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Life After Hepatitis C Treatment

Life After Hepatitis C Treatment

In my Hepatitis C Facebook group the question is regularly asked about how one gets back to 100% health after Hepatitis C treatment. For many people this happens quite easily but for others the damage caused by Hep C is difficult to come back from.

Today in my Hep C Facebook group a member asked:

“Once you are cured and finished treatement (with out cirrhosis) do people gain back their energy and life quality becomes normal I mean no depressions ? 

Here are some of the responses

LB:  I finished Epclusa last April.. I had no liver damage.. In good health… Im no longer worn out.. I get tired but just a normal tired… I feel great again

MM I’m really happy for you, but does that started happenig when you finished the treatement or while in it?

LB I felt good again within a few weeks… There were a few iritating things that showed up.. But they vanished quickly… 2 weeks before I finished I had an upset stomach for 3 days.. Then about two weeks after I was done…I felt a little depressed but it passed…

Lisa Kaye Gray I’m 2 yrs cured with chirrosis an my  energy now is amazing

DG Little change for me… still low in energy.

DLS I have three weeks left of treatment and I’m already feeling so much better. I actually hiked nine miles on Friday. I could never do that before. My joint pain is gone and I have lots more energy. Its incredible.

R S I do have cirrhosis and got my energy back. I started lifting weights and got my strength back too. I was doing fine, but lately have insomnia problems that may or may not be related.

CSs Yes Yes and Yes.. I had Hep C for 24 years and stayed an F0 the entire time… I actually didn’t have any issues until I started treatment… Once I was done with the meds I still didn’t feel well. I started exercising and eating better and low and behold I have never felt better!!! I am 20 months cured!!! Being non symptomatic for so many years I wasn’t sure what to expect… Now, its like I have the energy of what I imagine a 25 year old would have and I’m 46…. It gets better, trust me!!


How Do I regain Health After Hep C

This is a very interesting question and one I have worked on for a long time.
If I may answer briefly.
Once the virus is gone there is still a lot of damage to the body that needs to be repaired.
Getting rid of the virus is the first step.
Once the virus is gone you must create a situation where the body has the best chance to repair the damage.
This means a very healthy lifestyle
Good diet
These are the two critical things.
Sensible, healthy diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. Not too much red meat, no processed foods, no junk foods.
Fresh water
Fresh air
A solid exercise program that will build muscle tissue and fitness.
Once the virus is gone It requires effort and commitment if you want to regain 100% good health.

For a more in depth answer please watch this video of life after Hepatitis C treatment

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