Hepatitis C Treatment in Texas

Hepatitis C treatment in Texas. People with Hepatitis C are dying in Texas even though treatment can cost as little as US$550

Poverty and Hepatitis C in the USA

  Poverty and Hepatitis C Everyday I get emails from people around the world seeking information about generic Hepatitis C medication and often also asking for assistance in purchasing Hepatitis …

Gileads Insatiable Greed

Gilead’s Insatiable Greed. For four years in a row Gilead has been the winner of Big Pharma’s annual “Golden Greed Award” as well as already being the winner of the …

Hepatitis C Antibody Test

Hepatitis C Antibody Test Every week I get one or two emails from very upset people who have completed their treatment, done their end of treatment test and gone back …

Doctors Big Pharma and generic hepatitis c treatment

Hepatitis C treatment in the USA using generic medicines imported from India

Tips For Taking Harvoni

Tips For taking Harvoni

Hepatitis C Support Groups on Facebook

Hepatitis C Support Groups on Facebook

Gilead, Greed, Avarice and Hepatitis C Treatment

Greed, Gilead and the Corporatization of Health. Part 1. This is the first of a two part series. The post below is something I have been meaning to complete for …

Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir: the best Hepatitis C Treatment?

Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir is the cheapest and most effective Hepatitis C treatment

Understanding Hepatitis C Genotypes

Hepatitis C genotypes are like different races, or breeds, of the Hepatitis C virus. Like different types of dogs, they have similar features but some minor differences. These differences mean that they affect us slightly differently and also respond differently to treatment.