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Poverty and Hepatitis C in the USA


Poverty and Hepatitis C

Everyday I get emails from people around the world seeking information about generic Hepatitis C medication and often also asking for assistance in purchasing Hepatitis C medication.

So, whilst a large part of my work is supplying information about treatment options another part of it is getting medicines to impoverished people around the world.

When you think about “impoverished people” I bet you are thinking of people in some third world country in Africa or Asia… the reality is quite different. There are just as many impoverished people with Hepatitis C in the USA as anywhere else on Earth.

I would like to share this email I received yesterday from a person in the USA (names changed); I get similar emails from the USA every day.


Hello Greg,

I am seeking help for my brother David.  He is 61 years old and has had Hepatitis C for many years (since the late 1970s, I think.)  He is Genotype 1a.

He lives in Texas, USA, and receives government funded Medicaid health care.  Unfortunately, Texas is one of the worst states for Hepatitis C patients.  They deny treatment to just about everyone.

David has been denied Harvoni three times over the past 15 months.  His doctor also tried to request a similar, cheaper drug called Mavyret and that was also denied.

He is now very sick and is sleeping 16-17 hours a day. He seems to have given up hope.

I don’t think his current doctor will agree to write a prescription for generic Harvoni.

However, his wife (who also has Hep C, though not as severe yet) is retrieving my brother’s medical records from his doctor on next week.  She will forward them to me.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible for me to purchase the generic Harvoni for him and then take it to him personally? David and his wife have no income, and no savings, but I am hoping to help them out.
  2. Can I send you scans of his medical records in lieu of a prescription?
  3. What method of payment would I need to use?

Thanks very much



Here is my reply:


HI Jillian
Thanks for writing and for explaining David’s situation, I am very sorry to read he is so ill and still denied treatment.
I would be very happy to help you to help him.
Firstly, in this case, I would supply you at a special price. This would be US$400 for 12 weeks treatment with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir or generic Harvoni.
Personally I would suggest that David use Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir because 10% of people with Hep C are infected with more than one genotype and Sof + Dac will treat all genotypes where-as Harvoni will only treat G1.
However it is your choice. I am happy to supply generic Harvoni.
There is no need for a prescription, any medical record showing he has Hep C is enough. Ideally the one that shows he has genotype 1 if you have it.
For payment a bank transfer is the best way for me however you can also pay or by sending me a check or money order.
I can send the medication to whichever address you prefer, yours or his address is fine.
Please write if you have any other questions
Best wishes

There are actually over 40 million people in the USA living in poverty. That is to say; people with an income of less than $15,000 per year.

These people have no disposable income, every cent they earn is used meeting the essential costs of living such as housing and food.

In some states some of these people may be able to access free Hepatitis C treatment through certain charities or government organisations but most, like David, will not be able to get treatment…. So, like David, they lay in their beds slowly dying while the Hepatitis C eats their liver, and life, away.

Meanwhile the greedy ghouls who own and run Gilead and other Big Pharma companies take home their obscenely huge pay packets, they do not care that every month thousands their fellow Americans die from the effects of a disease that is easily and cheaply cured.

A 12-week treatment of Harvoni or Epclusa costs Gilead less than to manufacture and put in a bottle with a label allowing Gilead to make over ten BILLION dollars clear profit each year from its Hepatitis C medication.


Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Trying to get information of generic meds for hep c. I’m I. I am in the United States and still no no letter of approval for hep c drugs. Would like web site or direct me in the direction to get more accessible meds sent all my lab work to pharm co about 2 months ago. Thanks for your help

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      Hi Nora
      There is no problem getting generic Hep C medication to the USA. Please just email me and I will give you all the details
      best wishes

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    hello I have hepatitis C and I still do not have access to the medications I would like to send me information please …
    I am from tijuana Mexico and here there is no medical or we do not want to give you.
    This is very exasperating, could you help me get it?
    I looked at this announcement and my heart was strong with emotion because I know that there is something good for me.
    Thank you

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      I can certainly help you Rosa Maria. There is no problem sending Hepatitis c medicines to Mexico. I will send you an email

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    Are you still able to ship to the United States?

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