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Is Cheap Hep C Medicine a Scam?

Every day I get emails and messages about buying cheap Hep C medicines.  Obviously, I get emails from all over the world (because Hep C is everywhere) and from people in all different kinds of situations.

However, I never get emails from rich people because they don’t care that the price of Hep C medication might be US$30,000 or $80,000.

Mostly my emails are from people who are struggling even to get the price of generic Hep C medicines.

And of course, everyone is worried about being ripped off buying medicines online!

Is this a scam?

One common email I receive is from people wanting information about getting affordable Hep C medicine,  but who are very skeptical about the service I am offering. So they start off by asking about the process and if the medicine really works and why the Hepatitis C medicine is so cheap. Some people are actually even honest enough to ask if am I running a scam.

I guess for every person who writes to me asking about getting affordable Hep C medication there are ten who don’t even bother writing because they think that:

“It’s so cheap it must be some kind of scam.”

Thanks for helping cure my Hep C

The other type of email I frequently get is from people who have completed their treatment, using generic Hep C medicine, who are writing to share the good news that they have received their SVR 12 test results and that they are cured.

So for the people thinking about using generic Hep C medicines to cure their Hep C, I would like to publish these two conversation threads, one thread is from a Messenger conversation and the other is an email.

 “How can you be supplying these medicines so cheap?”

So I just will first share this Message thread from yesterday:
Hello Greg.
I am looking for help. I got your contact info from fb group about hepatitis C. I heard that you can help. My husband was diagnosed with hepatitis C type 1. We don’t have health insurance. Medicine here is extremely expensive. I will appreciate any help. Thank you,
10:10 AM
You sent Today at 10:10 AM
Hi D
Yes I can certainly help you with this
For Genotype 1 your husband can use either Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir (Harvoni) or Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir
Both are equally effective for G1.
You sent Today at 10:12 AM
Harvoni will cost US$750 and Sof+ Dac will cost US$550 for 12 weeks of treatment
D sent Today at 10:33 AM
Can you explain to me how it is possible to get these medicines for this amount? Is it real medicine?
2:03 PM
You sent Today at 2:03 PM
Hi D
I am assuming you live in the USA?
So the real question is “How is it possible that these medicines cost SO much in the USA?”
Because in most other countries Hep C treatment is either free or sells for between US$500 and US$1,000 for a treatment, depending on the country and the medication required
But as a direct answer to your question please read this information on this link https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30266283/
That was the end of the conversation… D did not write to me again but I heard from a third party that she and her husband borrowed US$20,000 and purchased an 8 week course of Mavyret rather than buy the more effective treatment of either generic Harvoni ($750) or Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir ($550), both of which are more effective than Mavyret for the treatment of Hep C genotype 1.

Not A Scam… I am Cured

The other side of the coin is when people have trusted me and allowed me to help them get the best possible Hep C treatment for them at the best possible price.

Such people are from all over the world, from every country in the Americas to Africa and Europe and Asia

This person is from Malaysia so their English is not 100% but I think you will understand what he has written no problem.

From: J
Sent: Thursday, 28 January 2021 12:45 AM
To: greg jefferys
Subject: Re: Regarding Hep C medication

hi greg

good day  to you 

As u  said im cured well thats true finally , i have reach SVR 24. i started my medication on 19/9/2019 and complete my medication on 12-12-2020 and on the april 24th 2020 i have done my liver ultrasound( privately) and it shows my fatty liver is gone no fatty liver were found  as before i started my treatment .

lately i have done my ULTRASOUND 1-10-2020 In my regular ultrasound check up at my government hospital (compulsory) and the result were so good my liver health remain the same the april ultrasound result  mostly after 6 months and i have check up with my Dr with my liver ultrasound result.

DR said u are cured and i like finally happy and i ask can i see the SVR result thats make even more happy to see ( not detected). unfortunately the blood that i drawn after 12 weeks post treatment is not enough to check my viral detection .

NO choice on  the 6th OCT 2020, I drawn a blood sample and dr give appoitment after 3 months which is yesterday 26-1-2020 the moment i went into dr room my heart beat start pump so fast due to the result of my SVR . With all god grace blessings finally Dr said i finally Cured of Hep C ,i saw the result shown “Not Detected”and i felt so relieve, happy and top of the sky,and it is a must to share my result to know because u are the only hope to get medication (trustable) and your positive approach towards people thats need help despite any region. and i hope it remain the same 

lastly want ask do i need to do SVR test every year just to make sure everythings goes well? i have attach my SVR result 🙂



Hep C Testimonials

Because I get emails of the type above every day I do have a long list of testimonials written by people who have survived Hep C through the assistance I have given them. I put the link to those Hep C testimonials here, not to glorify myself, but to help people who are worried about getting Hep C medicines through my Buyers Club. Click here to read more Hep C survivor stories.


For more information about generic Hep C medication visit the MSF website on this link https://msfaccess.org/generic-medicines-prove-be-affordable-option-combating-ukraines-hepatitis-c-epidemic

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Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Though not Greg that gave me drugs because I had started before joining his blog. The period I interacted with him, I saw the sincerity in him. Very sincere. I completed just 2 months treatment & when I chatted with him, he said I am at least 9o/95,% cured. My fatty liver has improved but yet to do other test.

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