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Getting Hepatitis C Treatment in Nigeria

The post explains some of the problems that people have getting Hepatitis C treatment in Nigeria.

Hepatitis C and liver failure

The Hepatitis C virus is continually destroying liver cells. The liver works hard to repair the damage but at some point, the rate of liver damage exceeds the liver's healing abilities and severe damage begins to accumulate resulting in liver cirrhosis and, if untreated, liver failure and death

Hepatitis C Treatment in Hungary

Hepatitis C Treatment in Hungary   One of the amazing things about the work that I do in today’s world is that, via the internet, I hear from people from …

A Letter To Gilead Sciences

It is interesting when one Googles GILEAD... of course we come up against the fictious country in "The Handmaiden's Tale" but to find the roots of the name we need to look deeper, in the Hebrew origins of the name. We find in the original Hebrew text of the Bible, in the Book of Hosea that:    "Gilead is a city of those who work iniquity; it is stained with blood"

Guidelines For Treating Hepatitis C

Here are some simple guidelines for the treatment of Hepatitis C. These Hepatitis C guidelines are written so they are easy to understand for anyone infected with Hep C.

Hepatitis C Treatment In The USA

A Hepatitis C survivors story about how he traveled from the USA to India to buy cheap generic Hepatitis C medication

Hepatitis C Treatment and Ribavirin

discussion about including Ribavirin with Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) in the treatment of Hepatitis C. In this article, I will show that there is no value at all in combining Ribavirin with DAAs in the treatment of Hepatitis C. Indeed, the research suggests that adding Ribavirin actually reduces the Hepatitis C cure rates in  many situations.

Hep C and Cirrhosis

Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis There are many myths and misunderstandings about Hepatitis C induced liver cirrhosis, even amongst doctors. One of the worst myths is that Hep C caused cirrhosis …

Affordable Hepatitis C Treatment: My Big Dream

This is a plan to reduce the price of Generic Hepatitis C medication to below US$300 for a 12 weeks treatment

Hepatitis C Buyers Club

A 20 minute documentary of the work of Greg Jefferys and the Hepatitis C Buyers Club he founded and how this Hep C Buyers Club is helping people around the world to access affordable Hepatitis C medication