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Hepatitis C Treatment In The United States

Hep C treatment in the USA

Hepatitis C treatment in the USA need not be expensive. The cost of treatment of most genotypes of Hepatitis C can be as low as US$550 using GILEAD licensed generic medication

Hepatitis C Treatment in the USA:

A Survivor’s Story

Every day I receive several emails from people telling me that they have recently received confirmation that they have been cured of Hepatitis C using the medication I organised for them. Its always wonderful to hear such news.

A couple of days ago I received an email from a guy in the USA called Mike. Mike’s story is in many ways typical of what people in the USA go through after they find out they have Hepatitis C. So I asked Mike to write his story.

Here is a copy of his email followed by his classic Hepatitis C survivor’s story.


Hello Greg

Thank you for saving my liver and curing my hepatitis C.

First brother I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

Took me quite a while to bounce back the meds at first were worse than the hep. But now thanks to you and the Indian government I no longer have any detectable hepatitis C at laboratory levels in my blood and I have you to thank for it.

Everybody in today’s world is such a scam it’s hard to trust anybody and I can understand people in this country being concerned about sending money to you for meds if you ever need an American person to vouch for you and your medication that I received from you and your friend while in India.

You give them my phone number.

And if you are ever in the United States please contact me as I will do anything and everything I can to repay you for the kindness you have shown me.

Your friend Mike M.

Mike’s Hep C Survivor’s Story

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mike M. and I once HAD Hepatitis C.

Most likely I still would have Hepatitis C if it were that I was left to the care of the doctors and the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies here in the United States of America.


If you have hepatitis C and you do want to live without it, please take a moment and to read my long-winded story.


Almost two years ago my energy levels suddenly dropped to nothing.

I felt okay I just didn’t have the interest and energy to do anything.

After some internet research I came up with two possibilities for what was affecting me, either severe depression or chronic hepatitis C.

One simple blood test confirmed it was the hepatitis C. Now I don’t know all the stats involved with the laboratory work that was done on my liver but the fact became clear that my liver was in pretty bad shape.

My Greedy Gastroenterologist

My doctor here in the United States of America referred me to a specialist. I found out real fast that the word  “Specialist” doesn’t mean that the person knows what they’re talking about.

After the doctor AKA specialist billed my insurance company and then also charged me an additional $365 I got to see him long enough for him to tell me that the medications I needed would  cost $84,000 and that my insurance company sure wasn’t going to be paying for them UNTIL my liver reached the stage that I needed a liver transplant. He explained that upon this point it would be cheaper for the health insurance to give me the 12-week $84,000 one pill a day medication versus a new liver  AKA a liver transplant.

Finding Greg Jefferys in the Waiting Room

As anyone in America knows doctor appointment times are set to get you to be there in the doctor’s waiting room waiting… not necessarily to guarantee the doctor would actually see you at that time.

So, I sat in the waiting room waiting and during the hour-and-a-half waiting for the doctor to see me I was online extensively researching about hepatitis C.

That’s when I found this guy named Greg from Australia.

While I was waiting in the doctor’s waiting room!

He was in my same boat, he  had Hep C, wanting to be cured and needing about the same amount of money as I needed. But he had flown to India and bought his medication there and then flew home and is now a cured person.

Was this a scam or not?

In America if a story is too good to be true it usually is a scam however I was convinced that Greg Jeffery’s was no scammer and contacted him.

Here the story is sort of surprising.

I was actually still too worried about being ripped off to accept Greg’s offer to mail the medication to me in the USA.

So, to avoid being scammed I decided to fly to India myself and buy the meds.

So, when I told Greg this was my plan he provided me with all the information I needed to buy the medicines I needed in India.

He gave me contacts, doctors and so on. All that and he did not charge me a cent. He was very helpful with all the information he provided and he helped me to get the meds I needed at a fraction of the price that I would have had to pay in the USA, even after the cost of flying to India.

At the end of my treatment I went back to see my doctor to get the final blood test results. He came in with my blood work and said;

Cured of Hep C

“I am happy to report you have no detectable hep C in your blood even though we had nothing to do with it.”

We had talked about the specialist he had referred me to and he said that he will not be referring anyone else there.

To be honest I think he was more embarrassed that I cured it on my own… (with Greg’s help of course.)

I told him if he had any other people in my situation to tell them my story even though I know he can’t give information out regarding drugs in India and Greg in Australia etcetera, etcetera… but I can.

Whether or not he refers anybody to me so I can tell them how my hep C got cured only time can tell.

So, I no longer have any detectable hepatitis C in my blood at laboratory levels. I am cured without having to wait until my liver was destroyed.

Greg and the Indian government did more for me health-wise than my insurance company and my “specialist” doctor. The saddest part of this story is the terrible joke of an overcharging rip-off specialist  GI.

Believe me I wished I could post his name here… I even tried to do.

If you are reading this and either you or someone you love has Hepatitis C please give up on your doctors and insurance company and talk to Greg. You can either get your medications through the internet or you could even fly to India and get your Hep C medication as I did because I was worried about a rip-off. But now, to be honest, I wish now I’d stayed home.


Anyway, to finish this up if you’re talking to Greg you’re doing the right thing if you’re still worried and you want to talk to an American he’s got my phone number and he has my email.

Greg I thank you for saving my life and my liver.


Mike M.



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Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    please inform my son Michael who was just told he had hepatitis C with Drs. telling him the shots are very ,very expensive
    his email is mike gaylord 660-441-5764 if there is any thing you can give him info on what ever you were told an are doing.
    he is 61yrs old.

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