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Why People should not delay Hepatitis C treatment

Hepatitis C Treatment and Liver Cancer

Today I received an email from a guy in the USA named Paul who I helped to get generic Harvoni from India more than a year ago. Paul was in a pretty bad way when he first contacted me but now is clear of HCV and really moving forward since he competed his generic Hepatitis C treatment.
In his email (copied below) Paul reminded me of the importance of not delaying Hepatitis C treatment, of not delaying the cure. It’s a subject I have been meaning to write about for a while now and so I’m using Paul’s email to kick me along.
One of the BIG issues in the Hep C world now days is that people delay starting their Hepatitis C treatment.
Folk think; “Oh I’ve had Hep C for 10 years, or 40 years, a few more years won’t make any difference.”
But they are wrong. The Hep C virus is quietly doing damage to the liver day in day out, 24 X 7. It creates little bits of scar tissue in the liver and as time goes by that scar increases and the correct functioning of the liver decreases.
As the Hep C affected liver begins to malfunction many minor health issues begin to appear. Most doctors will not initially associate these health problems with Hep C.

Once cirrhosis of the liver occurs there is approximately a 20% chance of developing liver cancer. This increases with alcohol abuse. However the biggest problem associated with Hep C is liver cancer.
Liver cancer is the thing that is most likely to kill a person with Hepatitis C.
Liver cancer is generally called Hepatocellular Carcinoma or HCC.
The chance of developing liver cancer increases as the amount of scar tissue in the liver increases
Cirrhosis can take 20 or more years to develop. During that time, your healthy liver cells are slowly replaced with scar tissue.
As these scars grow, your liver will try to heal itself by creating new cells. But as the scar tissue grows so does your chance of getting liver cancer.
Since nearly all patients with hepatocellular carcinoma have cirrhosis prior to developing hepatocellular carcinoma it is an established fact that cirrhosis of the liver leads to HCC.
So, to put this in a nutshell: the more damage the Hep C virus does the higher the risk of getting liver cancer.
Because I was told that there was a high change that I had liver cancer and also because I regularly get emails from people with Hep C who have liver cancer, I know how devastating getting that news is.
For this reason I am always pushing people to start Hepatitis C treatment ASAP and clear the Hep C virus out of their system as quickly as possible and get rid of the risk of developing liver cancer.

One of the symptoms of Hepatitis C is Cirrhosis of the liver, or Ascites

17th October 2017
Hi Greg
I haven’t contacted you for a while and there’s a few things I have to say to you.
First I want to thank you again for helping me get the drugs that have saved my life. It’s been about 2 years since the first symptoms of Ascites (swelling of the abdomen due to cirrhosis) appeared and when that happened the doctors told me that my liver was dying!
Believe me cirrhosis is no joke.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I didn’t get the anti-Hep C drugs Harvoni and Ribavirin I was finished. These two anti-viral drugs had to to be taken together because of the 1A genotype and liver damage and I had to get them quickly or I wouldn’t be around long.
It also became clear, very quick, that No one in the U.S. was going to front up the huge amount of needed cash, over $90,000. Then I read that the generic Hep C drugs were available in India at an affordable price. I then had to find a way to get them. I was way too sick to travel so I knew it would have to done through the mail.
There are lots of people selling Harvoni online who claim to be able to get it to you, but then it came to the question “ Can I trust them?”
After some serious research I found that you Greg, and Dr. Freeman, are the only ones who had confirmable trust. Now 8 months post treatment the virus is gone and the liver is beginning to heal.
So my message to all the folk out there with Hep C is this;
“Don’t wait until you get really sick before you get the cure. You don’t want to go through the 2 years of hell that I am just now emerging from.”
I talk to many people who have HCV and continue drinking and drugging. These people know that they can’t afford the drugs they need to cure their Hep C and no government or insurance co. is going to help. So in despair they just continue on.
Please cut the denial crap folks!
Another drink or dose is not going to help. It just takes the money you need to get the cure and gives it to the dealer. If you can work for $10.00 per hour for 100 hours you will have the money and be cured of your Hep C. That’s a small price to pay to keep from going through the hell that I am just emerging from. I feel better with each passing week and the doctors are optimistic.
Now I’ve just got to say that this is truly a miracle. I thank you again Greg. If there’s any way I can help in the future please let me know.
Many thanks

Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Every year that you have Hepatitis C increases your chance of developing liver cancer. The sooner you clear the Hep C virus the better

Greg Jefferys

Greg Jefferys


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    Must give you a great feeling to be reading emails like this one Greg that but for yourself wouldn’t have been written. At all:)

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    Denial…a habit I developed over a lifetime of hard knocks and I am a master at it.but there is so much beauty between the hard things! So much love and nobility in people just when you think the world is too dark and people are impossibly evil, God let’s you see what He sees and its what makes His mercy worthwhile….its LOVE.
    I SEE IT ALL THE TIME in miracles of people caring. Hearing that Greg and a few other guys stretched their time past their own busy lives to help other people….strangers…..live longer lives is one major example of that beauty. Thank you.for the first time in 40 years I am not living in denial. I’m starting to learn because there is hope in knowing. Brooke

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