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Hep C Side effects: How Hepatitis C damages your health.

Hepatitis C: A nasty little virus.

Hepatitis C side effects

The side effects of the Hepatitis C Virus Cause More Damage than you would guess

Today I received the email below from one of the people I recently assisted to buy generic Harvoni from India to cure their Hepatitis C genotype 1. As you will see when you read it after only four weeks of treatment using generic Harvoni this person has experienced some quite profound health improvements.
This made me realise that I should write a little about what the side effects of Hepatitis C really are because many people, including doctors, often think that the damage that Hepatitis C does is restricted to the liver, this is not true.
The side effects of the Hep C virus can cause profound health problems in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. I will discuss this in detail after the email below:

Subject: Health Improvements

Hi Greg
I wanted to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my health turn around for the good. I have just finished 1 bottle and I wasn’t expecting to feel any different this soon but I surely do!
One of the first things I noticed was I could finally get rid of water. For many years I have drank up to a gallon of liquids, flavoured water or diet soda each day …and taken diuretics but still I rarely got rid of much water at all.
It would build up inside me causing great discomfort and come out in sweat through the night!
But now my system is returning to normal and I’m not having that problem. Also it is very obvious to me that my energy level has increased dramatically. I can’t imagine how I will feel in a year.
Thank you again and I pray God blesses you for helping me.
The symptom described above is one of the side effects of Hepatitis C that I regularly come across. In extreme cases this particular Hep C side effects can result in people being hospitalized and have the body fluids drained from their body surgically.
Recently a man I know who lives in Serbia was hospitalized as a result of this exact side effect and was literally at death’s door with renal failure however I was able to get Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir to him and he started treatment. The symptoms soon subsided and with help and advice from Dr Freeman and Gea Vlad he was soon out of hospital and is now much recovered.

So just how extensive is the damage that the side effects of HCV can cause?

The side effects of Hepatitis C are much more extensive than you would imagine and it is why postponing treatment can lead to many seemingly unrelated health issues.

So firstly let us look at the obvious area that Hep C effects, the digestive system.
HCV inhibits the liver’s ability to produce bile. Poor bile production can make it hard to digest fatty foods and produce pain throughout the abdomen from a buildup of fluid. This build-up of fluid is called ascites and occurs when the liver does not produce enough albumin, a substance that regulates the amount of fluid in cells. This is the problem described in the email above.
Other HCV digestive problems include:
• nausea
• vomiting
• loss of appetite
• weight loss
• pale or clay-coloured stools

HCV and the Central Nervous System

When your liver doesn’t filter toxins from the blood, it can damage the central nervous system. This can lead to a variety of symptoms peripheral neuropathy, impairment of motor skills, and sleep disruption. A buildup of toxins in the brain can also cause what is commonly known as “Brain Fog”. Brain fog typically includes, confusion, forgetfulness and poor concentration.

Epilepsy is another condition that has been connected with Hep C. I recently  helped a friend from Serbia to get generic Harvoni. He had been suffering from epilepsy for a number of years. To his amazement within a few weeks of clearing the Hep C virus his epileptic fits ceased. He has now not had a fit for more than a year and has been able to get his driving license back.

Hep C and the Circulatory system

As well as filtering out toxins your liver also produces proteins needed for healthy blood and regulating blood clotting. A damaged liver will often have blood flow problems that increase pressure on the portal vein that leads to the liver. This can lead to portal hypertension, which may force blood into other veins. If these veins burst this causes variceal bleeding, severe internal bleeding. Also a poorly functioning liver is not able to absorb, transport or store iron, leading to anaemia.

Skin, hair, and nails
The Hepatitis C virus is associated with many skin problems; including easy bruising, loss of pigment, rashes, and itching.
Bilirubin is a chemical that comes from the breakdown of haemoglobin. When the liver is not functioning properly bilirubin increase to cause jaundice, making the skin and the whites of the eyes yellow. Poor liver function can also lead to poor growth of hair and nails

Endocrine and immune systems
The endocrine glands regulate your body’s hormones and the thyroid gland, located at the base of the throat, delivers important hormones into the bloodstream.
The thyroid gland often causes serious health issues for women and sometimes the Hepatitis C virus can make your immune system to attack or damage thyroid tissue. This may lead to either:
• hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), which can cause sleep disorders and weight loss
• hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), which can cause fatigue and weight gain
Recently I helped a lady in Canada get generic Epclusa, about the time she was about to receive her Epclusa her Canada Health specialist noted that she was having thyroid problems, hyperthyroidism, and prescribed medication for this. She then contacted me and discussed this. I suggested that she wait until she did her Hep C treatment and that maybe the removal of the Hep C virus would make a difference. But her doctor insisted she take the thyroid medication, which made her feel very ill.
The meds were making her feel so ill she decided to stop taking the thyroid meds after ten days. A few days later she received her Epclusa (yes another lot we snuck past Canadian Customs) and after only one week of treatment with Epclusa the symptoms of hyperthyroidism had disappeared!
Her thyroid specialist did not know that Hep C could cause thyroid problems!
A healthy liver assists regulate how sugar is used by the body so a malfunctioning liver can lead to type 2 diabetes.


