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Hep C and Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis caused by Hepatitis C will heal when the Hep C virus is removed

Hepatitis C and Cirrhosis

There are many myths and misunderstandings about Hepatitis C induced liver cirrhosis, even amongst doctors.

One of the worst myths is that Hep C caused cirrhosis is irreversible. This is a total nonsense, which, unfortunately, many doctors believe as a fact.

The reality is that cirrhosis caused by Hep C is almost always reversible. Almost every day I hear from someone whose cirrhosis caused by Hep C had completely healed and they had gone from a Fibrosis score of F4 to F1 or F0.

As an example here is an email I received today:

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Hello dear Greg,

Congratulations on your Fibroscan Results!!!

My best friend of over 30 years has Hep C, 1a. Viral load 6.8 million

The Gastro Dr just called her and said Fibroscan  Kpa of 18.4, she has cirrhosis and it cannot be reversed.  I disagree.  Below is her report.  

If she cannot qualify for GILEAD support, she will be in need of your wonderful Buyers Club.

Being told her cirrhosis is incurable seems incorrect.

Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Sincere gratitude for the amazing work you do,


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My Reply

Hi Lauren

Time for your best friend to get a new doctor… one who knows what he is talking about!!!

Of course cirrhosis caused by Hep C can be completely reversed. My cirrhosis level was very close to your friend’s and as you know I no longer have cirrhosis.

I know people whose score was double your friend’s score and who are now F0.

Your friend should read the link below

best wishes 



My Hep C Cirrhosis Story

You may wonder how I can speak with so much authority on this subject of Hep C and cirrhosis?

Me against a gastroenterologist? Me, not a doctor, contradicting a specialist?

The answer is simple, because I am speaking from personal experience.

Before I started treatment I had liver cirrhosis caused by Hep C.

Immediately before starting treatment my Fibroscan score was 15.5 kPa, or F4. My liver was a mess, full of scar tissue… stiff as a board.

Below is a copy of my Fibroscan report from May 2015 followed by my Fibroscan report of July 2019. As you see, my Fibrosis score has dropped from 15.5 kPa to 6.4 kPa.

Or from a liver fibrosis level of F4 to borderline F0/F1.

So how can anyone claim that Hep C induced cirrhosis of the liver is irreversible?

Ultrasound Scan Vs Fibroscan

I should also add that different types of scans will give different results for liver fibrosis.
For example an ultrasound scan will often give a different liver fibrosis level to a Fibroscan.
The reason for this is very simple, an ultrasound scan was not specifically designed to detect and measure liver fibrosis. Its a great tool for measuring liver size, cysts, lesions, tumours etc.
On the other hand a Fibroscan was designed specifically for measuring liver fibrosis. In the development of the Fibroscan the results were compared to biopsy results of the SAME livers.
So if you want accurate liver fibrosis readings use the Fibroscan. Of course Ultrasound technicians will argue with me on this but I think that there is a little professional jealousy going on there 🙂 .

My Liver Cirrhosis Reversal

So, just to expand on my personal experience. I was diagnoses with liver cirrhosis, pre-treatment, by three different methods.
Blood tests which showed extreme liver damage through highly elevated liver enzyme levels (scroll to bottom of page to see those results to see those results.)
You will see from my blood test results that my liver was a wreck pre-treatment.
My pre-treatment Fibroscan results are below and were 15.5 kPa. Also called F4.
Unfortunately I have lost my Ultrascan scan results.
Right now I am 70 years old. I have been Hep C free since 2015.
My liver functions are now as good as a healthy 30 year old.
My last Ultrasound scan gave me a reading of borderline F1/F2 and my last Fibroscan results gave me 6.5 kPa, borderline F0/F1.
The liver will heal and will reverse the cirrhosis if given half a chance.
There are many variables between individual cases but if a person makes the right dietary and lifestyle choices the liver will heal.
But a lot of doctors who did their training before the advent of of modern Hepatitis C treatment do not know this.
The latest research is conclusive.

I will finish this with a nice story a doctor friend of mine wrote on my Facebook page today

“A wise old gastroenterologist once said to me ‘Our job is not to heal, it’s to remove the impediments to healing and let the body do its natural thing’. “

Liver cirrhosis

In 2015, immediately before starting treatment, I had Hepatitis C induced cirrhosis of the liver. My kPa was 15.5 and my fibrosis level was F4.

In 2019, after 4 years of being Hep C free, my liver cirrhosis was completely healed. My fibrosis had dropped from F4 to F1. Get rid of the Hep C and your liver will heal.



Hep C liver enzymes Liver Function Test

Recovering from Hepatitis C induced liver cirrhosis my liver enzyme numbers went from very high to normal very fast

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