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Harvoni Side Effects

One of the issues that comes up a lot in my correspondence and in my Facebook group is the issue of the side effects from Hepatitis C treatment. Often people are reluctant to start using Harvoni or some other Hepatitis C medication because they are concerned about the possible side effects during treatment.

Side effects of Harvoni

This post talks about the side effects of Harvoni based both on real world experience and on clinical trials.

Harvoni Side Effects

Generic Harvoni side effects are the same as Harvoni side effects. In this post Greg Jefferys relates his experience talking to people about the side effects they had while taking generic Harvoni to treat Hep C.

The Very Silly Myth That Harvoni Causes Liver Cancer

The Very Silly Myth That Harvoni Causes Cancer A couple of times a week I get an email from someone who has Hepatitis C but is concerned about using DAAs …