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Hep C Survivor Stories

A Hep C Survivor Story Almost every day I get an email from someone who I have helped to get Hepatitis C treatment. Sometimes they have just completed treatment and …

Diet and Herbal Supplements Whilst Doing Hep C Treatment

The big concern that most people have about their Hep C treatment is the risk of relapse. That is the risk of the treatment failing. Hepatitis C treatments with the new drugs has a very high cure rate but a portion of all people treated do fail. The rate of failed Hep C treatments is between 3% and 5% depending on the genotype and other factors. Hep C treatment failure is not random or unlucky. There are always reasons. One of the most common reasons for the failure of treatment with the new drugs is when people take certain supplements during treatment that interfere with the new Hep C drugs actions.

Is Hepatitis C Sexually Transmitted

The question of whether Hepatitis C is a sexually transmitted disease comes up quite regularly and is inevitably controversial. In this post, I will answer the question using the combination of the most recent scientific research and personal experience. The short answer to the question "Is Hepatitis C a sexually transmitted disease?" is "No, Hepatitis C is not a sexually transmitted disease."

Is Hep C Cirrhosis Reversible

Until recently the general medical opinion was that liver cirrhosis caused by Hepatitis C was irreversible. This has proved to be untrue. Once the Hep C virus is removed the liver cirrhosis will heal and the life expectancy of the patient increases significantly. In the 7 years I have been dealing with people with Hepatitis C I have come across hundreds of people who had liver cirrhosis that healed completely once the Hep C was cured. Below is an email I received a week ago from a woman who went through this experience.

HCV Antibody Test Positive Result

Just about every day, sometimes twice a day, I get emails from people who have done Hepatitis C treatment and then get a Hepatitis C Antibody test that shows a POSITIVE result and they think their Hep C treatment has failed and that they still have Hepatitis C infection

Does Harvoni Cause Cancer

Does Harvoni Cause Cancer? Last week in my Facebook Hep C support group there was some discussion around the question of whether or not Harvoni can cause liver cancer. The …

Vale Gerry Nealon

In Memory of Gerry Nealon A couple of days after Gerry died last week I decided to write a memorial to this man who so quietly helped so many people. …

Liver recovery after Hep C treatment

Recovery from Cirrhosis After Hepatitis C THE LIVER AND ITS AMAZING HEALING QUALITIES: MY EXPERIENCE WITH SOFOSBUVIR/DACLATASVIR. These are the results of my HCV RNA test and Fibroscan 64 weeks …

Treatment of Hepatitis C Genotype 3 Relapse

Treatment for Hepatitis C Genotype 3 Relapse after treatment Hepatitis C genotype 3 is the genotype of Hep C that does the most damage to the patient’s health and is …

Hepatitis C in Estonia

Getting Medicine for Hepatitis C in Estonia Hepatitis C is a viral pandemic; like COVID 19 Hepatitis C is found in every country on the planet. Since the year 2000 …