I may as well not even pursue finding another doctor.

I couldn’t find the Hepatitis C Treatment w/o borders facebook page with recommended suppliers so I don’t know if ######Medicos is recommended or not. They did have a few recommendations on a web page about this but that may have been bogus. They did give me the impression that importation wouldn’t be a problem.

I do know that I won’t have that kind of money to spend again any time soon. I paid with a wire transfer so I have little hope of a refund. I wish I’d just gone to India and gotten it myself.

Thanks so much for any input you can give.

HI Greg
i would like to thank you for the noble work that you are doing greg. I am wanting to buy the Indian Harvoni since the manufacturers there are licensed by Gilead so their quality would be same as the original harvoni which i am denied by my insurance company.

I plan to travel India in February and wondering if you could help me which city is the best to go and who are your reliable contacts there.

I have received a quote of $ 800 for 3 jars of Harvoni from Modern Times Pharmacy in Delhi, whether this guy is reliable and whether the prices are ok?
I have also received a quote of $ 1150 from ###### Medicos in Delhi. This strange price difference between the two quotes make me travel to India and have a first hand experience with your reliable contacts.

I am not sure whether going to Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai is better, would appreciate your kind comments.


On Sunday, 10 January 2016, 11:26, greg jefferys <gregjefferys@outlook.com> wrote:

Hi #####
There is no problem at all sending generic Harvoni to the UK, we actually do this at least a couple of times a week. It is totally legal and very simple.
The price of a 12 week supply of generic Harvoni is AUD$2,000, approx. 1,000 pounds.
A prescription is best but not necessary, a recent medical report showing you have hep c is enough.
More information is attached
best wishes

Sent: Saturday, January 9, 2016 11:17 PM
To: gregjefferys@outlook.com
Subject: Generic Harvoni in India

Dear Mr. Greg,

I am ####### from Exeter in United Kingdom. I have Hepatitis C genotype 1a. I am suffering with this since 10 years and desperately want to get rid of this. The previous treatment did not work and then the harvoni was launched. unfortunately i was denied treatment for this by my insurance companies because they dont think I am sick enough to take this medicine.

I have been reading a lot about hepatitis C on your blog and it interests me to buy the generic harvoni from India. I have no contacts in India, hence have following questions:-

1)Whether it is best to get the indian generics by courier or travel there myself?
2)If i can receive by courier, who would be a reliable person in india to do this for me
3)If i travel there, which is the best city to go and buy.
4)what is the approx price for 3 months supply of harvoni ?
5)What documents do i need in order to procure this drug from India.

I would be glad if you could help me out with this. It is a great job that you are doing and I look forward for your reply on the same.


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