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Hepatitis C Treatment in Texas

Hepatitis C Treatment in Texas

A few days ago I posted a short email from a lady in Texas  whose brother could not access any form of Hep C treatment there. She was watching her brother lying in bed slowly dying from an easily cured disease. Now here is another email from Texas, from a man watching his mother dying… Truly how greedy, how cruel, is Gilead… to have the cure for Hepatitis C and not make it available to those people who need it?

Hi Greg

My name is John and I am from a small town in Texas.
My mother found out about 4 yrs ago that she has Hepatitis C. Over the last four years she has been going to Doctor after Doctor and really we haven’t seen a difference. 
She was told about a month ago she may possibly have cirrhosis of the liver. I love my mom and I can’t lose her yet. How could i get this medication? Or does she need to go to India. I’ve been taking her to her appointments and honestly we don’t have $80,000 it costs for the treatments. What do i need to do to save her?


So whilst tens of thousands of American are dying because they can not access affordable Hepatitis C treatment Gilead actively tries to block and censor information about the effectiveness of generic Hepatitis C treatment.

Almost every day I get emails from folk telling me they have heard rumours that these generic Hep C medicines are fake or even poisonous… seriously!

Here are two examples I received this week:

Hi Greg

I’m curious: do you know of any companies who test hep c medications to make sure they are real?

I’ve heard rumours there are fake drugs around.




hi there

sorry it took so long to get back with you. we are wanting to do sofosbuvir and daclatasvir. how much will it cost total? has anyone died from taking it? i heard some rumours is why i ask. we have my mothers labs and some money finally. look forward to hearing from you thanx,


And where would you think these rumours have their source. Who would gain from spreading misinformation? It’s not rocket science to figure that one out.

And in the mean time posts by me or about me are banned or removed from many of the Big Pharma controlled Facebook groups. Does that sound like I am paranoid? Maybe it does sound like that but its true. At least once a week someone writes to me and tells me that they made a post about me or my work on this or that Facebook Group or online Forum only to have it deleted by the Admins. 

Hi Greg,
I just wanted to let you know that I got my RNA viral count for HCV back two days ago. 5+ months following the 6 month Epclusa & Ribavirin treatment.
I got an “Undetected”. 
In any case, I’m done with treatment once and for all now, and I wanted to thank you for your great service of providing the treatment drugs from India. I saw this morning where Gilead is now going to start selling generic versions of Epclusa but at a price of ,000. Clearly, your service will still be in great demand for those lucky enough to find you. I had tried mentioning your blog/publication on online message boards, but my posts were either not approved or were taken down shortly after posting. 
Best wishes to you and your family and friends. I would still be dealing with my Hep C if it weren’t for you.

So there is this double pronged attack Big Pharma blocks access to information about generic Hepatitis C treatment and at the same time spread misinformation about generic Hepatitis C treatment.

Meanwhile in Texas people are dying every day simply because they can not afford to buy Hepatitis C treatment. What is going on in Texas?
Gilead will let  thousands of Texans suffer and die every year, all in the name of maintaining their massive annual profits.
In the future Gilead’s actions will be seen as a form of genocide.

Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys

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