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Hepatitis C and the COVID 19 Corona Virus

This blog post explains, in simple terms, what the COVID 19 virus means for people who have Hepatitis C and those who have had Hepatitis C.The latest information on COVID 19 treatment

NVHR and Hep C in the USA

NVHR and Hep C in the USA Because of a discussion that came up in our group today, I would like to clarify my position on the NVHR (National Viral …

Dentistry and Hepatitis C

Dental work has been a major source of Hepatitis C infections. In many countries, Hepatitis C is still transmitted by poor hygiene during dental treatment This is a Hepatitis C survivor's story by a person who caught Hep C through dental treatment, not as a patient but as a technician

The Baby Boomer Hepatitis C Myth

Hepatitis C and Baby Boomers Almost every day I see something written about how the so-called ” Baby Boomers ” have a high Hep C infection rate because of their …

Free Hepatitis C Medicine

Free Hepatitis C Medicine Today in my Facebook Hepatitis C support group “Hepatitis C Treatment Cure and Community” a new member posted this simple question.  D###  shared his first post. …

Harvoni Side Effects

One of the issues that comes up a lot in my correspondence and in my Facebook group is the issue of the side effects from Hepatitis C treatment. Often people are reluctant to start using Harvoni or some other Hepatitis C medication because they are concerned about the possible side effects during treatment.

Life After Hepatitis C Treatment

Once the Hepatitis C virus is gone there is still a lot of damage to the body that needs to be repaired..Getting rid of the virus is the first step. The next is to improve lifestyle with diet and exercise. Watch this video for helpful tips

Hepatitis C Treatment in Serbia

Since 2015, when I first began helping people buy cheap Hepatitis C medication I have been getting inquiries from Serbia about Hepatitis C treatment. The situation for people needing Hepatitis C treatment in Serbia is very difficult because it is illegal for citizens of Serbia to import medication for personal use

Hepatitis C Treatment in Cuba

Hepatitis C In Cuba Whilst people in most “First World” countries now have access to affordable and effective Hepatitis C treatment using DAAs. This is not the case for the …

Generic Harvoni Treatment and Cost

Here is a fantastic YouTube story from Jonathan Nakamoto in the USA who treated and cured his Hepatitis C with generic Harvoni from India in 2016. Jonathan contracted Hep C from a blood transfusion back when he was a baby. He found out that he was infected with Hep C in 2008 and was put on Interferon treatment, which nearly killed him.