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Hepatitis C Treatment in Serbia

Back in July 2020 I received a message from a young man in Serbia. He was very sick from Hep C  and also from a spinal infection that left him immobile except for where he could move in his wheelchair. Most of his time was spent laying down because of the combined effects of his Hep C and spinal problems. Here is the message he sent me.

Hepatitis C in Serbia

    Hepatitis C Treatment in Serbia   The Other Pandemic, Hepatitis C. Whilst everyone in the media is talking about the COVID 19 pandemic it is almost impossible to …

Getting Hepatitis C Treatment in Serbia

Since 2015, when I first began helping people buy cheap Hepatitis C medication I have been getting inquiries from Serbia about Hepatitis C treatment. The situation for people needing Hepatitis C treatment in Serbia is very difficult because it is illegal for citizens of Serbia to import medication for personal use