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Generic Harvoni Treatment and Cost

Here is a fantastic YouTube story from Jonathan Nakamoto in the USA who treated and cured his Hepatitis C with generic Harvoni from India in 2016. Jonathan contracted Hep C from a blood transfusion back when he was a baby. He found out that he was infected with Hep C in 2008 and was put on Interferon treatment, which nearly killed him.

Unreliable Suppliers of Hepatitis C Medicine

When choosing to buy Hepatitis C medication online it is important to be certain of the reputation of your supplier. Unfortunately, the internet is full to the brin with sweet-talking scammers whose only interest is making money from you. So before ordering Hepatitis C medicine online check their reputation. This can be done easily by joining a FaceBook Hepatitis C group or joining an online Hep C forum. If the supplier has no presence in these groups you should avoid dealing with them. IndiaMart offers many "cheap" Hepatitis C medicines but these prices are not real, they are bait. Avoid suppliers using fake pricing to draw you in.

Hepatitis C Treatment in the Philippines

Hepatitis C treatment in the Philippines is a problem for many Filipinos infected with Hep C because of a combination of poverty and social stigma. This post discusses ways to access Hepatitis C treatment in the Philippines

Side effects of Harvoni

This post talks about the side effects of Harvoni based both on real world experience and on clinical trials.

Hepatitis C Dying for Medicine in the USA

Big Pharma's pricing policies cause more preventable deaths each year than any other cause. More than traffic accidents or gun violence. The USA's mainstream news media refuses to seriously discuss this problem and its solutions

A Hep C Survivors Story

A Hepatitis C Survivors story of how she used generic Harvoni from India to cure her Hep C after being denied treatment by Medicaid

Getting Hepatitis C Treatment in Nigeria

The post explains some of the problems that people have getting Hepatitis C treatment in Nigeria.

Hepatitis C and liver failure

The Hepatitis C virus is continually destroying liver cells. The liver works hard to repair the damage but at some point, the rate of liver damage exceeds the liver's healing abilities and severe damage begins to accumulate resulting in liver cirrhosis and, if untreated, liver failure and death

Hepatitis C Treatment in Hungary

Hepatitis C Treatment in Hungary   One of the amazing things about the work that I do in today’s world is that, via the internet, I hear from people from …

A Letter To Gilead Sciences

It is interesting when one Googles GILEAD... of course we come up against the fictious country in "The Handmaiden's Tale" but to find the roots of the name we need to look deeper, in the Hebrew origins of the name. We find in the original Hebrew text of the Bible, in the Book of Hosea that:    "Gilead is a city of those who work iniquity; it is stained with blood"