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Hepatitis C Treatment and Ribavirin

discussion about including Ribavirin with Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) in the treatment of Hepatitis C. In this article, I will show that there is no value at all in combining Ribavirin with DAAs in the treatment of Hepatitis C. Indeed, the research suggests that adding Ribavirin actually reduces the Hepatitis C cure rates in  many situations.

Hep C and Cirrhosis

Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis There are many myths and misunderstandings about Hepatitis C induced liver cirrhosis, even amongst doctors. One of the worst myths is that Hep C caused cirrhosis …

Affordable Hepatitis C Treatment: My Big Dream

This is a plan to reduce the price of Generic Hepatitis C medication to below US$300 for a 12 weeks treatment

Hepatitis C Buyers Club

A 20 minute documentary of the work of Greg Jefferys and the Hepatitis C Buyers Club he founded and how this Hep C Buyers Club is helping people around the world to access affordable Hepatitis C medication

Hepatitis C Treatment in the USA

Hepatitis C Treatment in the USA: Insurance and Interferon   About half of the emails I get each day asking about getting generic Hepatitis C medication are from the USA, …

Hepatitis C Treatment in the USA

This post focuses on the costs associated with Hepatitis C treatment in the USA. It also looks at getting Hep C treatment via cheap generic Hepatitis C medicines in the USA using a Hepatitis C Buyers Club

Hepatitis C tretman u Bosni

Hepatitis C tretman u Bosni M. (for the English version click here) Svijet bola U novembru 2018. probudila me užasna bol u području stomaka. Toliko užasna da sam se prvi …

Hepatitis C Treatment in Bosnia

Hepatitis C Treatment in Bosnia Since 2015 I have been helping people in many countries to access affordable Hepatitis C treatment. In some of those countries getting the appropriate Hep …

After Hep C Treatment

After completion of Hepatitis C treatment, many people still feel fatigued, tired, run down. This post gives suggestions that will help the liver to reboot and good health to return

Some Hep C Questions: Hep C support

Facebook and Hepatitis C Support Today our Hepatitis C Facebook group passed the milestone of gaining more than 2,000 members in less than 18 months of existence. It was a …