Another important side effect of Hep C was posted by Carol Tea from Canada who wrote to me and said  “I posted yesterday that the link between Hep C and Rheumatoid Arthritis is so strong that the RA doctors are saying it should be routine to check for HCV if some one shows signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis.”


Whilst a lot of people with Hep C demonstrate no symptoms, or at least no obvious symptoms, it is important to realize that the Hepatitis C virus is quietly causing profound damage in many areas of the body. It is not just about liver damage and fibrosis levels as so many doctors and specialists seem to think. Many people with F0 fibrosis levels report general fatigue, fever, or nonspecific aches and pains. So don’t wait until your liver is full of scar tissue and the virus has done irreparable damage to your health. The treatment is available NOW! Get rid of that virus and reclaim your health.

Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Very informative.

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    Linda Zimmerman October 19, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    I have peripheral neuropathy from HCV. I have cleared the virus 2 years ago but that problem has not gone away. Doctors do not understand that.

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    Dia 20 /10/2017 , vou receber o resultado do ultimo exame , para entrar com o pedido junto ao Sus , para conseguir o tratamento de graça.

    Quanto tempo depois de entrar com o pedido, vou ter o remédio ?

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    100 percent agreed

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    Thank you for a very informative article. I have learned so much from your blog and the support groups. Sometimes I felt so isolated. I knew how I felt, but no one understood. No doctor wanted to help me, just told me I should be happy that I was not sick enough to need treatment! Really?? Then you put up with the night sweats, joint aches, headaches, exhaustion, thyroid problems and brain fog! Not sure the doctors even know any of this is related! Thanks again Greg. Keep up the great work! Teresa

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    I have neuropathy too, cleared the virus over a year ago but I still have terrible burning feet. Was hoping it would go away but it seems nerves dont repair as quickly as a liver.

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    Thanks for this article! Did not know there could be a link between Hep C and diabetes, both of which I have. And a touch of neuropathy. Lucy

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      I’m 14 mths Poste Epclusa no virus ATM ,but I have so many other problems such as numb feet fingers swollen knees anxiety nausea ringing ears skin rashes bloated legs abdomen ,I actually felt better pretreatment my immune system has suffered I put it down to DAAs,IV had no support from liver clinic

      •    Reply
        Greg Jefferys March 5, 2020 at 5:36 am

        Hi David
        There are many long term side effects from Hep C. For some people these disappear after treatment and for other people it requires a lot of hard work to get the liver repaired and general health back to a happy place. But with the effort these things will improve. Diet and Exercise are the two core elements of regaining health after Hep C

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    ohh there are so many illness would bring if hepatitis c untreated ..now I have a lot information I learned of this informative article. and we are very thankful to this man.. Greg jeffreys thank you so muchsir.God bless you

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      Greg thanks for reply,I finished Epclusa 2 yrs ago no virus now,but I have so many bad symptoms now,my feet numb all the time Edema on feet legs nausea abdominal swelling I was diagnosed onset asthma pre treatment but seem to be getting more symptoms ,I’m really confused , everyone said I’d feel great Poste treatment now I feel like giving up,most drs don’t understand DAAs,I’m 67 but was very active pre treatment fishing surfing,now exhausted everyday .I probley had hcv since 80s high VL but no pain like IV now got, also Greg can I sign my name Dave ,thanks I realise it’s a hard problem could having had hcv cause what I’m going through now

      •    Reply
        Greg Jefferys June 12, 2020 at 1:14 pm

        Hi Dave
        There may be other issues that you need to deal with in your health. In my experience I improved and then got very poorly again. I had to push through some barriers and make some significant changes in diet and lifestyle

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    Ok . How do I get you to help me get the meds for hep c ? My insurance says not enough damage and too low stage from fibro scan . 60 yrs old . 561 209 3189 willing to pay

    •    Reply

      HI Rich
      Thanks for your comment. I will send you an email with all the details that you need.
      best wishes

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