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History of Hepatitis C

History of Hep C

Even though Hepatitis C was only discovered in 1989 The History Of Hepatitis C goes back thousands of years.

A Brief History of Hepatitis C

In this video, I talk about The History Of Hepatitis C and Hepatitis C treatment.

Whilst Hepatitis C was only discovered and identified in 1989 it has probably been infecting and killing humans for tens of thousands of years. According to my research, I estimate that prior to the mid-20th-century over 5% of the population of most countries would have been infected with Hepatitis C. In other words, in the past, at least one in 20 people had Hep C.

My Background in History

This is a brief history of the Hepatitis C virus. In 2014 G I was doing my Ph.D. at the University of Tasmania when I became very sick and discovered that I had Hepatitis C. The severity of my illness forced me to quit my Ph.D.

In 2015 I traveled to India and cured the Hepatitis C infection using generic Sovaldi. Since that time I have devoted my life to helping people with Hepatitis C access affordable treatment.

I have a Masters Degree in History and in this video, I briefly explain the history of Hepatitis C and Hepatitis C treatment. If you need support with your Hepatitis C please join my Hepatitis C support group on Facebook by clicking this link

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Greg Jefferys

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