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Is it possible to beat Hep C naturally

Can your body beat Hep C naturally?

Is there a natural cure for Hepatitis C?

Beating Hepatitis C Naturally

Often people ask if it is possible to beat Hep C naturally. There are actually two answers to this question, one answer is “Yes, your body can fight off Hep C with its own immune system; but only in the ACUTE phase of the Hep C infection.”
Once the acute phase of the infection has passed and your Hep C infection has changed to a chronic infection, the answer changes to ” No, your body’s immune system cannot beat the Hep- C virus without the aid of antiviral medication.”

Can Your Body  Fight Off Hep C Naturally?

About 25% of people who contract Hepatitis C defeat the virus naturally with their own Immune System, but this only happens in the acute phase of the Hep C infection. The acute phase of Hepatitis C is the first 6 months of the infection. Once a person has had Hep C for more than six month it is called a Chronic Hepatitis C infection and there is no longer any chance of the virus being cleared by the patient’s own immune system, only a pharmaceutical treatment will remove the virus.

Is it possible to cure Hepatitis C naturally?

Once a person has passed the acute phase of Hep C infection there appears to be no way to cure Hep C without pharmaceutical intervention.

When I learned that I had Hepatitis C, in 2014, the only treatment option available to me was the Interferon + Ribavirin regime. As this form of Hep C treatment had horrendous side effects I resolved not to use it and instead looked at all possible natural cures for Hepatitis C… None of them worked.

In the years since 2014 I have spoken with many thousands of people who have done Hep C treatment and hundreds who have tried every possible way to avoid using pharmaceuticals. In all those years I have not met even one person who has cured CHRONIC Hepatitis C using natural methods.

That said, the use of certain herbs and special diets may help improve liver’s health BUT these things will not cure chronic Hepatitis C.

I certainly found that diet and milk thistle helped improve my liver health while I waited for generic Direct Acting Antivirals to become available. (In my case that was generic Sovaldi from India.)

If you look at this copy of my liver enzyme test results (below) you will see that when I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2014 my liver enzyme levels were extremely high. Then, after I learned that I had Hep C, I made certain lifestyle and dietary changes and the numbers improved significantly. They were still very high but the improvements meant that I could get through a day okay. You will see that six months after my initial Hep C diagnosis, my ALT went from 760 to 240, my GGT went from 692 to 227 and my ALP went from 125 to 85. This was before I did treatment and simply the result of changing my diet and lifestyle. It was a great improvement but I was still very sick!
These significant improvements were solely the result of diet and lifestyle changes. If you look further at the results you will see that once I completed my Hep C treatment with 12 weeks of generic Sovaldi, in June 2015, my liver enzyme levels went back to normal except for GGT, which took about another 4 weeks to return to normal levels.

Can Hep C be cured naturally

These are my liver enzyme test results from before I started treatment until after I completed treatment. The changes show the benefits of diet and lifestyle changes and of antiviral treatment of Hep C

The test results show that whilst taking milk thistle will help with liver health it will not cure the Hepatitis C. Likewise a special diet, eating healthy foods, will help with liver health but will not clear the Hep C.

A Naturopathic Doctor With Hepatitis C

Below is an email I received recently for a registered Naturopathic Doctor in the USA who tried unsuccessfully for years to cure his Hep C with natural methods. His journey is important to understand because it confirms again that it is not possible to beat chronic Hepatitis C naturally

Hi Greg

I don’t know why it took so long both for me to treat my Hep C and also to say “Thank you” to you.  In my line of work I am always reminded that sometimes the Thanks don’t come, but the thanks are there none the less Just recently my conscience  prompted me yet again to write to you and so finally I am doing it.

I lived with Hepatitis C  for 3 decades and  tried so many natural ways to try to cure it. Of course I was sceptical of the pharmaceutical solution but eventually “I took a chance” that Harvoni was real and the testimonies were real and that you were real too in 2019 ( 3yrs ago)…

I used the generic Harvoni  for 12 weeks though I bought 16 weeks just in case. I had ZERO side effects the only side effect was TND ( Target Not Detected) virology/ HCV quantification done at wk 12 with NORMAL ALT AST at the same time. It was a MIRACULOUS outcome!

My labs have been the same since and the nagging Liver pain and dreadful fears of what would happen if I got Cirrhosis or HCC and died from this have slowly given way to thoughts of what I will be doing with the rest of my life, however long I live…

I am a Christian and I want to encourage you when ever you feel like all your time is being sucked up doing what you do that you are storing up Treasure in Heaven, where neither rust nor moth……..

I have been a Naturopathic Dr for 20+yrs and I tried MANY things to change my Labs and solve the “disease” I discovered I had back in 2007 but my Labs were steadily worsening until I took that chance with your generic Harvoni.

So Thank you and God is blessing you too.

Is there a place to best post a testimony to help others over come the fear factor of taking this drug with the many scare stories associated with during and post treatment vs The miracle cure available?

Thank you



Can Hep C Clear Without Treatment, Can Hepatitis Be Cured Without Treatment

Can Hep C Clear Without Treatment, What Is The Cure For Hep C

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